Commuting to UTS

In America’s colleges and universities, “non-traditional” students are quickly becoming the majority. Today, there are millions of adult students returning to the classroom. Likewise, here at the UTS, we have found that there is an interest in seminary studies among Unificationists with families, missions, careers and other factors which may make relocation or full-time studies impossible. It seems that many of our members are realizing that they can do more for the world by elevating the scope of their spiritual and intellectual understanding as well as their ability to perceive, to communicate and to reach out to others.
To facilitate the need of adult students from the New York and New Jersey area, the Seminary started the Commuter Program in 1994-95. During each term, a certain number of courses are scheduled with two sessions in one day of the week instead of on two separate days. This allows students to enroll into two courses by coming only one day a week while maintaining their careers and missions.
Since the program began, we have seen some very energetic and motivated individuals enter the program, e.g. Tony Devine, Abdel Mesbah, Andy Compton, Graciela Ayad, Serge Brosseau, John Ngoran and Jack La Valle. Some of them even decided to move into the area after one term of enrollment so they can progress faster in their studies.
Tony Devine first became interested in coming to the Seminary in 1990 but became involved with the Russian providence at that time. When he learned about Commuter Day, it was what allowed him to attend. During his first term, he came up from Manhattan for one day and took classes that were completed on that day. For the next two terms he came up for two days. The following year he moved his family up to Red Hook and became a “reverse commuter” in that he now commutes to his mission with the International Education Foundation in Manhattan and works from his home office using E-mail. He sees that his status as a student and a member of the IEF staff has benefited both parties. He makes efforts to bring what IEF has to offer to the Seminary and to bring what the Seminary has to offer to IEF. He believes that commuter day is a good way to attract more students, and that as UTS develops even more alternatives to full time study such as correspondence courses and intensive shorter courses that even more people will be able to come.
While teaching Sunday School at Belvedere, Jack LaValle met Dr. Mickler who encouraged him to try commuter day as a way to enter UTS. Jack is a security officer at Belvedere and would not have been able to come without this innovation. He became interested in the Seminary after hearing Father encourage members to attend and because he is interested in either teaching or becoming involved with higher education administration. He came to UTS one day a week during the Spring term term, taking two classes, and would like to come two days a week next Fall. His goal is to go through the Divinity program.
With the support of the Academic Dean Dr. Mickler, the UTS Faculty and the Registrar, Ms. Delaney, we hope to see an expanded Commuter Program in Fall 1996 with more courses available during the week for commuters to choose from and a program through which commuters are able to complete the entire Master degree program without interrupting the demands of career, mission and family.
The days for commuting are generally available Monday through Thursday.
For information and application please feel free to contact:
Hong-Yu Kovic or Katie Zahedi, UTS Admissions and Recruitment, 10 Dock Road, Barrytown, NY 12507