Africans Dominate Oratorical Contest


A record 26 students participated in the 21st Annual David S.C. Kim Oratorical Contest on Wednesday February 26. The preliminary round took two full days, finally reducing the field to eight. The level of interest may have been increased by this year’s intriguing topic; “Absolute Sex is the Foundation for World Peace.” This topic was based on Reverend Moon’s speech “In Search of the Origin of the Universe” which was delivered at the launching of the Family Federation for World Peace last year.
Continuing a recent trend, African students completely took control of this year’s contest. Last year’s winner, Raymond Otika of Uganda, served as MC, no fewer than five of the eight finalists were Africans and even the timekeeper was African! The odds were in favor of an African winner and so it proved to be. Glory Umoh of Nigeria, the single female finalist, received the trophy with Prince Tambi of Sierra Leone in second place and Chris McKeon, one of two American finalists, taking third.
The finalists gave a speech of eight to ten minutes and were judged on content, organization and delivery. They were told to tailor their addresses to a mixed audience including non-Unificationists.
Decrying the current social situation of sexual confusion, Prince Tambi reminded the audience that “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!” He said that taking responsibility has three aspects. Firstly, each person should become a master of love, developing self-discipline and can then, secondly, take responsibility for the object of love. Finally, such a person can give love to children.
Chris McKeon defined “absolute sex” as “the God-centered, spouse-immersed, 100% faithful marital relationship” and blamed the absence of such relationships for the prevalence of violence and disorder. “How many have died in these spasms of anger and violence?” he asked.
Absolute sex can be defined as the transcendent point where God and a couple unite into one. It is total fidelity in marriage; husband and wife can never under any circumstances betray each other. In free sex, God is excluded. What can solidify the family foundation? Only absolute sex, true love, total commitment and shared responsibilities. Who initiated this phrase ‘absolute sex’? Reverend Moon is a man who understands God’s plan for humankind because he is the man who, after years of intense prayer and study, discovered that the Fall of Adam and Eve was related to the misuse of sex.”