UTS Cornerstone - A Newsletter for the UTS Alumni Association - March 2005

Alumni Launches Inter-faith Dialogue Initiative in Germany

Acknowledging that "Events held successfully for a long time in the USA , cannot be bad for Germany ", UTS alumnus Werner Fehlberg (UTS '90) recently successfully completed an Inter-religious Prayer Breakfast near Duesseldorf , Germany .

He invited Clergy, Peace Ambassadors and open-hearted religious people to his home in Korschenbroich. There was an interesting mixture of guests: a black, Christian minister from Eindhoven (Holland), who had converted from Islam to Christianity, a lady with the Jehovah's Witnesses, a Peace Ambassador from Duesseldorf, a couple from Duisburg, the local Family Church minister Makoto Noguchi and some members of the Family Church (including Ulrich Tuente (UTS '78). 

After the greetings and a prayer, everyone sat together and introductions preceded a hearty breakfast. Afterwards a lively round of talks began. The talks were followed by a musical interlude provided by well-known singer Chey. She sang a beautiful song from her last CD:  "People need the Lord".

Subsequently Rev. Moon's speech from 8 May 2001 in Harlem was read out loud. He explained in his speech how it is very painful for God to watch how humanity develops, because of the barriers of religious thinking, which are an obstacle in the way to God's Heaven. The group then watched the DVD: "Statement of Heart to Heart" about the Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) that outlines Rev Moon's strategy for peace in the Middle East .

The discussion after the DVD emphasized things that the group shared in common and also brought to light the differences in the religious traditions. It was determined that it is not a problem if people from different religions and/or denominations have different points of view. What is important is to be respectful to each other so that we can learn from each other and keep the discussion on a positive level. It was determined that the relationship of individuals with God is as different as our faces are and the need for inter-religious dialogue was affirmed. 

The Prayer Breakfast was a golden opportunity and a good start. Plans to make the inter-religious prayer breakfast a regular event were discussed.

The meeting was concluded with everyone holding hands as each person prayed for peace and the establishment of the Heavenly Kingdom of God.

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