Korean Speech Contest


When Yuji Mizoguchi first visited the home of his spouse in Korea, he was very impressed by the size of a kettle in the kitchen. He was told that the family used to cook rice in it before they had electricity and this reminded him of the word gsikkuh which means those who eat rice which was cooked in the same kettle. This theme of unity became the inspiration for Yujifs speech titled gOne Kettle, One Familyh which brought him first place in the advanced level of this yearfs Korean Speech Contest. Yuzaburo gSamh Nagasaka was the winner at the elementary level. PHOTO: Contest winner Yuji Mizoguchi


Thanks to some determined fund-raising by UTS Chaplain, Reverend Taek Yong Oh, the prizes at this yearfs contest totaled a whopping $2900, transforming Yujifs kettle into a pot at the rainbowfs end. Support for the event came from Rev. Peter Kim and Rev. Bong Gul Choi of KEA; Rev. Jeong Phyo Hong of the New Jersey Church; Rev. Jae Suk Kim of the Boston Church; Dr. Chang Shik Yang of Washington D.C. region; Rev. In Hoi Lee of Los Angeles (who was also one of the judges) and Seil Travel America. They all contributed amounts ranging from $200-$700 and Seil Travel donated 4 dinner cruise tickets.