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I have carefully read the following list of do's and don'ts. I accept these as my values and feel they are God's true values and therefore, are universal values for all mankind.

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Date _______________________________________

Below are some pledges that our family has made and signed. We believe that every person and every family should make detailed dos and don'ts and punishments in value statements and sign them. We would be interested in hearing from you about my pledges or how you made yours.

Our first pledge is a general pledge. The rest are a repeat of the pledges given at the end of each chapter in our book.

General Pledge

I pledge to not do the following things:

Free sex
Selfish, greedy (from God's view)
Negative addictions of any kind
Anger and temper (sometimes, be in control)
Pity party
Compare with others
Act irrationally, strangely, stupidly 
Bad manners
Racially prejudiced
Robbery, stealing
Lie (except when kidnapped by deprogrammers,  tortured. Be careful 
about little white lies)
Irrational violence
Debt - house only.  Work to pay off within 7 years or less.  Parents should give children a debt-free house when they marry.
Cold Prickly atmosphere in our homes
Sexual Abuse
Laziness - word, thought or deed (be careful on judging others)
Eating bad food such as candy bars, donuts, pizza, dairy such as ice cream
Gluttony (misuse of food, fast food, anorexia, bulimia)
Betray confidences
Swearing (obviously maybe. Never take the Lord's name in vain)
Suicide (in war give your life)
Alcohol (very rare occasions in public settings, do not bring into our homes)
Drug Addiction
Gambling (be disciplined - stay within your budget)
Extreme moodiness, depression, boredom, weak demeanor, or excessive grief
Divorce (it happens, but God hates divorce)


Punishment for doing the above:  If anyone in our home or community violates the letter or the spirit of the laws we live by, they will have to leave the community and can return when they have shown they demonstrate they can live according to this general pledge.  We will have the spirit of forgiveness and love.  Some wrong things can be done and we can give a warning.  Sometimes we can give several warnings.  But some offenses are so great that the person must leave -- by force if necessary.  We can be patient over some people's shortcomings and give warnings, but if a pattern develops and the person is unable to overcome Satan's attacks and get in control of his or her emotions or addictions, then he or she may be asked to leave until they show they have grown spiritually enough to overcome their fallen nature and genuinely apologize and will work to restore trust.  These are case by case situations.  The Patriarch will have the last word if there is not enough consensus when the group uses democracy to decide. 

 I pledge to do the following things: 

Love God by being leaders who inspire and motivate others to help build the ideal world
Believe in and be absolutely committed to the Divine Principle
Absolute sex
Have guts and strength to overcome all obstacles and gain victory for God
Have a normal, wholesome, healthy, positive, outgoing, well-rounded, pleasant, warm and confident personality
Always wear clothes that are neat and tasteful
Ten Commandments
Save money, disciplined
Organized, neat - everything in its place
Team player
Pure, Godly, moral, virtuous lifestyle
Religious life
Workaholic and still lead a balanced life
Schedule the right amount of special time for each person you love
Daily review my written goals
Daily review these written values that I have signed as my code and rules of behavior
Persevere, strong, endurance, unstoppable -- like a rock
Read and study to be educated
Pray everyday
Excellence and serving in our work
Build a large successful family
Build a spiritual cohousing community that shows God's way of life to others
Defend America and nations attacked by Cain forces.
Influence politicians and other leaders in all areas of life to restore the values that the Founding Fathers had of maximum freedom in laissez-faire capitalism
Exercise and stretch everyday
Eat wholesome food -- such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat, whole grain, fish, soy products
Warm fuzzy atmosphere in our homes
Forgive and love our enemies


I understand that there are exceptions to rules, but they are rare and must be done only if we deeply feel God would condone the behavior.

Signed _______________________________________

Date _________________________________________ 

1.  Patriarchy Pledge

By divine design, men are to lead women. I believe in the traditional, Biblical roles of men and women that are the opposite of communism's belief in androgynous, unisex interchanging of men and women. Knowing this I will fight such perversions as homosexuality by hating the sin and loving and praying for the sinner. Satan has ruled with a vengeance, turning everything upside down, making men weak and women disorderly. I pledge to teach the value of men being the final decision makers in the home and in society.

I believe a man should not be afraid to make final decisions.  He is to work hard to accomplish the goals he has set for his family -- the most important being that they are absolutely united on God's values and virtues.  I believe Aubrey Andelin's book Man of Steel and Velvet has many good points.  Elder men should mentor younger men and boys.

Every woman is to be an obedient, subservient wife -- to be emotionally disciplined, live peacefully and follow with a good and respectful attitude. She will reverence her husband and not question his final decisions, even though she may feel God has told her he is wrong. I understand that others have to correct him -- not the wife (in the case of final decisions.) Women must create an organized house that has a peaceful atmosphere where each person is in harmony with each other. Titus 2:3-5 is correct in saying that elder women should teach younger women and girls.

Children should have filial piety.  They should honor parents who strive to live by the values taught in the Divine Principle.  Principled parents strive to have large families and give quality love to each one because they want their children to become champions of God who are in harmony with their brothers and sisters and fearless in the face of Satanic opposition. 

Signed ___________________________________________

Date _____________________________________________ 

2.  Protect Pledge

I believe that men are to protect women and will work to restore men as protectors of their families and their nation.  I will teach the Godly roles of men protecting women and children. I will fight Satan who teaches the evil ideology of feminism that says women should compete with men, even going so far as women using the courts and legislature to force men to put them in the military, police and fire departments. Men must set up their households so that women can stay home with their children secure in the man's protection.  This will bring back chivalry and harmony in the home.

Signed _______________________________________

Date ________________________________________________ 

3.  Provide Pledge

A man is to earn enough money to keep his family comfortable with the basics of life. A woman job is be a full-time homemaker. She is to provide by being an excellent housewife, caretaker for the elderly, and teacher in homeschool.

 Signed ___________________________________


4.  Purity Pledge

I pledge to be sexually pure. I believe that purity is the foundation of the ideal world. We are on a crusade for traditional, Biblical values.



5.  Pals Pledge

I will stretch to love not only my family, but at least two other families as much as my own. If a man or woman dies in my trinity, I will take care of that family by being there in person and spiritually for the spouse and children. Trinities should live next to other trinities and as much as possible the men should have businesses near by the cohousing communities that are privately owned. Families should try to live as extended families with the grandfather as patriarch.

Signed ____________________________________________

Date ________________________________________ 

6.  Proselytize Pledge

To accomplish the building of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in spirit world where the three blessings are fulfilled, each person has the sacred duty to witness and successfully convert our lost brothers and sisters to Godism. The best way to witness is by our example. And the best example of showing God's ideal world is to build a community of trinities where a guest can come to dinner and experience God's atmosphere of safety and love.

I pledge to be excited everyday about our mission to make and distribute books, tapes and videos that the average child and adult can watch at home and understand the truth that will set them free. Each person has to do the simple everyday things like floss their teeth, change diapers, and earn money. But the number one thing we are called to do is teach this hurting world God's love and truth so they can come to know  joy and true love.  We have hope because we have the truth that will set mankind free. I pray for God's guidance to accomplish these written goals that will someday happen.

Signed ________________________________________________


7.  Positivity Pledge

I pledge to have a positive mental attitude (pma), to be optimistic and to be goal oriented.  This is truly a "Day of Hope."  Men should listen to motivational tapes and watch motivational videos by great teachers of personal growth.  God wants us to be successful.

The key factor to success is a happy marriage, family and community.  Women should study and learn from women who teach how to be successful in their career of being a homeworker.  Men should study and learn from men who teach how to be successful in their career of being a patriarch at home, their career in the marketplace and their duty to be or help leaders in society such as in politics and organizations that advance society to be Godly.

I look forward to the inevitable Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  I pledge to work to make it come as soon as possible.  I will do as motivational speakers teach and not get angry,  fearful and argumentative.  If I make mistakes, no matter how great, I will persevere for victory of our mission to teach and convert this world to God's ideology.  I will work hard, hard, hard and not do bookkeeping on what I have given.  I will accentuate the positive and look for the good.  We need to be patient.  It will take time before everything is restored.  Until then, I will not let any obstacles stop me from fulfilling my dreams, the dreams and goals of our clan and from helping God fulfill His dream of an ideal world.


Signed __________________________________________________

Date ___________________________________________________ 

8.  Physique Pledge

I understand my body is a temple, and I promise to never abuse it with drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  I will also be physically fit and trim by eating proper food and drink.  I pledge to exercise to keep my body in top shape. I will keep my total blood cholesterol below 150 or keep my ratio as taught by Dr. Castelli at 4 or less.  I will take a food supplement at every meal such as a multiple vitamin, multiple mineral, calcium, and vitamin E.

Signed _____________________________________________


9.  Prosperity Pledge

I promise to teach as many people as I can about the wonders of limited government and laissez-faire capitalism. Socialism must be fought with every ounce of our energy. This means I must be bold and courageous to stand up to those who turn to coercive government to organize mankind. That means I must have the guts to stand up in a peaceful way to those in my own country and church that now disparages libertarian economics.

I will be a politician or help free market politicians to reduce the government to where it just does what it is supposed to do -- police, armed forces and courts.  Governments must be debt-free.  Elected officials should have term limits and not receive any salary.  Government service is not a career.

The ideal world will be absolutely voluntary, and I look forward to a beautiful, prosperous world where every person can fulfill their creativity in a pure free enterprise economy.

Signed ____________________________________________


10.  Power Pledge

I promise to become a powerful person. James 5:16 says," The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective." I will be a righteous person who has powerful prayers that are effective in moving spirit world and this world to accept the Divine Principle and live God's way of life. Every person needs to be educated on how to use power wisely -- from government power of military and police to the importance of decentralizing power to men as patriarchs in their home. The State must return to the libertarian principle of being a limited government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Pacifists and other weak people must be taught that we must be strong physically and spiritually, work hard and be willing to suffer and, if necessary, die for freedom when Satan's forces attack God's side. We must fight those who would hurt our family, our neighbors, our country, our God. We are hawks, not doves, militarily. We believe in an aggressive foreign policy and actively support efforts to make each nation an efficient democracy.