Chung Pyung Lake

Some expressed the change they felt as being “more free” or “lighter” but the most graphic description came from President Shimmyo who declared “I feel like the Incredible Hulk!” Forty days at Chung Pyung Lake in Korea produced visible changes in those members of the Barrytown community who returned in February. They reported a challenging experience of prayer, repentance, study and fasting but each testimony seemed to conclude with the conviction that “Everyone should go.”
Conversations with the participants reveal this Chung Pyung Lake workshop as a mystical point of convergence where holy ground, water and trees allow for a cleansing experience for those who invest themselves in prayerful repentance and in the schedule of religious exercises. It is an area which has long been a favorite of Reverend Moon’s. “True Father always went there to pray,” said Rachel Carter. “He rowed across the lake and climbed the mountain many times.” Most of the participants spoke of this foundation of prayer as a key element in preparing the place for the current phenomena. “If you pray there, you can feel so clear,” said Yuichi Tanabe. “Whenever I prayed at one of the five trees, if I had a clear question then a clear answer came.” Participants in the workshops regularly offered prayers at five trees which are identified by small plaques. Each tree is dedicated to one area of concern; Love, Heart, All Things, Loyalty and Blessing
The central person at the workshop is Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim and she made a strong impression on each person. According to President Shimmyo, “Dae Mo Nim is very serious about the schedule and content of the workshop but at the same time very warm and loving.” Rachel said that each person at the workshop had to take responsibility for their own situation. “Dae Mo Nim told us ‘I can help you but it’s you who do this.’” Rachel explained the goal of the workshop as being “to cleanse us of resentful spirits which are inhibiting us, so that we can all be in Heaven together.”
Each participant seems to have returned with a stronger sense of commitment. President Shimmyo feels a greater sense of urgency now in preparing for the 3.6 million couple Blessing in November. As the state leader for upstate New York, he has urged everyone “to sacrifice everything to bring victory” and to act confidently in the knowledge that great spiritual support is now available. Yuichi Tanabe feels more clear about the value of his spiritual life. “Now I believe more substantially in the spiritual realm and the coming of a new spiritual era,” he said. “Before, I always tried to live a spiritual life but now I have much more confidence.”
Dr. Shimmyo reports that he was delighted to see many UTS graduates attending the Western, Korean and Japanese seminars. In the Western seminar alone, there were about 30 graduates, many of whom are state leaders.