Gregorio Camdas Agulan 
Greg Agulan wanted to come to UTS in 1989 when he first heard about the Seminary from Elias Soria (Class of ’90) who was then studying here. His responsibilities as a CARP regional leader prevented him from coming at that time and it was not until August 1996 that he finally arrived in Barrytown. 
Greg was born in Valencia Bukidnon in the Philippines and is the sixth child of a family of ten. He joined the Unification Church in 1984 when a classmate asked him to attend a 4-day seminar on the CAUSA Worldview sponsored by CARP. He appreciated the logical truth of the presentations and a month later he attended a 14-day seminar sponsored by CAUSA. This so impressed him that he became actively involved in CARP activities. 
Greg has always felt a concern for those who are suffering and has therefore felt drawn towards activities which seek to alleviate human problems. He felt a particular concern about the influence of communism in the Philippines and saw the work of CARP as the best way of addressing his concerns. His active involvement led to his being appointed as the leader of CARP in his school. Through teaching Divine Principle and the CAUSA Worldview, Greg says that “My understanding of Divine Principle was deepened and I became even more convinced that it provides the solution to the problems of humankind.” He also became an instructor of Wonhwa-do. 
He is excited to be here at the Seminary because “I have a high regard for UTS as the vision of True Father to establish a training ground for future leaders who have social as well as ecclesiastical responsibilities.” After graduating, he does not plan to continue his studies unless the dictates of his mission require him to do so. He hopes he can serve this community well while he is here and work with the other juniors to make an even better UTS. 
Jones Iziomo