Ecumenical Morning Services


Rabbi Judah Fish of the Ahavath Israel Synagogue of Kingston and Rev. Bruce Chilton, the chaplain at Bard College, were among the many clergymen who preached in the Seminary chapel during the months of May and June.


Reverend Chilton, reading from his Greek New Testament, offered a learned discourse on Paul's words in Corinthians regarding the spirit, which dies at the time of physical death, and the soul which lives eternally. Rabbi Fish took the opportunity to clarify what he sees as a common misunderstanding among UTS students who have visited his synagogue. "Judaism," he said, "is not just a faith of the book. It is a tradition which is alive and developing." He emphasized that in order to fully understand Judaism, we need to look at how Jews understand their faith today. He said that the idea that Jews emphasize suffering, and focus on it, is incorrect and that Jews, like everyone else, look for happiness in life.


After each service, the clergymen joined members of the UTS community for breakfast and a further discussion of their faith.