The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Husbands

May 1, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session V: God, True Parents And True Children

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
Now we are coming to the last session of today's conference here in this beautiful country. We pray that the same quality of heart and content can be within us, now, as when we began.
I pray that these second selves and chosen ones, who belong to You and to the True Parents, can work together. They all need each other. They have to be able to see themselves within You and within the True Parents. They need to realize that they are sons and daughters coming from the one womb of God.
Heavenly Father, You are one God and one Father who exists within all Your creation. Therefore, I pray that today we can truly become what Adam and Eve should have been. I pray that we can restore what was lost throughout human history. We can speed up and reach that level of growth tonight and become Your loving sons. I offer this prayer m humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

God likes to see His dual characteristics of Masculinity and Femininity perfectly manifested on earth, centering on His Word. The True Parents are the example of this. True Parents are indeed victorious. That is why God is in True Parents and they are in God. God wants to embrace True Parents, who have demonstrated a life centering everything absolutely, unconditionally and willingly on Him.

Jesus said, "Who are my mother, sister and brother? Those who follow the Will of my Father in heaven are my mother, sister and brother." True Parents have followed God's Will and have accomplished more than anyone. The True Children are the living testimony of the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, the truth of Adam and Eve would have been seen within their children. Adam and Eve would have demonstrated the heart and love of True Parents, and their children would have led their lives centered on God. Abraham became a forefather because Isaac lived the example he saw in his parents. Isaac became a forefather because Jacob lived the example he saw in his parents. Jacob challenged and overcame hell, both spiritually and physically, and Joseph was born on that foundation. Therefore, Jacob is also a forefather. True Parents have gone through so much to indemnify all the failures in the dispensation. The True Children are following the suffering path of their parents. God lives within the True Parents who have sacrificed themselves for each one of you. So if you fail to understand and follow them, you will be the failure, not True Parents. If you cannot see what they have done for you and me, then you are blind. It you cannot hear the truth of the True Parents, you are deaf.

The sound of who the True Parents are is now coming from the True Children. Similarly, the sound of Abraham was heard from Isaac, and the sound of Isaac was heard from Jacob. Moses testified to Jacob, and Joshua and Caleb testified to Moses. Finally, Jesus testified to John the Baptist and the sound of Jesus was echoed through Paul. Therefore, you too must understand and inherit the heart of True Parents. Certainly God understands the role of the True Parents very well. Therefore, He can never let their path be violated. Whenever the center of goodness exists, God is there. If you stand for the truth, you will always be supported. So True Parents receive support from the True Children, second selves, chosen ones and all central figures in the dispensation.

True Parents have accomplished what all these historical people lived and died for. These forefathers understand the value of True Parents and that is why they absolutely support them. These historical figures are also the children of True Parents. They pursued the same goal in life, which was to see True Parents and True Children existing on earth. This foundation had never existed in history because of the fall.

I do not want to talk about what True Father has gone through. I just want to unite with the heart of True Parents. So I want all of you to unite with True Parents, always living within them and they within you. That is how we are meant to live. Adam and Eve were to dwell within God and God within them forever. True Parents are dwelling in my heart and I am dwelling in the heart of True Parents. My heart is such that I want to see myself dwelling in God and God dwelling in me. So, you as the children of True Parents must have the same standard. That is truly a life of being responsible, and that is how the True Children are living.

Jacob was sent away by his parents into an unknown land to destroy hell. Moses, being God's champion in the palace, was sent away by God to lead the Israelites. John the Baptist, Jesus and Paul were all sent out by God to guide the people. True Parents were also sent out by God to be responsible to fulfill His Will. Would you like True Parents to send you out to fulfill God's Will? Are you ready to go, even to an unknown place? You, as second selves and chosen ones, must give all your heart and love to God and True Parents. Can you keep that standard every day? Or do you feel that you want to live on your own and keep everything for yourself?

Surely, if you give everything for God and True Parents, you also have to be prepared to be kicked around on the front line. I never run away from any difficulties or ordeals because I live for the sake of God. I will go through anything and everything which God and True Parents ask of me. You must also have such commitment. Then you will become a True Child.

We Are All The Children Of True Parents

A True Child dedicates his heart and original mind absolutely, unconditionally and willingly to God and True Parents. So do not say to yourself, "I am not a child of True Parents. I cannot overcome this hardship." You are a child of True Parents. When I was in the spirit world, I told all the forefathers that they are the children of True Parents. I told Buddha, "You are also a child of True Parents." So even Buddha is determined to offer his absolute support. If anyone is confused about who and what the True Parents are, tell them the best way to understand True Parents is through the True Children. If an opportunity arises, we would be happy to share with them. If they wanted to know who True Children are, explain it to them as I have explained it to you. If they receive your words, they will become part of the kingdom. Please, understand that the realm of the True Parents has to be strengthened spiritually, intellectually, and physically. This is now being done by the True Children. I do not want to talk about difficulties. Problems should only bring hope, and they even clarify how to center on God and True Parents.

On Children's Day we, the True Children, were with True Parents. We were gathered quietly in a small room and Father began to speak. He said, "Because of my suffering, the world has grace and blessing." When I realized this, I thought about how much has to be accomplished for Heavenly Father and True Parents. Therefore, we, the True Children, never say that we have brought a blessing to this world because we know clearly that it came from the suffering of True Parents and God's absolute support. So go and tell the people that God absolutely supports True Parents' path. Tell them that we bear witness to that, so they must understand.

Be a child of the True Parents. You must know that you will follow True Parents throughout your whole life. We all must be seen centering on God and True Parents. Because God is one, we are one. Even though God has projected His dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity into mankind, we, as men and women, are one because God is one.

You have to understand that from now on we are living within the realm of the kingdom of heaven. So you have to graduate quickly. When people ask you, "What is the realm of the kingdom of heaven?" you can reply, "That is where we are living and it is the place where people are absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible centering on True Parents and the Word of God." Therefore, from now on I want to see you applying truth, love and beauty in your life. I want to see you standing as a man of value and a true child of Heavenly Father and True Parents.

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
Now we conclude this conference, seeing ourselves within You and within our True Parents. When You created Adam and Eve You expected them to become True Parents. The pathway, for which You have been longing, could finally emerge. It has been built upon the realm of True Parents and True Children.
Our True Parents have already fulfilled their portion of responsibility and now is the time when we, the True Children, will fulfill our portions of responsibility. Please do not worry. We know where we stand, where we are headed and we will just go ahead. We offer all these second selves and chosen ones to You, including all things and the entire spirit world.
During these 21 days when the International Jacob's Course Conference is taking place, much has been accomplished. These 21 days have brought tremendous hope and a deep understanding towards Your Will throughout the whole world. We have held this conference in order to pass the Word to mankind so that man can be seen centering on the Word. Jacob demonstrated his understanding of Your heart and love during those 21 years. Moses led the Israelites, but they fell. However, today we want to demonstrate the same heart as Jacob, and with even more determination. We pray that we can exceed his standard and that within the dispensation of restoration we become true sons whom You can trust forever centering on You and True Parents.
Heavenly Father, we have celebrated the victory of reclaiming wealth from the satanic world during these 21 days. Also we have mobilized all historical central figures and the entire spirit world to be the main spiritual power to protect the realm of Heavenly Father and True Parents. We will go forward to bring accomplishments in our life for You and the True Parents.
I pray this in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

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