Dan Fefferman's Greatest Hits

Nothing stirs the memory quite like music and Dan Fefferman's recent release of a cassette tape of his most popular songs is a walk down memory lane. Well, not so much a walk as a march, with banners waving and trumpets sounding - these are songs from the days of quite literally charging into the enemy camp; the days of Tiger Park, of rallies and demonstrations. The titles alone recapture the spirit of the time - Generation of Righteousness, The Day of Hope, All my Brethren, The Marriage Has Come, The Kingdom of Heaven's at hand. All of the songs on this tape were written and performed by Dan (Class of '86) with a professional backing track consisting of guitars, keyboards, synthesized rhythm and orchestral instruments and background vocals. The tape is available for $10 at The Word Mill, PO Box 132, Glenn Dale, MD 20769. You can also contact Dan at dfeff@aol.com.