The Student Life Campaign 
The New Year always brings makeovers, clean-ups and, hopefully, transformations. The latest phase of the Student Life Campaign has brought a complete transformation of the large room in the academic wing which has recently served as the Junior Study Room but which was originally a chapel. This room and its occupants have suffered greatly in recent years as dampness and decay caused the paint to flake from the walls and ceiling and the 20-year-old carpet took on the pallor of the nearly dead. The tattered and torn furniture only added to the cold, cheerless atmosphere. Initial restoration efforts only unveiled the greater horrors of asbestos and lead paint so workmen decked out like astronauts were called in to cart them away. All those rebirth pains are behind us now and the room looks wonderful. Once again, the costs of redecorating and re-furnishing this room have been paid for by donations and special thanks are due to the Class of 1996 whose members presented the new carpet as their class gift. With the completion of the Junior Study Room, all of the study rooms have now been fully redecorated and newly furnished and all of the senior study rooms have new windows. 

Help is Still Needed 
This year, winter will seem a little longer because of the shortage of recreation at UTS. The gym has been closed for the past four months because the floor is utterly rotten and thoroughly dangerous. There is standing water under the boards and this has affected the entire floor. The previous practice of patching up the holes is no longer adequate. 
The loss of the gym has had a significant impact on life at UTS. Last winter, there were volleyball and basketball games scheduled every single night of the week and they added to the level of friendship and excitement among the students. Ping pong and pool are poor substitutes for those team sports. 
We had hoped to repair the floor for $10,000 but it is now clear that it will have to be replaced at a cost closer to $20,000. There is no money in the budget to support an expense of this size so the only hope is that some of the readers of The Cornerstone will fondly remember the hours they spent in the gym. 
If you are able to help, please use the attached envelope and make your check payable to UTS Alumni Fund. Thank you.