UTS Cornerstone - A Newsletter for the UTS Alumni Association - March 2005

2005 Alumni Relations and Development Plans

Continue to work with UTS President Dr. Hendricks to facilitate UTS repositioning.

Work with Dr. Hendricks and the Board to develop the case to support UTS

Support the two tracks of education at UTS:

Inter-religious and International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Community Ministries


Alumni Chapters

In the North-East USA continue to support the organization of alumni chapters.

The following are meeting every 3 months: Westchester-Rockland, Red Hook-Kingston, New Jersey . CT is scheduled for March.

Alumni Liaisons

Develop the 33 UTS area liaisons throughout the USA and also develop         

      international liaisons. These relationships will help UTS better serve its alumni.

Alumni Discussion Board

            Please see a preview http://www.uts.edu/bb/

Alumni Directory

Contact information, personal data (password protected). Class lists. (in development)

Alumni Resource Library

This will be on the alumni pages of http://www.uts.edu/ password protected). It will allow alumni to network their skills, interests etc (in development)

Alumni Prayer and Support Page

Several of the alumni have faced, are facing and may face life-threatening or difficult circumstances. This page will help us, as a community, to focus our thoughts and prayers for a successful resolution. (in development)

Maintain E-Cornerstone (quarterly)

4 issues per year in March, June, September and December.

Articles can be sent to alumni@uts.edu or directly to the editor at dsdoose@earthlink.net

Maintain UTS E-News

Usually every 2-3 weeks. Any UTS and alumni-related news from around the world can be sent to alumni@uts.edu.

Alumni Survey

Distribution in Spring, 2005.

Reunion Weekend

All alumni are invited to attend, especially the classes of 1980, 85, 90, 95, and 2000. There will be a special celebration for the 25 th anniversary of the Class of 1980. This will be held on the last weekend of June 2005 (Graduation weekend)

Alumni Student Recruitment Initiative

Identification and recruitment of students for UTS


Annual Fund

04 Total: $19,220 # of Friend Donors: 5

05 Goal: $25,000 # of Friend Donors: 8

04 Total: $3,993 # of Staff Donors: 10

05 Goal: $6,000 # of Staff Donors: 15

04 Total: $9,301 # of Trustee Donors: 7

05 Goal: $14,000 # of Trustee Donors: 14

04 Total: $13,386 # of Alumni Donors: 15

05 Goal: $55,000 # of Alumni Donors: 80

Dr Hendricks has asked the development office to target a goal of $100,000 for the 2005 Annual Fund. This allows UTS to fund increased academic staff and the educational resources needed to give students the best opportunity for growth and development.

5 Year Capital Campaign

This is based upon the UTS 5 Year Strategic Plan . This SP is revised and updated every year. The Capital Campaign will give UTS the resources to position itself for the next 10 years of growth.

The Campaign will be made public in June at the Alumni Reunion and 2005 Graduation, and will begin in September 2005, to celebrate the 30 th year of the first convocation of the Class of 1977

Board of Trustees

To help UTS maintain and recruit board members who are committed to the vision and mission, and who will successfully lead the financial capacity of UTS.

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