Internship Program Introduced

The current trimester sees the introduction of a Field Education Internship Program. The purpose of the internship is to offer students an opportunity to experience ministry in a given community. The student participates in the daily life of the community through teaching, counseling, pastoring, and participating in administrative concerns under the guidance of the local UC minister. 
At present, 11 students are working in five locations: Los Angeles, Chicago, Newark, Westchester, New York and Brooklyn. Dr. Kathy Winings who, with Dr. Shawn Byrne, directs the Field Education program, reports that most of the students are supporting the True Family Values ministry and Pre-Blessing programs in their areas. “This means that they are spending a great deal of their time discussing True Family Values content, the situation of American Christianity and religion, as well as community needs with various ministers and religious leaders,” she wrote. “Of course, with the Pre-Blessing and Family Festivals, the students are also learning how to plan, organize and direct such an event.” 
Since the 11 interns are all Japanese, they are also finding value in the fact that they are forced to practice and improve their ability to speak English and this was foreseen as a significant benefit of the program. 
The original proposal for the program states that “In particular, the internship is most valuable for the non-American student in that it affords him/her the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and language of the community - much as they might if they were sent to the mission field after graduation. Further, it will help their total language development as well as their ministerial development by immersing them so totally in the life of a community for the 10 weeks. Further, by working and living in the culture of a particular community, it will enable the student intern to recognize what skills and attitudes are necessary in order to assume responsibility for the ministry of a particular community.” 
President Shimmyo places more emphasis on the spiritual dimension of the program. “Students are expected to know the heart of God through faith and endurance in a given, difficult situation of reality in order to become victorious leaders in the future,” he said.