Trustees Approve D. Min Proposal

The Doctor of Ministry program took a step closer to realization on June 27th when the UTS Board of Trustees approved the proposed curriculum and program design submitted by Dr. Kathy Winings, the programfs director. Dr. Hugh Spurgin, who chairs the Boardfs Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs Committee, commended Dr. Winings for her work on the proposal. Dr. Winings explained that applicants for the D. Min program would be required to gain three yearsf ministerial experience after receiving an M. Div degree. Discussion is also taking place on the possibility of allowing applicants with an M.R.E. to enhance their degree and enter the D. Min program. She anticipates a beginning class of eight to ten students. The program will take three to four years with students on campus only during the 10-day intensives. Students are required to be actively involved in some form of ministry throughout their enrollment in the program. It is hoped to submit the proposal to the State Education Department, complete with items relating to budget, resources and enrollment, in September.

Another important step at this meeting was the election of Mr. Charles gChadh Hoover (UTS 1980) as a member of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Hoover, who holds an M.S. in architectural science, is currently pursuing an MRP degree at Cornell University where he is employed as an architect. His thesis topic will involve campus planning. The Trustees elected Mr. Hoover unanimously, noting that he is a perfect match for the current needs of the Seminary as it considers major projects relating to its facilities, including the possibility of new construction.