UTS at Sao Paolo Exposition

UTS Library Director Tom Bowers spent the first week of June in Sao Paolo, Brazil where he represented UTS at the second exposition of businesses and projects of the Unification Movement. Tom found the array of booths to be a powerful witness to Reverend Moon’s impact in the world. Ranging from automobile manufacturing in Vietnam to computer technology for the Hubble Telescope, the businesses represented at these expositions express the global vision of their founder. Tom was particularly impressed by a project in Alaska which is producing fish powder and oil of food grade as a response to world hunger. He speculated that the purpose of the exposition may lie in the words of Jesus, who asked of the disbelievers, “If you cannot believe in me, believe my works.”
Tom was able to make some good connections, including a meeting with a pastor who attended one of the seminars in Uruguay and is now interested in attending UTS. Tom also met with one of the professors at the Unification seminary in Sao Paolo, an encounter which caused him to realize the need to relate to other seminaries. “We need to take some initiative as an institution, not just as individuals,” he said. The exposition will continue to visit Latin American countries, concluding later this year at New Hope Farm in Brazil.