President Shimmyo at Chung Pyung Lake

On January 12, President Shimmyo left for Korea where he joined hundreds of other American UC leaders at Chung Pyung Lake for a 40-day workshop. In a fax transmission on January 21, he sent the following message to Barrytown: 
“The 40-day Chung Pyung Lake workshop is a tremendous process of rebirth. Our goal is to remove all evil spirits from each of us. Not a single evil spirit must stay with us by the end of the workshop. This is quite a goal, so we are working very hard. We sing and clap, shedding sweat and tears. Unless we reach this goal, we will have no success whatsoever in whatever we do in the UC. 
The criticism of Daemo Nim about UC Blessed families is very severe and I think I agree with her. The tone of her criticism is prophetic. But what makes her great is her willingness to sacrifice her life for the sake of the liberation of brothers and sisters (blessed couples) from evil spiritual forces. That aspect of her quality made me cry so many times. 
So, I am determined to inherit Daemo Nim’s spirit of commitment and also her victory 100%. With that kind of inheritance, I want to go back to Barrytown after the 40-day workshop. I hope that all students, staff and faculty at UTS will inherit the same thing too. Otherwise we will be pulled to Satan’s power in the next few years and we will perish.”