Take God’s Problems on Your Shoulders


New Students’ Dedication Ceremony

Each year, when the new students begin their classes at UTS, one evening is devoted to an official welcoming and dedication ceremony. This year, the 34 new students were welcomed by Student Body President Serge Brosseau who offered some thoughts on the mission of UTS.

"When Father came a few years ago he said that UTS was founded to revive Christianity and save America. In the past when students graduated, they became state leaders and worked with ministers and churches. Even though Christianity opposed Father in the past, he still loved and served Christianity. This year our graduates were sent to help establish newspapers in 30 countries. Did Father change? In the first 10 years, the mission of the Washington Times was to oppose communism but now the focus is morality and family values and personal responsibility which are the core of Christian values and spirit so Father may be using different tools but his purpose remains the same. As students, we may find many pressures on us - to study, raise funds, go out and Bless people. At times, we may not feel God. But still, once we have made up our minds, we have to commit ourselves and on that foundation we can experience the power of God in our lives."

After each student had signed the student code, President Shimmyo also offered some words of welcome:"Now that you are to be offered on the altar of God, I want to talk about the point which distinguishes our church from other religions. Usually people join a faith because they want their own problems to be resolved. What makes the Unification Church different is that you try to bring all problems to yourself, telling God that you will handle all these problems by your own hand! Tell Heavenly Father that you will never mind receiving all the problems of the world, all the problems of God even. Instead of giving problems to God, take God’s problems on your shoulders. The basic principle of the universe is the principle of give and take. First we have to offer ourselves unconditionally for the sake of God and then after that, the real power of God will come.

Already in my own life I have decided that throughout my entire life I will increase the amount of burdens on my shoulders. When I die at the age of 80, I want to die with the heaviest burdens of God on my shoulders. With that kind of attitude, you will be able to understand the love of God. You will constantly be in touch with the heart of God and you will shed tears, not for yourself but for the problems of the world that you are trying to solve. With that kind of heart, the world will be changed. I want all of you to inherit that kind of attitude from True Parents. Do not avoid problems but take them on as if they were your own.

Many years ago, Ignatius Loyola founded the Society of Jesus whose members were ready to die for the sake of the Pope. Students of UTS should have same attitude, being determined to be like God and the restoration process will then be quickened. In response to your signatures and your pledge on this occasion, I just wanted to mention this point. Thank you and God bless you all."