UTS Library Offer Service

Have you ever tried to find out what Reverend Moon has said on some topic? In the past, this has been very difficult. Things are changing. The UTS library is developing a full-text database of Reverend Moon’s speeches in English. The big news is that the library is inviting you to send in your requests for quotes from Reverend Moon’s speeches. Please use our service in preparing for your sermons and for your personal study.
If you would like the UTS Library staff to make a search for you, just think of a word or group of words that Reverend Moon might have used in a speech and the UTS Library will search its database for those words. To make a search request just call or write. Please explain what you want to use the quotes for so that we can choose the best quotes to serve your purpose. We will try to find up to ten quotes for you on your topic and send them to you. There is no charge for this service but a donation to the Library would be appreciated.
Any donations from the searches will go to fund some aspect of the Seminary’s speech project. One aspect of the project is to create this database of speeches. At the moment, there are approximately 600 speeches in the database and this number is growing. We are also transcribing speeches from the 70’s which have not been available in print before.

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