Building A Principled Family Life - A Study in Seven Sessions for Small Groups - Henri Schauffler

Group Agreement

1. We are a __________________ group. (Type of group)

2. The purpose of our group is: ______________________________________________________________

3. We will meet on the following day of the week: _________________ and we will meet from _______ to ______, and will start and end on time.

4. We will meet at ___________________________________.

5. We agree to the following primary values for our group.

* Priority – we will give the group meetings priority in our lives

* Participation – we respect one another, and there is no such thing as stupid or uninteresting comments or questions

* Confidentiality – Anything of a personal nature that is said in a meeting is never repeated outside the meeting.

* Open / Closed (circle one) meeting –

6. Group Structure Facilitator: ________________________ Host: _____________________ (if applicable) Apprentice Facilitator ______________________________

Signed: Date:

____________________________________________________ _____________________

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