Exploring the Paraguay and Amazon Rivers


UTS chaplain Reverend Taek Yong Oh recently spent a month accompanying Father on a journey of exploration along the Paraguay and Amazon rivers. Much of the area which they explored along the two great rivers is virgin rain-forest which shows no evidence of man’s presence. Father’s plan, said Reverend Oh, is that some part of this area can be preserved as a place of encounter, where God and people and "all things" can meet in a "new Eden." Father sees the Amazon as a point of global unity and his plan for the river calls for representatives of 185 nations to settle along its banks at points which were selected during this journey.


For Reverend Oh, this journey was a profound experience which deeply affected his perception of the Founder. "This was a turning point in my understanding of True Father and his teaching" said Reverend Oh in a recent interview. "Father educated me many times," he said "and explained that in order to understand Father’s speeches, we have to begin with his suffering course.

Through knowing this course, we can reach a deeper understanding of Father’s words." After spending each day for four weeks in Father’s company, Rev. Oh reports that he could witness something of Father’s course by witnessing and experiencing Father’s daily life of total commitment and focus on the will of God. Throughout the month, Rev. Oh’s role was that of chronicler, recording all of the events and speeches. Knowing of his passion for this role, Father told him that if he wants to write a history of the Unification Movement, he must first understand the suffering course of indemnity which is its foundation. When he can understand and experience that course to the point of "wailing" in tears, then, said Father, he will be able to deeply understand and record that history.

During his visit to New Hope Farm in Brazil, Reverend Oh was happy to be able to share with the 23 graduates who are working there all of the inspirations and rich experiences of this unforgettable journey.