Seminary Grads at Chung Pyung Lake

A report from Lloyd Howell (Class of ‘78)

From August 1 to September 9, approximately 39 Seminary graduates representing a broad cross-section of classes attended the 40-Day National Messiah Candidate Workshop in scenic Chung Pyung Lake in the mountains of South Korea. All attendees were challenged by the rigorous schedule comprised of early rising, chanting/clapping sessions, Divine Principle reading, short breaks, midnight and early morning prayer at the various Holy Trees, a diet unlike their typical culinary fare, cold showers, very snug sleeping arrangements and a seven-day fast. The bright side to the physical challenges were the abundant spiritual blessings, liberations and revelations that seemed to be part of just about everyone’s experience. All in all there were about 320 participants from approximately 23 Western nations with separate workshops for Korean and Japanese candidates. The grand finale of the workshop was the assigning of participants to positions as Cain or Abel families in nations throughout the world. Assignments were chosen through a special lottery technique designed by our Founder and participants were encouraged to arrive in their countries within two months.

Centering on former UTS Vice President Dr. Edwin Ang, Seminary graduates line up in rough order of their graduating class with the earlier classes being toward the bottom