A Message from the Student Body President

During the Fall term, the Student Council formally expressed their gratitude to all those who contributed to the restoration of the Study Rooms. That work has continued steadily and Prince Tambi, the President of the Student Body, recently submitted the following letter of thanks to The Cornerstone.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
On behalf of the entire student body I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to you regarding your concern for our welfare. Your efforts were directed toward some of the most urgent needs of students. It is not difficult for us to see that men and women of love, courage, determination and integrity have been here before us and have planned the future of the world together. Even though you have gone out into the field the evidences are seen and felt everywhere.
Now we feel your presence in a different way. A presence that speaks its own language. A presence that immediately conveys loving kindness, concern, care and responsibility. The concerns of individual well-being have not stopped you from giving consideration to the purpose for the whole. How I wish you had the opportunity to feel the warmth of those study rooms! And the chairs and desks!
What we have here is a case of metamorphosis. From cold rooms, damp and frothing walls, torn and ropy carpet floors, rickety chairs and wobbling desks, to warm and cozy rooms, smooth and clean walls, solid and uniform carpet floors, silent but confident rolling chairs and safe round-edged desks and book-cases. Remember, this is not an exhaustive description of the transformation. I did not even mention about the outlet to plug in computers, adequate lighting systems and others. Now we are working on the gymnasium as you know that a healthy mind can only dwell in a healthy body
My fellow students would love to let you know how they feel but can not completely explain in words. I do not blame them because if you have been in a dark room for a long time and suddenly the lights are turned on you can understand what I mean; you actually cover your eyes with your hands and gradually remove them in measures enough to allow you to fully adapt to the lights. The difference is quite clear and you do not want to risk the error of squeezing life out of your deep feelings by words which can not completely convey them. For my own part, it is enough to see them smile and say “You know, it feels good.” The Divine Principle says that “As it is with the relationship between mind and body,.. nor can there be a spiritual happiness apart from true physical happiness”.
In concluding I want to assure you that we will use our time and energy in the best possible way to become the kind of persons who can bring world peace and liberate God and our True Parents from suffering and sorrow. Thank you for all that you have done and intend to do. The sweat, tears and blood that you shed as you strive to support us will be the nourishing foundation upon which we will restore ourselves and our other brother and sisters.
Truly God has blessed you and so it is in True Parents’ name.
Your Brother, Prince Tambi, (Student Body President)