Patriarchy means that men lead and women follow.  God's desire is for men to lead women with true love and for women to follow with true love.  God created men and women to have different roles and responsibilities.  Men are to be the head of their house and be the final decision maker for the family.


Men and Women Roles

A man's responsibility is to lead, protect and provide for his family.  A woman's responsibility is to follow her husband's lead.  A man must concentrate on his career outside the home.  He delegates leadership to his wife who manages his home when he is working in the marketplace.  Women are given an allowance to go shopping for the family.  God does not want any woman to work for money.  She is not made to handle the burden of earning, investing and worrying about money.  If a husband or father cannot support his wife or children, then other men in their community are supposed to help.  Just as men work with other men doing the necessary work of the world to provide products and services in the capitalist marketplace, women should work with women in taking care of children and elders who need to receive massive love all day long every day.  Men should not work with other women during work or after work.  Women should not spend time with other men.  Men have men friends and women have only women friends.  Men and women are to live in different spheres.  Women can talk to men briefly such as when they are shopping and need assistance from a man at his shop.  She should never be alone with him behind closed doors.

A Woman's Place Is In the Home

Only men are to be leaders outside the home in the areas of politics and religion.  A woman's place is her house, not in a governmental house of representatives or a house of worship.  Women can have leadership roles in private organizations outside the home.  These organizations should be non-profit charitable associations. A woman should only devote her time voluntarily if she has first fulfilled her duties at home.  After she has created a loving home where the husband, children and elders are lovingly fed physically and spiritually, she can spend some time with adult women.  When she is away from her children, they are to be watched over by someone who adores them so they always are safe and nurtured.  For patriarchy to work, people must live in close, loving communities.

All religions and cultures have been patriarchal. Lionel Tiger, a distinguished sociologist, writes of this fact in his book, Why Men Rule, which was originally published as The Inevitability of Patriarchy.  It is biologically and spiritually innate for men to lead women in the home to lead other men in society.  Every major religion and culture in history has been patriarchal.  Satan has worked successfully throughout human history to influence many men to be poor and sometimes evil leaders in the home and in society.  He has worked successfully to influence many women to be incompetent and sometimes evil to their husbands, their children and others in society.

Leadership is the key to success.  Satan corrupts leaders.  Mankind is fallen and makes mistakes.  True patriarchy is core value of the ideal world.  God wants true leaders.  Satan wants false leaders.  Leadership is not the problem, fallen nature is the problem.  God's goal has been to fulfill patriarchy by sending a true man to raise a woman to become a true woman.  They will be the True Parents of mankind.  Adam failed to be a good patriarch and Eve failed to be a good follower of God and her husband.  God sends a man to restore Adam's failure to be a true leader.  Men must study good patriarchs, especially the Messiah, and spiritually grow to be good patriarchs.

Jesus believed in patriarchy

Jesus was the greatest patriarch who ever lived.  He died before he could marry and teach fully how men are to be patriarchs and women to be followers.  God has been able to influence some men to have a high standard and put them into high positions for others to emulate.  For example, many of the Founding Fathers of America were such men.  Even the best of men leaders are fallen and make tragic mistakes.  They need to be reborn through the messiah who teaches them how to be true men.  Because Satan rules this world, everyone is ignorant of total truth.  Men and women have partial truth and therefore can fulfill their roles only partially.  In other words, human history has been tragic because of Satan's powerful influence.

The 20th century is the Last Days the Bible speaks of.  It is the century God has finally been able to send the Messiah.  Sun Myung Moon is the second coming of Christ.  He has fulfilled Jesus' mission to teach by word and deed what a true man is.  He has raised his wife, Mrs. Moon, to become a true woman.  Together they have restored the failure of Adam and Eve.  They are the True Parents of mankind.  Everyone now has an example, mentors, and leaders who show us how to live.  God speaks through them.  They are mankind's saviors who have given us the blueprint for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Adam and Eve fell away from God and mankind has never grown up to become adults.  Rev. and Mrs. Moon and the first adult parents in history.  Every parent before them has been immature.  Human history has been children raising children.  This is the cause of Cain killing Abel and Communists killing 150 million people in the 20th century.  Everyone from George Washington to Adolf Hitler have a give and take relationship with Satan.  Obviously, President Washington has less give and take with Satan than Hitler.  Everyone will eventually bow in respect to the True Parents.  Then everyone will be a brother and sister to each other with the same ideology and even the same language, Korean.

Rev. Moon has fulfilled his mission of teaching and living by God's laws of the universe.  Mankind will study his many speeches, watch hours of videos and reflect on many testimonies his followers and others will write about him.  Mrs. Moon has fulfilled her mission of being an ideal follower to her husband who is the ideal patriarch.  Father Moon teaches that men are the bones and women are the flesh.  Together they are complete.  Men and women are different, but they have equal value.  They absolutely need each other.  God made everything in the universe to be in pairs.  Even God is masculine and feminine.  But God is called Father because He is our ultimate leader.  He is asking everyone to follow the True Parents.  To do this, we need to study Rev. Moon and other writers and leaders who have led exemplary lives.  God does not just speak through the Moons.

Andelin's books on patriarchy

One of the greatest couples who have ever taught what true patriarchy is are the Andelins.  Of all the books I have ever read, their books are the best.  Father Moon is basically philosophical.  Our responsibility is to use our creativity and our revelations from God to build on the foundation that the True Parents have laid.  We are not robots.  The Messiah is a brother and his wife is a sister.  Like any good parent they want us to grow to be greater than them.  They want us to fulfill our unique God-given personality and be creative like God.  But like any good leader they also want obedience sometimes and to have a healthy relationship between the individual and the community.  In this book I give some guidelines on how to do this.

Divine Principle

In the transition to the ideal world, God and the Messiah have to do some things that may appear wrong.  They may do things that we could criticize them by saying that "the ends don't justify the means."  In the basic theology of Father Moon that is called the Divine Principle (click here to read the entire text), we learn that Jesus is what mankind has called a bastard son.  He is illegitimate in the eyes of the law.  But when we study the messiah's course and find that he must restore relationships that central figures in history have failed to accomplish, then we begin to see that there is a method to what seems madness.  A perfect example that most can understand is that sometimes people have to violate the law of the universe that is against suicide and give their lives in defense of home and country.  We honor those who gave their life for freedom.  They didn't abandon their families or act irrationally.  Pacifists are wrong.  Patriotism is an essential part of life.

I have written this book to help bridge the gap between Father Moon and the world.  Like the Bible, he can be interpreted in different ways.  I am confident my interpretation is correct.

To begin with Father Moon speaks strongly for men leading and women following. He and his wife live that philosophy.  Their relationship is what is called today totally politically incorrect.  Satan's biggest lie that he has ever given (next to that God and he doesn't exist) is that men and women are the same and can interchange roles.  This the ideology of feminism.  Feminism teaches against patriarchy.  Satan wants women to leave the home as Nora did in Ibsen's play The Doll's House.  Mrs. Moon said women are not do as Nora did in that famous play.

It is no coincidence that Satan introduced the diabolical thought of feminism in the year 1848 through Engels in Europe and Stanton in America (unbeknownst to each other).  Father Moon was born exactly 72 years later in 1920.  This is a providential number.  In 1992, exactly 72 years after he was born and 144 years since Satan lied to the world, Father Moon declared that he and Mrs. Moon are the True Parents of mankind. He has had to fight feminism his whole life.  Feminism is the core tenet of Communism.  Father Moon is the champion anti-Communist and pro-traditional family in history.  The 20th century has been the the worst century in history because mankind has embraced feminism.  The breakdown in the family has caused this to be the bloodiest century in history.  Satan's final vicious ideology of feminism has been like a powerful germ or virus that has caused betrayal and divorce.  And just as Satan corrupted Adam and Eve's family, he has corrupted the families in the 20th century.  God was able throughout history to at least have people believe that men are the head of the house and the head of state.  But Satan has been more powerful and thrown a wrench into the machinery of patriarchy.  He did everything from making some women sole rulers as queens to corrupting marriages with betrayal and harshness.

Satan influenced Marx, Engels, Stanton and other powerful writers to teach that patriarchy is the bathwater.  Unfortunately they threw out the baby.  God wants to restore patriarchy.  Mankind has never experienced true patriarchy.  There has never been true leadership.  The solution is not to kick men out and replace them with women.  Matriarchy is anti-God, anti-life.  When Eve took leadership over Adam, all hell broke lose.  To restore the fall, women must humble themselves to men and men must humble themselves to their leaders.  When women are put in leadership over men, a vicious cycle downward takes place.  Men have become emasculated wimps in the 20th century.  Men have always failed to be ideal patriarchs but in the horrible 20th century they sank to the lowest level possible.  And women have sank to lowest level by being rebellious Eves who dominate men.  The 20th century has progressively gotten matriarchal and therefore has progressively gotten worse.  America, the superpower nation of the world, has degenerated to rock bottom.  When the Messiah turns 80 years old in the year 2000, America will be totally out of order.  The few people who live by divine order are a tiny percent that are not in power.  President Clinton and his wife are totally out of order.

But a backlash is taking place.  Women like Beverly LaHaye and Crittendon and Brenda Hunter are writing against the blashemy of feminism.  Gradually, people are waking up and realizing the falsehood of feminism's attack on the traditional family values and capitalism.  Perhaps it will take 72 years from the time Father Moon could declare publicly he and his wife are the epitome of a true man and woman until the sick ideology of feminism and socialism will be eradicated from this earth and women return home.

Bible interpreted differently

Feminists distort the Bible and are the epitome of the quote, "The devil can quote scripture for his own purposes."  Marx rejected it saying "Religion is the opiate of the people."  Stanton rewrote it from Satan's point of view.  The battle over the Bible is still going on.  The largest group in Christianity is the Roman Catholic Church.  There are about one billion Christians on earth and I think about half are Catholics.  Their leader is the Pope.  Every Pope has rightly stood against the feminist's push for women to be leaders in the church.

Feminist theolgian - Rosemary Radford Ruether

One of the most outspoken Catholic feminist theologian in the late 20th century has been Rosemary Radford Ruether.  She writes that men are absolutely evil because of patriarchy and women are absolute victims of  all men.  Women are so wonderful that they should be in charge instead of men who have shown themselves to be monsters.  In her book, Women-Church, she bashes men by saying they all have "flashing eyes and smoking nostrils."  She repeats this phrase over and over.  There is no gray area.  Men are simply the scum of the earth who have raped and pillaged until there is little left to women.  Ruether is coming to the rescue of all women who are all victims of the absolute viciousness of men.  She writes book after book pounding away at patriarchy.  She writes that women are "the excluded half of the human race, the excluded gender from the tradition of the Church."  Churches are "temples of patriarchy" who worship the "idol of masculinity, the idol of father-rule."  Men have made God a "King, Warrior, God of Power and Might" who crushes the "lowly" and "teaches the little ones of the earth to cower in fear and self-hatred."

If God were seen as feminine, "as Mother, as Helper, as Friend, as Liberator" then men would stop being "rulers who command, warriors who kill, judges who punish."  She says "women, children and the poor" are "the timid and gentle creatures of the earth" who are "degraded, disgraced" and "ruled over."  They are "crushed and reduced to silence so that men can be as God."  Patriarchy is a blasphemy:  "the blasphemies and lies of this great idol of patriarchy with its flashing eyes and smoking nostrils."  Men are "inhuman" who have a "mechanical voice."  Men are obsessed with the idea that only leaders can have "balls, male genitalia."  Men build churches to worship the "phallic power" of God and Christ:  "Only the male can rise in the phallic pulpit to bring down the seminal word upon the prone body of the people, the women and children waiting passively below to receive it ... Women are impotent, castrated, lacking in seminal power.  They cannot act; they can only receive and should be grateful for what they receive."

Men have never believed women have ever groveled enough and so need to be constantly punished: "If women are not grateful, they shall be punished.  Indeed, they have never been grateful, but have always been rebellious.  In the very beginning woman was the cause of all our troubles.  It was she who brought sin and death into the world; she who caused us to lose paradise and to be forced to earn our living by the sweat of our brow.  For this reason woman is to be punished through all of history.  She is to be silent and to serve us in all meekness, shamed, and ridiculed into silence.  If she will not be shamed and silenced, she will be taught by force."

She then lists a few of the many tortures women have suffered from men: "A million women, twisted on the racks of Christian torture chambers, were bound in sacks and tossed into rivers, hung on gibbets or thrown into fires to teach them this lesson of shame and silence.  In every minute of the day and night, women scream and stifle sobs of pain as they are beaten, stabbed, and raped in back alleys and in their own homes, to teach them this lesson, this lesson of shame and silence."

Martin Luther wrong in being harsh

She says men think they own their woman's body and think that she "should be ever sexually available."  Men see women as slaves whose "wombs and ovaries belong to the husbands who impregnate them" and "to priests and doctors who make the rules of birth and death."  She quotes Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran Church, who said a lot of stupid things about men and women 500 years ago.

Ruether says that women are rising up in their defense and denouncing men's inhumanity.  God, she writes, is really a "Goddess" who did not create the "idol" of patriarchy.  Jesus is "our brother" who "did not come to this earth to manufacture this idol."  He came to "put down the mighty from their thrones" and replace them with women who are last that shall be first.  Jesus came to "uplift the lowly."  Men have incorrectly seen Christ as approving of "rape, genocide, and war."

Women "cry out: Horror, blasphemy, deceit, foul deed!" to men who have twisted Jesus into a warrior who delights in hurting women and children.  Men have created a "nightmare salvation." Women are now making an exodus from this sick world men have created: "we flee from the smoking altars where women's bodies are sacrificed."  Women are beginning to "cover our ears to blot out the inhuman voice" coming from the man in the pulpit.  In her case the worse man must be the Pope who will not change tradition and let women be leaders over men in the church.

Women now "flee the thundering armies of Pharaoh.  We are not waiting for a call to return to the land of slavery to serve as altar girls in the temple of patriarchy. No! We call our brothers also to flee from the temples of patriarchy. ... We call our brothers to join us in exodus from the land of patriarchy, to join in our common quest for that promised land, where there will be no more war, no more burning children, no more violated women, no more discarded elderly, no more rape of the earth."

Patriarchy must be eradicated: "Let us break up that great idol and grind it into powder; dismantle the great Leviathan of violence and misery who threatens to destroy the earth."  When we finally get rid of men leading then we can "transform" the earth into a paradise of "peace and plenty" where "all the children of earth can sit down together at the banquet of life."

Michael Novak on the fury of feminists

Michael Novak is one of the most distinguished writers of the 20th century.  He is a devout Catholic and written extensively on this subject.  He writes against Ruether saying that the Pope and all other men leaders of the Catholic Church "will not quiet the fury of feminists through appeasement." Ruether and her fellow angry feminist friends show a "remarkable hatred for our own society, for its alleged sexism, racism, militarism and systematic injustice."  He says they always like to talk about "the cherished cause of the left, 'the feminiazation of poverty'" which he says is false.  The "facts suggest" that it should be called "the poverty consequent on feminization."

Feminists blur differences

He writes, "Matriarchal religions blur differences; patriarchal ones insist upon distinctions."  He criticizes feminists for making "no moral distinction between active heterosexuality and active homosexuality."  Their "hostility to patriarchy" is so great that men are weak in front of women's  aggressiveness: "Their absurdities go unchallenged. ... in the presence of feminists, most men are meek, humble and submissive.  They scrutinize feminism seriously, seeking some possible way, absurd as it seems, in which the will of God might actually be expressed in it.  It is males who typically smile wanly while pinning 'I'm a male Feminist" buttons on their lapels."

Novak says men are weak

He says, "The real power in this world is not that of the male."  "The rage of feminists is partly to be explained by the weakness of the males they encounter.  Men find it more difficult to stand up to the fury of a woman than to any other thing on earth; nothing so tests their manhood.  In our age, as much as Adam before Eve, men fail this test."

Novak is wrong when he says, "Like any heresy, it carries within it some truth."  There is not one word of truth in anything a feminist has ever said or written.  Novak is a wimp himself for saying such a thing.  He writes that "Margaret Thatcher, Jeanne Kirkpatric, Indira Gandhi and Golda Meir" are "womanly models."  No they aren't.  If you open the door a little, they will blow it open.

Solution - "decisive teaching"

Novak's solution to this problem of aggressive women dominating men is "not" to pull rank and demand submission, but to use "decisive teaching."  We have to explain to women "Why is it that the creed says 'Father Almighty."  We have to come up with explanations that women can understand for why "the Messiah came not as a daughter but as a son."  Men must teach women answers to their questions, not "merely asserting them" because that would be "plainly insufficient."  I feel I have answered the fundamental questions in my books.  I stand of Father Moon's shoulders and add my two cents worth to this debate.  (Actually I think it is two trillion dollars worth.)  I don't think Novak or anyone who doesn't know the Divine Principle can effectively debate a feminist.  The Principle makes everything so clear and absolute.

Let's look at dynamics of patriarchy in marriage.