Dr. and Mrs. Thompson Visit UTS

Donate $15,000

More than a year after being diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Henry Thompson, together with his wife Joyce, returned to UTS on March 8 for a one day visit. This was the same day as the meeting of the Board of Trustees so Dr. Thompson was able to greet several old friends and colleagues. He appeared to be quite strong but he reported that his condition is not improving and he has been busy completing some of his scholarly writings and “clearing out the accumulations of the years.”
Dr. Thompson recently informed the Development Office of his very generous plan to transfer ownership of stock valued at $15,000 to UTS for the Student Life Campaign. In a letter in early March, Dr. Thompson, as always, expressed his gratitude to all those who have shown their love and support:
“We remain thankful for all the M&Ms in prayer: Muslims and Mormons, Moonies and Methodists, Mennonites and Medical Mission Sisters, Midwives, Marie, Marilyn, Marion, Marlys, Mary, Mavis, Michael, Mildred, Miriam, Muguet, Marrow, Marsico, Mickler, Moore, Morrill, Morris! As well as the alphabet of Anglicans, Atheists, Baptists, Catholics, Congregationalists, Christian and Dutch Reform, Episcopalians and on through Lutherans, Presbyterians etc. to Zionists! Many people with other initials and other faiths have been praying also. All prayers welcome! Praise the Lord and keep praying! We trust the prayers are heard and the Divine Will shall be done. We live in hope and hope for the best.”