Graduate Becomes "Man of Action" on Internet


The June edition of Internet World reported the actions of Damian Anderson (Class of '84) who struck out at the pornography newsgroups on the Internet. The article, titled "Man of Action" reads, in part, as follows.


"Damian Anderson is a man of strong convictions with oldfashioned values. He's been a member of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church for more than 20 years, but Anderson wasn't acting as a Church member when he shut down more than 190 newsgroup in the erotica hierarchy using a fairly simple Unix command that deleted the news messages from a local server. Still, the Church got credit when Anderson's actions were reported in an e-mail bulletin, 'Unification Church follower Closes Porn Newsgroups.'h


In retaliation, Damian was harassed by e-mail and by midnight phone calls but he is weathering the storm. "This isn't the first time people have been angry at me," he said.