Grads in
South America

Alan Saunders sent a report in February with details of life in Jardim including this wonderful scene. “On February 1st after pledge, Father spoke to about 30 members huddled together on the verandah outside True Parents’ room. It was a very intimate meeting and one in which many of the farm animals participated, including dogs, chickens, roosters, ducks and many birds. At one stage a parrot flew onto Father’s shoulder.” Alan continues, “Father plans to build schools in the area ranging from grade school to university. Also, research institutes will be established in forestry and fish farming. Father recently purchased 5,600 hectares just outside Jardim ….and gave the direction that the graduates should purchase land in their cities and then build a church and community. He will provide the funding for this project in each of the 29 pioneer cities.”
Construction continues at the farm with another four buildings now being built along with an auditorium which will hold 1500 to 2000 people. The UTS graduates are doing everything in their power to ensure that sooner or later, this building will be overflowing with people; within the past month, three babies have been born in Brazil to the Class of ’96. The Matsuda and Moribe families each received a new daughter and Ted and Dorothy O’Grady have a new son, their second.