Journal of Unification Studies is Born

The first issue of the Seminary's new theological journal was published in December. As was previously explained in The Cornerstone (see Nov/Dec 1996), "the journal is a forum for committed engagement with Unification theology and practice, addressing concerns of the theological community and the professional ministry." It will be published annually.

In his introduction to the first issue, editor Dr. Andrew Wilson notes that it is highly unusual for a new religious movement to reach so quickly the stage of theological introspection which this journal indicates. It is more usual, he writes, for a new religion to maintain a theological silence in deference to the unchallenged authority of the living founder. Dr. Wilson traces the development of Unification theology and credits Drs. Sang Hun Lee and Young Oon Kim in the fields of philosophy and theology respectively for pioneering the first stages of Unificationist reflection and setting the tradition for their students, some of whom contributed articles to this first edition.

A complementary issue of the journal will be sent to each UTS graduate and any questions regarding subscriptions or submissions can be answered by calling 914-752-3013 or contacting Dr. Wilson by e-mail at