Communism: A New Critique And Counterproposal
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Today, unlike any time before, it is urgently necessary to save mankind from the evils of Communism. It is true that the International Federation for Victory over Communism has been greatly contributing to the movement for Victory over Communism, by formulating the "Theory of Victory over Communism" which can defeat the Communist theories, and by informing the masses at home and abroad. Because the internal and external situation becomes more intense each day, a powerful drive for Victory over Communism is needed. Those who work directly for the Victory over Communism movement, express the need to strengthen their theoretical armaments.

Moreover, in order to fulfill the historical mission given to us, the Divine Principle, the Theory of Victory over Communism, and Unification Thought have come to be regarded as a theoretical system which is as inseparable as the Trinity.

With such a great amount of information to master, one major goal of the VOC program is to enable beginners to quickly and easily grasp the essence of Communism: a Critique and Counterproposal, the major textbook of VOC theory.

This booklet was published to fill this necessity. Its contents were gathered from lectures in seminars for Victory over Communism, so it contains the gist of Communism.- a Critique and Counterproposal. My experiences with seminars have led me to believe that this booklet will greatly help those who are interested in the movement for Victory over Communism in their study of the Theory of Victory over Communism.

I pray for your health.
the author
March 10, 1975

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