Leane Payne -- Crisis in MasculinityLeane Payne writes in her book Crisis in Masculinity: "The major crisis today is with men. When men are healed, the healing of women will naturally follow. ... Very few men indeed are adequately affirmed as men today, and many are pathologically split off from their masculine side altogether. ... Much that is called emotional illness or instability today is merely the masculine or the feminine unaffirmed and out of balance within the personality."

Leane Payne -- Crisis in Masculinity

Sun Myung MoonShe says that in the past "the case of a man seriously split off from his masculine side and identity was at one time a pathological rarity." This is because feminism has demoralized and castrated men. She feels our culture will not be healed until men take godly leadership: "Until men are once again functioning in this vital capacity, women will continue to attempt to fill the gap in vain, and will continue to verbalize their pain and confusion."

Helen Andelin would disagree saying that women can often influence a man to take leadership by the wife acting feminine as she teaches in her book. Still, it is much easier when it is the man who initiates godly leadership. Either way, someone must get off Satan's merry-go-round and start living God's way of life. Hopefully, the mate will change. Even if he or she doesn't, the other must continue to live by God's laws.

Wisdom of the Ages

"There is, in short, an overwhelming amount of gender confusion in great numbers of men today. When men are healed, the pathway for the wholeness of women will be opened." For this healing to happen men and women need to understand that they are fundamentally different and complementary -- two halves of a whole. Homosexuality is not balance. God has dual characteristics -- a nature of polarity. "Elisabeth Elliot, in line with the best wisdom of the ages, states that 'the essence of masculinity is initiation and the essence of femininity is response.'"


In a chapter titled "The Polarity and Complementarity of the Sexes" Payne quotes the psychiatrist Karl Stern's book The Flight from Woman: "The sex organs and the sex cells manifest a polarity and complementarity in morphology and in function. In the act of sexual union the male organ is convex and penetrating and the female organ is concave and receptive, the spermatozoon is torpedo-shaped and 'attacks,' and the ovum is a sphere 'awaiting' penetration. That this polarity and complementariness should not be confined to the physical but also be reflected in the character of man and woman, is a view as old as history. As a matter of fact, in ancient religions and philosophies, sexual polarity and complementariness did not stop at the psychological. Human duality and human mating expressed an antithesis striving for synthesis unceasingly, eternally -- in an act of anticipation and restitution of unity. ... it is expressed in religions and philosophies widely separated in time and place.

Yin and Yang

"We find the idea clearly expressed in Taoism and in the Sohar, in the Upanishads and in Christianity. Events in nature and in human history are explained by two principles. In Taoism these are Yin -- the feminine which is calm, dark and receptive, and Yang -- the Korean flagmale which is active, light and generative. An eternal movement of reciprocity between the two is safeguarded by a higher principle of oneness, the Tao. The rich erotic mysticism of the Kabbala shows a striking resemblance to the Chinese tradition. Heaven is the male principle which, through the arms of the world, is in union with the earth as the womanly principle. Unity arises out of polarity." He goes on to name other cultures and religions from Christian to Assyrian that show the basic truth of polarity. This alone smashes the depraved concept of homosexuality and feminism.