CAUSA Donates Archives and $200,000 to UTS


As a result of a recent meeting at the Seminary between representatives of CAUSA and UTS, it has been agreed that the CAUSA archives will be housed at UTS and that a grant of $200,000 will be provided to endow the collection. Academic Dean Dr. Michael Mickler hailed the donation as a very significant addition to the Seminary's resources, especially the archival collection. He foresees many activities related to these archives including seminars, lectures, research and publication.


During its most active years, CAUSA accumulated significant holdings relative to Reverend Moon's effort to bring about the downfall of communism, including important photographs and videotape footage, extensive files, original notes and memos, and recordings of special events and meetings. CAUSA also acquired a significant library of 2,372 books which has also been donated.


In late 1980, Reverend Moon selected a group of UTS grads and seminarians to develop CAUSA International which he had founded earlier that year. Over the next 12 years, CAUSA played a major role in reaching out to political, religious, military, academic and civic leaders worldwide. In order to present Victory Over Communism theory and related activities, CAUSA International also spawned such organizations as the American Leadership Conference, the International Security Council, the American Constitution Committee, the World Council for Religious Freedom, the CAUSA Military Association and CAUSA USA. It was also closely involved in projects related to such institutions as the Association for the Unity of Latin America, the Summit Council for World Peace, the Federation for World Peace and the World Media Association. The CAUSA staff also played a major role in Reverend Moon's meetings with President Mikail Gorbachev and North Korean President Kim 11 Sung and various other providential activities. All of the above organizations and their related activities are included in the extensive archive collection.


Drs. Tom Ward and Rick Schwartz, who facilitated the donation to the Seminary, are currently finalizing the details of the transfer.