Trustee Gives $2000 Dr. Jaekil Park, a member of the UTS Board of Trustees, has given $2000 to the Student Life Campaign. Dr. Park has always been a generous supporter of UTS and, in the past, has renovated the medical center and the student cabin at his own expense. Dr. Park is now listed in the Founder’s Group which includes those who donate $2000 or more to the campaign.
Anonymous Donor Gives $2000 A friend of the Seminary called the Development Office in May to ask what would be done with a donation. This person was told that donations are placed in the Alumni Fund which is a separate account used only for special projects which benefit the Seminary as a whole and that this year, donations would be used to improve the living and studying conditions of the students. A few days later, a check for $2000 arrived from this donor who wishes to remain anonymous.
Japanese Alumni Give $13,000 President Shimmyo travelled to Japan in May and met with several of the Japanese alumni. He explained the needs and hopes of the Seminary and asked for their support. He received many pledges from alumni and other friends of UTS and $13,000 has so far been received with the expectation of much more to come.
Class of ‘96 Provides New Carpet For Juniors This year’s class gift, presented to the Seminary by the graduating students, is a new carpet for the Junior study room (the large room in the middle of the second floor of the academic wing.) This is a big help in the planned renovation of that room and, while receiving the gift, President Shimmyo pointed out the symbolism of the “elders” literally supporting the juniors in this way. Jim Humphreys, the Student Body President, later wrote, “I was very happy to be able to present to President Shimmyo the graduating class gift which will go towards the purchase of a new carpet for the Junior Study Room. Together with the other refurbishing which will start in that room this summer as a result of the Student Life Campaign, the Juniors will soon have a more pleasant study area, very conducive to their studies.”
UTS Administration Members Pledge $500 Members of the President’s Cabinet recently pledged $500 each to the campaign and Dr. Mike Mickler has already fulfilled his pledge. “I’m happy to support this campaign because it directly helps to fulfill the purpose of UTS,” he said. “This will benefit our students for years to come.”
“Look at these chairs! We can’t even give them away!” Dean of Students Dr. Jennifer Tanabe has already arranged to have the chairs from the Junior Study Room stacked up for removal. Among the 70 chairs of 18 different styles, not one was worth saving. The cost of providing one student with a new chair, desk and bookshelf is about $500.
Gymnasium Faces Closure During the Spring term, the gymnasium was used for basketball on four evenings per week and for volleyball on the other three. This facility becomes even more important in the winter when options for recreation are very limited. The steady decay of the gymnasium floor, however, will soon make it too dangerous to use. This picture shows the center of the floor. You can see the remains of the center circle in which the letters “UTS” were painted. Plywood sheets like this one cover about 30% of the floor and new holes are appearing regularly. One of the goals of the Student Life Campaign is to replace the gymnasium floor. Donors to the Student Life Campaign will be recognized by being listed in the following groups:
The Founder’s Group Gifts of $2000 or more
The President’s Group Gifts of $1000 to $1999
The Dean’s Group Gifts of $500 to $999
Friends of UTS Gifts of $250 to $499
Please make checks payable to: UTS Alumni Fund