I believe Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the greatest man who has ever lived. He is the greatest teacher with the greatest vision. God has revealed to him the answers to the fundamental questions of life such as the nature of God, how evil came into the world and the formula for restoring mankind to an ideal world where there is peace on earth and every person is happy.

The basic philosophy and revelations of Rev. Moon are written in the Divine Principle. I have written a summary of those teachings I call The Divine Principle In Plain Language. You can read the entire book at This book, Ten Keys to Building the Unified Ideal World, is a continuation of that book in which I go into more detail in explaining the spiritual laws revealed by Rev. Moon. We learn in the Divine Principle that God's plan was for mankind to live in a perfectly harmonious kingdom of heaven on earth. He gave mankind three blessings: to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion over the earth. Fruitful means we are to grow to moral perfection and be an absolutely god-centered individual. Multiply means we are to create absolutely god-centered marriages and families and the whole world would be one huge family that would treat each other as loving brothers and sisters. Adam and Eve would have been the first true parents. Dominion means that mankind would build a world of truth, beauty and goodness in which every person received everything they needed for their physical and spiritual growth.

Obviously this did not happen. Rev. Moon reveals for the first time what happened in the garden of Eden. Satan, a fallen angel, deceived Adam and Eve, and he became the ruler of this world. The Divine Principle tells God's testimony of how He has been working ever since to regain control. God's method of working has been to reveal His truths in progressive stages to key individuals which we can call central figures, heroes or God's champions. These messengers are almost always attacked because Satan wants people to see them as a germ that must be eradicated. Mankind often does not see through God's eyes. We are ignorant of Satan and usually judge God's messenger's incorrectly as being satanic and dangerous. It has been painful for God to see his champions persecuted, especially his greatest messenger, Jesus, who was the messiah. Tragically he was murdered before he could reveal enough truth to save mankind. Rev. Moon has been given the truth from God, Jesus and saints in the spirit world that will set mankind finally free of Satan.

Rev. Moon is famous for marrying people. He is in the Guinness Book of Records as having married more people than anyone in history. To date the number is into the hundreds of thousands! He and his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon have had fourteen children. Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the first True Parents of mankind. Out of respect and love we call Rev. and Mrs. Moon "Father and Mother." I will call them by these names for the rest of the book. They are the pioneer couple to begin the building of the kingdom of heaven on earth. True Parents are precious beyond words. They teach and live by God's principles. God wants each of us to listen to them, study their words and emulate their life of love and service.

Father has loved and sacrificed more than any man who has ever lived and earned the right to be the messiah, the savior of the world. Since he started his movement in 1954, he has given thousands of speeches. For the last 25 years I have been reading and rereading some of those speeches. His primary focus is marriage and family. For this reason I will begin this book with five chapters on some of the insights he gives on the Second Blessing. This will be followed by three chapters on the First Blessing and then two chapters on the Third Blessing.

Father teaches fundamental truths. He is only one person and so cannot say everything there is about any one aspect of life. Some of what he speaks about is brand new, things mankind has never heard before. He also emphasizes truths that have been revealed to others over time, and we should live by those truths. Some of them, for instance, are in the Bible. God speaks through many people and Father wants us to study their books and writings and lifestyle to learn the truths God has revealed through them. Father loves education and has even founded schools, universities and seminaries. He wants us to write also and express the truths and insights we have received. Some members of his movement have written articles and books. In this book we will look at quotes from Father, Unification Church members, and other writers throughout history.

Because Satan is the god of this world, he has inspired his central figures, his heroes, his champions to write his diabolical teachings. Human history is a battle of ideas that often leads to battles in war. Unfortunately, God's voice is often drowned out by Satan's. But as we see in the Divine Principle God has been progressively giving more truth and mankind has grown intellectually and spiritually by learning from books that are more god-centered. Satan has also progressively given his falsehoods until we have the epitome of his truth in books by such evil men as Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Adolf Hitler. The result of their teachings is such nations as the former Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and today's North Korea.

God spoke through his champions such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. The result of their teachings is the freedoms we have in the United States of America.

The difference between these men are as great as the difference between Cain and Abel. And we know that Cain killed Abel. Satan was on the side of Cain, and God was on the side of Abel. And likewise Satan was behind the Soviet Union, and God is behind America. The difference between God's champions and Satan's champions is the difference between black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. When we read Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln we see a religion of love. When we read Marx, Engels and Hitler we see a religion of hate. Even though America is a predominately Christian nation, Washington spoke out against bigotry towards other religions, especially minority religions such as Judaism. Marx wrote of his anti-Semitism. Hitler also wrote of his hatred of the Jews in his angry, mean-spirited book Mein Kampf and then murdered an unfathomable number of six million Jews in a period of a few years.

The fundamental truths of the universe are laws. We all know that the earth is round because of the law of gravity. And we know that if we violate that law we will suffer. If we step off a cliff we will fall to our death. God has also made laws of human relationships. If we violate them we suffer. God does not use force to get us to live by these values. He did not force Adam and Eve to not eat the fruit in the garden of Eden. Satan initiates force. He inspired Cain to kill his brother, and mankind has been killing each other ever since.

Our situation is like that of a captain of a battleship who saw a light in his path. He radioed ahead to command the ship to move away. The message came back commanding him to move away. The captain became angry and radioed again and said "Move away immediately. I am a battleship!" The message came back saying "I am a lighthouse!" The captain has two choices. If he disobeys, he will crash and probably die. God gave Adam and Eve a commandment. They had two choices and did not chose wisely. Mankind has been in hell ever since. We each have the responsibility to choose correctly.

There are rules in games, and there are rules in life. If we play within the rules we experience freedom, creativity, beauty and joy. Within the rules of basketball we can enjoy Michael Jordan's special unique talents. Within the boundaries of laws we can all express our individuality and have a good time. Rules give order. Without them we have chaos.

The following chart will show that we have two choices to make. Either we listen and obey God's messengers and rules or Satan's messengers and rules:

 In the next chapter we will begin looking at the fundamental rules or laws that all marriages must live by if they are to be happy. The most important one is principled leadership.

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