Local Minister Delivers Sermon at UTS

Rev. Henry McClinton, the Assistant Pastor of Christ Supernatural Temple Of Deliverance Church, was among more than 4,500 Ministers of God who attended the True Family Values Ministry’s conferences held in Washington D.C. last year. Rev. Aida Spruill, the Pastor of the same church, was at Yankee Stadium in 1976 to listen to the sermon of Reverend Moon. After her experience there, says Rev. Spruill, she will never be misled by the rumors spread against Rev. Moon. She, indeed, encouraged her Assistant Pastor, Rev. McClinton to attend the True Family Values conference last year.
Inspired by the conference, Rev. McClinton overcame the doubts he had about the True Family Values Ministry. “I got the chance to find out about Rev. Moon”, he said, “and with an open heart, I was able to allow the Holy Spirit to administer new things to my heart”. In Washington D.C., he was delighted by the effort of the True Family Values Ministry to bring ministers of different races into an experience of love and unity.
Through the efforts of Reverend Tom Bowers, Dr. Michael Mickler and the worship committee, Rev. McClinton was invited to give a sermon at the Seminary’s morning service on March 13, 1997. He was amazed to see students from different races and backgrounds living harmoniously together and studying at the seminary. “I am grateful to Rev. Moon and His Ministry to allow God to bring people from different races, doing things harmoniously together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. He sees this as a living proof of the universal unity of humankind.
Reverend McClinton gave an hour long, strong and inspiring sermon on the upper room experience at the Pentecost when the twelve Apostles first received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Rev. McClinton later conveyed to Rev. Bowers the spiritual message he received concerning the many good activities that will begin to happen here at the seminary, as he was coming through its gates and while he was delivering his sermon. Beaming with smiles, he said, “The Spirit tells me that this seminary will be the center of great activities in the near future”.
Rev. McClinton and his Pastor, Rev. Spruill have also agreed that the True Family Values content can be taught in their church beginning in April.
Jones Iziomo