NEW BOOK: Explorations in Unificationism


HSA-UWC recently published a new book titled Explorations in Unificationism. It is a collection of essays by Unificationist scholars representing a wide variety of fields of study. It is edited by President Theodore Shimmyo and Dr. David Carlson of UTS who have been working on the project for several years.The essays range from Dr. Shimmyo’s "Unification Christology: A Fulfillment of Niceno-Chalcedonian Orthodoxy" to Dr. Elizabeth Colford’s "Towards A Unification Theory of Art and Beauty" and Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda’s "Genuine Monotheism and Inter-X Movements: H.R. Niebuhrian Analysis of the Unification Movement."

The book’s introduction includes the following comments: "The present volume comes to the reader in the hope that through these essays she or he may catch at least a glimpse, and hopefully an inspired vision, of the far-reaching implications of Unificationism and its applications. The essays vary considerably but they share one thing in common: they are all explorations in Unificationism or Unification thinking. Each author has attempted to relate Unification thinking to his/her respective academic area in order to develop and express it in terms of the conceptual horizons of biblical studies, theology, interreligious dialogue and encounter, philosophy, science and social science. Although the essence of Unificationism (which some might briefly describe as "true love") remains unchanged, the way in which it is expressed and applied to contemporary societies can (and should) change." Explorations in Unificationism is available at the UTS and HSA bookstores for $12.