Graduation 98

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Faced with a world in desperate need of healing, what can 34 UTS graduates do? Plenty, according to Reverend T.L. Barrett Jr., Senior Pastor of the Life Center Church of God in Christ, Chicago. Speaking at the 22nd commencement exercises on June 28th, he cited the Biblical story of the loaves and fishes, not for the miraculous work of Jesus, but for the boy who came forward with the two fishes and five barley loaves. gThat was totally inadequate to feed the thousands of people who were gathered,h he said, gbut that young lad stepped forward saying, eI am here and I have something to offer.f He insisted on being allowed to give what he had to Jesus.h Reverend Barrett asked the graduates to compare what they had learned with what the world needs and to realize that they have two fishes and five loaves. But he also urged them to boldly step forward and offer what they have. gYou should have the attitude that, eI am that lad and I am here and what I have counts.f Be confident that what you have will be sufficient to make a difference.h


Pastor Barrett told the graduates that they should have faith that God will work through Reverend Moon. gYou must take what you have and give it to God through the spiritual leadership of Reverend Moon. Give what you have and go willingly where he sends you because he has a special relationship with God.h Reverend Barrett spoke passionately about the life of sacrifice and obedience to Godfs will which Reverend Moon has led. He urged the graduates to be as committed as an elderly member of his own church who, whenever faced with a request from the bishop always responds with, gBishop, thatfs just what I was fixinf to do.h Reverend Barrettfs spirited and moving address received a standing ovation which was appropriately followed by the choirfs powerful rendition of gArise, your light has come,h one of two pieces which they performed.


In the Founderfs Address, read by Reverend Peter Kim, Reverend Moon encouraged the graduates to be people of true love, particularly by developing true love within their families. gA true family is an indispensable school of true love for the creation of a true world, in which the true love of God has absolute dominion,h he said. gBecause of this harmony of love, they will also be able to enjoy true equality and freedom and true joy and happiness.h In the absence of true love, he said, people have had recourse to all manner of external measures such as money, power and knowledge but these have failed to deliver fulfillment and happiness.


Reverend Moon therefore told the class of f98 to never give up on true love. gI want you to understand that true love is still the best and only solution in this world. The problem is that no one in the past has tried it thoroughly. We must rediscover it and practise it courageously. That is the task especially of UTS graduates, who are messengers of this Unification gospel of true love. Please believe that this gospel will revolutionize the world, eventually solving all its problems completely, whether they are political, economic, industrial, cultural or environmental problems. You are going out to the field as UTS graduates to work for the realization of Godfs kingdom. In your work, perhaps you will face a lot of practical challenges and difficulties. But please have absolute confidence in the power of true love. Already the Completed Testament Age has come. Godfs power will be fully available where you are serious about true love. May God bless you all!h

President Shimmyofs congratulatory remarks included an appreciation of individual students for their particular qualities. gSerge Brosseau, I admire your deep commitment of faith. Akiko Higashi, you are a small Japanese woman but I like your strong will. Raymond Otika, you endured much difficulty as a leader in Africa before coming to UTS but your warm kind of sensitivity is a real treasure. Young-joo Yoo, your big smile has the power to overcome any problem.h Addressing the graduates in general, he told them, gAll of you have each a unique character given from God. Please fully develop it and use it for the sake of Godfs kingdom and his righteousness. And work hard to wipe away all the tears from the eyes of God and from the eyes of humanity and to build a peaceful world where pain and suffering shall be no more.h


In his Graduate Response, Serge Brosseau, who graduated magna cum laude, looked forward to the challenge of gputting into practice in real life what we have learned here.h His dream, he said, is to do as his hero, General Douglas MacArthur, did. gI want to come back to these special grounds after fulfilling my responsibility. I want to follow in those footsteps.h


The graduatesf summer schedule includes one week at the Washington Times followed by a 40-day workshop at Chung Pyung Lake in Korea.




Xavier Akerekoro-Zinho

Kotaro Araya

Serge Brosseau / magna cum laude

Justine Nyiranshuti Cherutich

Leslie Paul Michael DeJonge

Seung-Yeon Doo / cum laude

Masashi Fujikake

Taisuke Hibino

Akiko Higashi

Jun Honda

Katsuya Ito

Cirilo C. Jagopa-as

Tomomi Kaneuji

Soon-Ok Kang / magna cum laude

Bryan Anthony Lancaster

Simone Allison Lancaster

Hiroyuki Matsumoto

Hiroyuki Miyake

Kinue Nakane / cum laude

Akihiko Nishimura

Takaaki Ogino

Katsuya Oishi

Raymond Otika

Young-Joo Yoo

Remy Vollmer / cum laude

Chiaki Yoshikawa




Henry Kiryowa Kulubya

Christopher David McKeon / cum laude

Herman Adza Mould

Naomichi Sawada / cum laude

Clive Edward Wright / cum laude

Tetsuya Yamada

Oksana V. Semenchova / magna cum laude

Prince Edward Monya Tambi / cum laude


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All of the graduation speeches and prayers were crystal clear this year thanks to the new sound system made possible by alumni/ae donations. The acoustics have also been improved by placing carpeting under the chairs (also paid for by donations.) Work has begun on the chapel roof so your continued support will be deeply appreciated. Please use the envelope provided. Thank you.