Homeschool, Not Satanic Public Education


Unificationists will someday live in communities that have their own schools within walking distance from each home. And because they live in planned co-housing communities the children will not have to walk on dangerous sidewalks next to streets with cars. God wants safe private communities, not the brutal, insensitive communities government makes.

Since the 1960s America has gone through a terrible sexual revolution led by feminists in the media and academia. These 40 years have been a nightmare for God and True Parents to work in. Father loves education and is falsely accused by the majority of Americans as being anti-intellectual. How can former members like Hassan and Maxim not see what is in front of them? The UC has an accredited seminary in New York and a college in Connecticut. He constantly encourages members to go the school. He personally told the author of this book, Claire, to go to college when she talked to him at the age of 16.

What has he done that shows that he wants mindless zombies? Nothing. He wants moral and intelligent leaders. Many of the greatest minds of the 20th century have attended many conferences of many organizations of his that promote education. He is excited about the internet. No totalitarian leader in the world is interested in the internet and talks like he does. Yet Hassan keeps waiting for the day the poisoned kool-aid is brought out and everyone reenacts Jonestown. Hassan would say he is deceiving people? How? Because he doesn't name the organization Professors World Peace Academy with the name Unification Church? He has hundreds of organizations -- most of which he gives millions of dollars to support conferences for the intelligentsia of the world to talk to each other about world peace. What does he get for this? He is labeled a charlatan and Elmer Gantry -- a deceiver who only wants to buy friendship. He, of course, cares nothing for the truth and freedom. He is just a Hitler waiting for the day he will be in charge and then he will create concentration camps like Stalin and take away all freedom from the planet.

We hope that we can shed some light on who Rev. Moon is. Obviously the leaders of the UC have failed for the last 25 since Father came here to explain to America who he is. They have many reasons why they were unable to create a good image of Father and make the Divine Principle a household name. But the truth is that all these little emperors have no clothes on. They missed the boat, like just about everyone else did in the madness of the sexual revolution. The UC is fanatic about abstinence and pats themselves on the back. What they should be doing is being fanatics for patriarchy like the Mormons and Southern Baptists are doing. In fact, they should be even more strong. They should make news for saying that women are not supposed to compete with men in the workplace and church. We are doing so in our books. We are going after the root of the problem. It is depressing that members don't know what the root of sin is. It is the Fall. What is the Fall? It is the woman rejecting God's idea of patriarchy and embracing Satan's idea. The restoration is epitomized in the Three Day Ceremony in which the woman goes from being a feminist to a woman of traditional values.

This should be the core teaching in and out of the UC for members. Sadly, UC literature if filled with feminist statements along side some that are anti-feminist. There is no disconnect in our books. It is black and white. Satan doesn't like black and white. He likes the idea of God and him running the world -- with of course Satan continuing to be the main ruler. The good news is that there is now a backlash to the sickness of feminism. Some people are awakening to the insidiousness of feminism. One of Satan's strongholds is the schools. He has them in his pocket. Let's look at one of the best books exposing the feminist control of education.


The painful truth is that colleges today are dominated by Feminists and no worth going to when it comes to humanities. Roger Kimball in his excellent book Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education documents the decline in Ivy League schools that has inspired every other university to follow their paths to the feminist utopia.


He writes, "It is no secret that the academic study of the humanities in this country is in a state of crisis. Proponents of ... feminism studies, and other politically motivated challenges to the traditional tenets of humanistic study have by now become the dominate voice in the humanities departments of many of our best colleges and universities.

"Instead of reading the great works of the past, students watch movies, pronounce on the depredations of patriarchal society, or peruse second or third-rate works dear to their ideological cohort; instead of reading widely among primary texts, they absorb" junk. He says that colleges are now simply in the business of "ideological indoctrination." There is no education going on. It is now just "ideological posturing, pop culture, and hermetic word games." It is "not idle chatter" but "a concerted effort to attack the very foundation of the society that guarantees the independence of cultural and artistic life." Feminists, he writes, teach the youth of America "a blueprint for a radical social reformation that would revolutionize every aspect of social and political life, from the independent place we grant high culture within society to the way we relate to one another as men and women."


Roger KimballKimball says the state of education is tragic, "To those of my readers who may have heard of the developments I discuss but have not had occasion to become acquainted with them firsthand, I regret to report that the situation is far worse than they are ever likely to have imagined." Ditto for the situation of the UC.

Sending young people to places that spit on Helen Andelin and traditional family values is not what parents are supposed to do. Mrs. Nora Spurgin is with her husband at the UC's high school in Connecticut. Parents spend a lot of money to have their kids live away from for years on end to be with this woman who despises Fascinating Womanhood. Nora is a feminist career woman who is the worst kind of role model for UC children. Lately I heard Father told her to be with her husband. I hope she never leaves him so she won't continue to influence girls in the UC to think it is exciting to leave your home for an office and spend time at the United Nations and traveling around alone giving speeches about family thatRoger Kimball miss the very essence of what a family is. It is spiritually dangerous to send young people to secondary schools and college now because of the propaganda against the traditional family.

Second Generation Brainwashed by Nora and Friedan?

Have all the second generation in America been brainwashed and had feminist mind control done on them in and out of the UC? Or are they going to be part of the backlash? It seems folly to spend tens of thousands of dollars on college so that young people can be indoctrinated by Liberals. How can they respect their elders who have read extensively and teach their interpretation from Satan? How can they argue all alone in class? Perhaps there might be a Mormon in the class or some strong Christian who believes in patriarchy, but do they have the guts and knowledge and maturity at the age of 18 or 19 or 20 to argue Nora Spurginagainst a professor who grades them? It would be like an Oprah show when she brings on traditionalists to rile up the crowd. Unless a person is going to school for science or a trade, it is a waste of money and time for anyone to go to high school or college, even the University of Bridgeport, for a so-called education in the humanities. Even the UC seminary has had feminists that destroyed the minds of the leaders in the church. They don't know what hit them. Maybe this book and our other books will reach them. God hopes the leaders and members of the UC read and absorb the values we teach. This is not arrogance on my part. I am not a rebellious Cain. I are simply a messenger for God who has revealed to me that the leaders of the UC have no clothes on. I do not want to be a leader in the UC. I want the leaders to see how they have been duped, change their ways and jump-start this movement to begin to move.