Tom Bowers receives doctorate

Dr. Tom Bowers with Dr. Edwin Ang and Dr. Therese Stewart

One day in 1990, when Tom Bowers worked with CAUSA in New York, Dr. Bo Hi Pak took him to lunch and asked him what he wanted to do with his life and whether he planned to gimprove his social standing.h Tom replied that attending True Parents seemed like a pretty good place to be but Dr. Pak persisted. Would Tom be a politician? A lawyer? What about a Ph.D.? Since he had no interest in politics or the law, Tom decided that gaining a Ph.D. seemed the most appropriate way for him to elevate his ability gto represent True Parents with dignity.h


The following years saw many delays as Tom repeatedly put his studies on hold whenever the Providence called. It was therefore a special day in May when Tom celebrated his graduation together with his brother, his sister, sister-in-law and nephew who all traveled from California to be with him. They were welcomed to New York at a luncheon hosted by Dr. David S.C. Kim, Dr. Edwin Ang and Dr. Therese Stewart who also attended the graduation ceremony at Columbia University. Tomfs thesis dealt with the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities at the high school level as determined by school size. He plans to do further research in this field and to submit parts of his thesis for publication.