Founding Donation To Matching Fund For Books
A report from UTS Library Director Tom Bowers.

Dr. Henry O. Thompson has recently donated $1,000 to the UTS Library as matching funds for the purchase of books. This donation is the founding donation of this fund. Over the years, Dr. Henry O. Thompson has been one of the most active supporters of the library. He has donated dozens of books from his personal collection and made many useful suggestions of what titles to acquire to strengthen our collection. Dr. Thompson has made this donation because he is committed to the vision of the Seminary, he wants to leave a legacy for the future in the form of library books and he wants to stimulate other people to give to the library. The Seminary and the library in particular are very grateful to Dr. Thompson for taking the initiative to create this matching book fund.
The UTS Library is now looking for $1,000 to meet the challenge Dr. Thompson has made to the library to raise funds for books. Every dollar donated to the UTS Library book fund will be matched with funds up to $1,000. Each of the books purchased with money from this fund will have a book plate with both donors name, Dr. Thompson and the other donor who make it possible to buy the book. The sooner we can raise $1,000 to match Dr. Thompsonís donation, the sooner we will be able to put this donation to work to buy books. It is possible to further personalize the donations. If you want to honor someone such as a faculty member or student, a note can be made on the book plate. At your request, a letter will be sent to the person or the family of the person you honor with your book donation. Dr. Thompson, himself, donated another $100 to match $100 of his own $1000 donation to honor several faculty members and students.
Dr. Thompson has given this money with the intention that it will be the beginning of an ongoing matching fund. Any funds that we receive in excess of $1000 will be held until the library receives funds to match those funds as well. This is an excellent way to make a donation to the Seminary because your donation will have a double effect since it will be matched.