The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Husbands

May 1, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session IV: Inheriting The Heart Of God, True Parents And The Forefathers

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
Our hearts and original minds are filled with Your presence and we exist within Your absolute and unchanging spirit. You were there long before we were created. You are truly eternal.
You are our Subject and we are Your objects. You have projected Your dual characteristics of Original Masculinity and Original Femininity into us, creating man and woman. You wanted us to truly reflect Your nature.
However, man became irresponsible and could not reflect Your nature. Therefore today, mankind is going through the course of restoration through indemnity. Through human history Your truth has been on earth, but it has never been taken by man. I pray that these second selves and chosen ones can discover who they are through this conference. I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

God is a God who relates to His creation. No matter how irresponsible man has been in his vertical give and take with God, He has never ceased to relate to man. However, you must realize that it is your portion of responsibility to maintain this give and take action. God initiated the action of give and take with Adam, Eve and Lucifer. We can see this from the fact that he related to them before the fall, as well as after. He also related to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, by sending Noah to them.

God always relates with His objects, but man's response has been missing. Therefore, you must be responsible to create a correlative base and exist within a give and take relationship with the living God. God has been maintaining His constancy. If He ever stopped initiating give and take with man because of man's failure to respond, He would not be absolute and unchanging.

Until the time of Noah, man had failed to respond to God. Noah responded to God and built a vertical relationship with Him through the Word. You can only relate to God through the Word. Abraham separated himself from his father, Terah, because he knew that his father did not have a relationship with God. He responded to God's call because he understood the suffering of the people and how much God loved mankind. Have you separated yourself from your 'Terah? Some of you are still under the influence of Terah. By this term, I do not mean your father or your parents. Terah symbolizes a person who embodies satanic influence. You have so much to separate from before you can relate to God and True Parents. Can you be like Abraham?

Abraham responded to God and indemnified Ham's failure, thus restoring the lost ark. How did he accomplish that? Noah had children and servants. Similarly, for Abraham to rebuild the ark, he needed spiritual children. So he witnessed to his father's servants, who became his spiritual children or children of heart. They loved Abraham as though he was their own father. When Abraham told them that they had to leave Terah, they agreed to follow him. Abraham took cattle from Terah, just as Noah had taken animals into the ark. Abraham also took gold and everything else that could have been found in Noah's ark.

Abraham united with the Word of God. Are you united with God's Word? What would you do if God asked you to separate from your parents; to make the servants your spiritual children, to take animals and to destroy idols? To destroy idols means to destroy evil. Would you demonstrate the same faith as Abraham? Abraham demonstrated that faith because he found God living within him. However, some time later, God told Abraham to make an offering, but he failed. Spiritual darkness came over him and he could no longer see God. He could not relate to God, but he recognized that God was still relating to him. God even asked him directly, "What have you done?" God was approaching man just as when he asked Adam, "Where are you?" Abraham had gone to sleep after ordering servants to prepare the offering. But they did it in the wrong way.

Do you think I can sleep and trust you to do everything in the correct way? I have seen that even when I give you simple instructions, you fail to follow them. You repeat the failure of Abraham and your mind fills with darkness. So, you have to focus on the Word of God. Like Abraham, your responsibility is to center yourself on the Word and live a life of offering. You are the central figure who must make an offering during a specific time period. Then you must make the foundation of substance. Have you ever considered these points? You can only offer yourself to God by being obedient to the Word. That is what God expected Abraham to do. God can never proceed to work at a higher level if a person is not obedient to the Word.

Abraham failed in the first offering and later failed again by sleeping with Hagar. Would you be tempted to sleep with another woman if your wife could not have children? Would you be tempted by Hagar and say, "Let me try this woman," or "Let me try this chosen one"? If you have these feelings, do you shift the blame to your wife?

Would you like to sleep with a prostitute? Do you feel your wife is not good enough for you? Are you attracted more by other women? When a beautiful young chosen one serves you in a nice way, will you compare her with your wife? Would you want to take her? There will always be other sisters around you, but you must remember that your wife is your eternal mate. When I came back, some of you had confessed that you had fallen. You should not even have the tendency to fall. That is prohibited by heavenly law and order. Be a man of heavenly law.

Even A Small Thing Can Become Your Isaac

Abraham fell with Hagar and Ishmael was born. But Sarah laid conditions so that God could continue working with Abraham's family. Then God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Would you be able to obey God's order and take your son to the land of Mori ah to offer him? Could you convince your wife to unite with you and obey God? If you faced such a trial of faith, you would most likely run away from God, doubting that He even gave you those instructions. You would probably think, "How could God ask me to do such a crazy thing?" You may say you can do that now, but tomorrow you may change your mind. A very small thing can prevent you from following God. That is your 'Isaac'. Some people say "Yes" to God, but they really mean "No" because they never do what they say. You must change that attitude. You will not get anywhere without sacrificing your Isaac. If you were Isaac, and God said to you today that you had to go and be sacrificed, would you say, "Yes, Heavenly Father!" Or, would you say, "I am not feeling well today, maybe I can be the sacrifice tomorrow?"

If your national representative asked you to do something in your province, would you just follow him unconditionally, like Isaac? If you could do that 100 percent, you would be perfect and our kingdom would already be perfect. So the problem is that you have not been following Isaac's example.

I always follow True Parents like Isaac followed his parents because I understand Isaac's heart. Adam was supposed to follow God, and Ham was supposed to follow Noah. Isaac was the first to demonstrate the standard of following and uniting with his father. Noah's sacrificial offering was the ark. But, did Ham unite with his father and offer his own ark of goodness? Was he ready to sacrifice himself for his father? Are you a sacrifice or not? Your answer will determine your identity.

One evening when I was with True Father and True Mother, Father gave me instructions to go and take care of my responsibility and asked me if I could leave right away, even though it was midnight. I did not hesitate. Another time, God asked me if I could make a difficult 40 day condition. I replied, "Yes, I can do it. Isaac has already done it and I can certainly surpass Isaac." After 40 days, Isaac came to me and said, "Well done!"

Can you surpass the standard of Isaac? Can you do so well that historical figures would come to you and say, "Well done!"? Do you think True Parents do not know where I am and what I am doing? They know very well. Do you think Abraham did not understand his son, Isaac? Do you think Isaac did not know his father's background? Because they understood each other, God could stop Abraham when he was about to sacrifice Isaac. God did not need to ask Isaac to sacrifice himself again because he had victoriously united with his father. Can you unite with your True Parents the same way Isaac united with his parents?

Isaac also protected his parents. Do you want to protect True Parents? Were you protecting True Parents when I came back? If you were, there would not have been any need for confession. So, do your best to make a new start. I am giving you one more chance. Please understand that from now on you have to be a true Isaac. Isaac was loyal and obedient to his parents. Therefore, Isaac gained the trust of his parents and God. On that foundation, he could move forward.

Of course, this cooperation between parents and children would have originally happened in Adam's family, if they had become perfect. Their children would have reached perfection by following their parents' example. That co-operation would have even continued after Adam and Eve went into the spirit world. Their children would have also come down to earth and helped their descendants understand God and their parents on a higher level. Returning resurrection would have been eternally effective for bringing substantial growth.

Just as Isaac knew his father's heart, he also knew his mother's background and what she had demonstrated before God. He inherited his parents' understanding of God. Can you follow True Parents and inherit their understanding of God or do you center on your own viewpoint? Isaac saw God in his parents, and Abraham and Sarah also saw God in Isaac. Abraham could have become the first ancestor because Isaac could inherit his deep understanding of God.

Can you become a forefather? Do you want to have a child who will inherit your standard like Isaac inherited his father's? Then you have to absolutely give yourself to God and True Parents, no matter how difficult your circumstances may be. Do not deviate, but follow in their footsteps. To the extent that you follow God's footsteps, someone else will surely follow yours tomorrow. Isaac was followed by his son Jacob, because he had set an example of following his fathers footsteps.

Blessing Belongs To Those Who Are Responsible

Suppose you were Isaac and you had sons like Jacob and Esau. What would you do if God told you, "Jacob I love and Esau I hate"? By this, God was telling Isaac that he had to give the blessing to Jacob. Rebecca supported Jacob and helped him gain the blessing because she understood God's Will. Do you feel concerned for the fulfillment of God's Will or are you Esau who thought, "I do not want anyone to tell me what to do." I do not want to see Esau's nature in you, but there are still many of you who have that character. That is truly Lucifer's nature. Jacob lived in obedience to God and his parents. If he were here today, he would certainly live in unity with God and True Parents, and he would do exactly what God and True Parents would want him to do.

After Isaac gave the blessing to Jacob, Esau got angry at Jacob and sought to kill him. Rebecca warned Jacob of the danger and helped him flee to his uncle, Laban. Esau then mobilized his fathers soldiers to chase Jacob, but they could not find him and turned back. When Jacob arrived at his uncle's house, he was not well received. He was even deceived ten times. He worked as a shepherd for 14 years to win Rachel, internally keeping his integrity and dignity as a prince of God. That heavenly dignity and pride helped him endure all his ordeals and hardships. Can you follow a path like Jacob's? Can you understand what made Jacob who he was?

Jacob was not discouraged when Laban deceived him because he was confident that he would be a victor. He was not even discouraged when, after having worked for so many years, Laban told him, "You have to take Leah, not Rachel." Would you be able to accept that situation? Or would you say, "I will fight Laban until he gives me what I want! There is no room for negotiation. I will let my fists speak for me! Peace will be secured only after my victory!"? That is exactly Lucifer's nature and also Cain and Esau's.

By accepting Leah, Jacob indemnified Abraham's expulsion of Hagar from his family. Also Sarah's failure of not being able to love Hagar was indemnified by Rachel. Though Sarah gained the favor of God and protected His Will, it was a mistake that she did not love Hagar and that had to be indemnified. Do you understand how difficult it is to fulfill God's Will? Would you be able to accept the humiliation of being kicked around for 14 years? Everyone wants to see himself as a respected person. Jacob also wanted to see his own true identity before God and fulfill God's expectation of him. He understood that he had to indemnify past failures. Therefore, Jacob inherited the heart of his forefathers.

Noah successfully built the ark alone, even though it took him so many years. Abraham also continued to have faith in God's promise for so many years without having a child, but he achieved victory. Jacob knew that his father Isaac had offered himself as a sacrifice and had followed his parents with unquestioning faith. Therefore, Jacob inherited the same attitude of filial piety. Jacob could offer himself to God by understanding and inheriting the heart of Abel, Noah, Abraham and Isaac. By Jacob following his fathers footsteps, Isaac could be qualified as a forefather.

If you had a clear picture of the dispensation of restoration throughout human history, you would quietly go on this path with absolute, unconditional and willing determination. That is why I always say, "Be responsible, work quietly, accomplish quickly and above all, have hope." You must live within God's dispensation and within the merit of hope which has been created for you by the past historical figures. To do that, you can follow the example of Jacob's course.

The Forefathers Smote Evil, Restored Children And Creation

Jacob had to destroy the evil within Laban. With the help of God he destroyed hell by taking everything away from his uncle. When he left Haran, he brought with him wives, children, servants, animals, gold and precious jewels. He also took idols away to destroy and bury them. Noah took a representation of all things away from Sodom and Gomorrah into the ark. Moses also took gold and precious jewels from Pharaoh and he smote the idols which Pharaoh worshipped. Jacob restored spiritual children as well as physical children, which indemnified Abraham's failure. Abraham took everything from Terah, but later he failed in his offering. And there was also the mistake between Hagar and Sarah. But Jacob indemnified all of these failures and, because he could lay these precious conditions, he could defeat the angel at the Ford of Jabbok. Could you fight an angel? Why did Jacob fight the angel? An angel belongs to all things, representing creation. Also, Lucifer wanted Laban to keep everything. But Jacob was taking all things from Laban and destroying hell. Do you think God cannot destroy Satan? He certainly can.

When Jacob took Laban's idols, he came after him with soldiers. However, Jacob could persevere and survive because he had won God's favor. Therefore, if you find God within yourself and set good conditions to win His favor as Jacob did, you will always be able to persevere and survive. If not, you will ruin your life. So, please find yourself in God and in the True Parents.

Jacob united with his brother Esau and brought him to the side of goodness. Can you see how Jacob's love changed Esau? The love of God can change people. Have you been changed by the love of God? If God could find even one man who possesses His love and His viewpoint, He would finally be able to rest because He would know that everything would go well. Do you want to be the bearer of true love, or of evil and disobedience? Even one small act against the Will of God can spoil your identity.

Your Blessing Will Touch Others

Are you united? Can you unite like Jacob and Esau? You have been saying "yes" for a long time, but when the master comes, he does not see your "yes" put into practice. Your "yes" has to be absolute. Know yourself. All of these good qualities need to be developed step by step, through the three levels of each stage of growth, and on into the direct dominion. At each level, you must demonstrate true Jacob and Esau unity among yourselves. Until now, you have been constantly changing. Today you say "yes", but tomorrow you say "no." Yesterday you were yellow but today you are blue. You must stop that! Become unchanging.

Once Jacob and Esau united, they were supposed to be together forever. However, even though they separated later, that initial unity enabled Esau to receive the same blessing as Jacob. This unity demonstrated the heart of one restored family, because it proved that they were the children of God and of the same parents. When you sit together, do you feel that you are the children of one God and the same parents, or do you feel distant from one another? Although each one of you is unique, you should not feel any distance. You must share the same blessing and grace, just as Jacob and Esau. Please stop disliking one another.

Jacob brought the victory to his family, but he never boasted about his own importance. Instead, he even humbled himself to Esau. He knew himself. He understood the Heart of God and the forefathers, so he had the heart of the dispensation of restoration. Do you seek recognition for your victories? After helping someone, do you say, "Didn't I serve you well?" Do not be like that! Be humble.

How does internal change take place? Can someone change your heart and original mind? Can someone else be absolute and unchanging in your place? No one but you can be responsible for that. Jacob gave all authority to his brother, Esau. This is the reason why he bowed seven times to Esau, even after subjugating him. He had already sent his wives, children, servants and livestock to Esau as an offering. Jacob was not focusing on his position as a victor, but was more concerned about establishing his value as a substantial body within God and the forefathers.

Is your personal foundation rooted in Heavenly Father and True Parents? That is all you need. I have seen some leaders fighting one another. I am ordering you to stop fighting! Be kind to one another. Concentrate on accumulating internal victories, and those victories will last forever. This will be the basis for your external identity.

Please do not have unnecessary struggles, difficulties and problems. If you fail to take the Word which God is giving you now, then I do not know what will become of you. We are discussing basic facts and principles. You must realize that I am teaching you from my own life experience.

The children of Jacob failed to inherit the heart of their father and grandfather. Jacob's children came from two wives, Rachel and Leah, and they were to unite in order to indemnify the failure of the children of Sarah and Hagar Isaac and Ishmael.

Of course, Isaac and Ishmael had never hated each other because they had never even met. Only later did Isaac come to know what his father had done. Jacob's children were supposed to be able to embrace everything with harmony. Their unity would have been the key to final victory. Remember, Satan always attacks at the final victory. God communicated to the children of Jacob because He wanted them to be responsible. Joseph dreamt that the sun, the moon, and the stars bowed down to him. However, his brothers went against that dream, which means they went against God. The dream represented the Word which needed to be fulfilled. If they had accepted the dream as a message from God, Joseph would have established the position of Abel. But they did not want to unite. The failure was left unresolved until the time of Jesus. Therefore, it had to be indemnified by Jesus and John the Baptist.

Elizabeth's child and Leah's children were in the elder son position while Mary's child and Rachel's child were in the younger son position. John and Jesus, as elder and younger brother, had to unite to indemnify the failure of Joseph and his brothers.

However, we know that John the Baptist failed to unite and, consequently, Jesus was sold by Judas, just as Joseph was sold by his brothers. Everything that fails in the dispensation has to be indemnified. Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites on the Cain side, and later to the Egyptians who were in the position of Lucifer. Jesus was also sold by Judas in much the same way. To whom was Jesus first given? He was given in two stages: to Herod and then to Pilate, who washed his hands of Jesus, allowing him to be sent to the cross. The Ishmaelites gave Joseph to the Egyptians who later sent him to prison. The parallel is clear. The continuous failure in the relationship between Cain and Abel has been the cause of these parallels. That is why Jesus referred to past historical figures such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites and eventually married an Egyptian. If you were Joseph, would you have married a woman not of Abraham's lineage? Do not fall with a woman of the satanic lineage. Keep your blood lineage pure. Even though Jesus was sold, he did not fail, which indemnified Joseph's failure. Jesus totally gave himself, centered on God. That too, indemnified Joseph who did not center on God.

Moses came, despite the fact that the Israelites were living under slavery. Do you know what kind of corrupt things occur under slavery? Moses began his mission from the palace just as Abraham began from the palace of his father, Terah. Jacob also left the palace of his uncle in order to return to Canaan, Coming from this background, Moses could understand the heart of his forefathers who had given themselves to the dispensation of restoration. That is why Jesus asked, "Who is my mother and who are my brothers and sisters? Those who do the will of God." So Jesus was also educated by the example of the forefathers. Moses felt deep compassion for the suffering of his people while he was growing up in the palace. Because of his loyalty to God and to the Israelites, he could sacrifice the palace for the desert. Could you have that type of heart? Could you go to the desert?

Moses' separation from Pharaoh followed the tradition established by Jacob when he left Laban, Abraham when he left Terah, Noah when he left Sodom and G omorrah and Abel when he separated himself from evil. Can you follow the same tradition or would you like to stay within an evil environment? Surely all these historical people showed a deep commitment in their response to God. Because Moses showed the same commitment, he could meet God and the forefathers in Midian. Can you have the same commitment? Moses left his position as prince to become a shepherd like Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Noah and Abel.

Moses waited for seven years to receive Zipporah. Surely that is a true response to God. Can you wait that long to get married, working as a shepherd? Life in the wilderness is not easy. It is very hot there. Moses lived a life centered on the Word of God. Do you have that type of heart? Can you lead such a humble life? Surely Moses demonstrated his love for Zipporah by persevering for seven years. Through paying that indemnity, he could meet his forefathers. Would you invest all your heart in your wife as Moses, Jacob and Isaac did? Why did Moses have to marry Zipporah? He was supposed to marry someone from his own lineage and Zipporah was an Ishmaelite. Therefore, her womb represented hope for the dispensation. God arranged for Moses to meet Zipporah. But first he had to face a test. He was asked to choose which daughter he wished to marry. If Moses had picked a younger sister, he would have been given both the younger and elder sister. The same Hebrew law existed then as in the time of Jacob.

Jacob had been asked, "Whom do you want?" he replied, "I want Rachel." So he was given both Rachel and Leah. Moses simply said, "I want Zipporah." Therefore, he indemnified the past by taking just one wife. Zipporah supported and protected Moses and their son, Gershom, in so many ways. When Moses was in the desert, he heard a voice and he asked, "Who are you?" God used Jacob to call Moses saying, "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." In this way, Moses received guidance from the forefathers. Jesus also received guidance from all the forefathers and major prophets from Abel to Elijah. In that way, Jesus was next in line to receive the merit of their spiritual victories. Then, like Moses, he had to absolutely, unconditionally and willingly bring victory for Heavenly Father.

Moses went back to Egypt with spiritual support after speaking with God. God could speak through Moses because God was within him, and Moses and the forefathers were within God. When Moses saw his wife again, his way of speaking had changed because his mind had become centered on God's Word and the dispensation of restoration. He had developed a mind of sacrifice at a higher level and was prepared to go back and save his people.

But before Moses returned to Egypt, God brought him together with his elder brother, Aaron. You will find that God always puts two people together in the dispensation, representing father and son. Abel and Cain were to unite, also Jesus and John the Baptist and Paul and Peter. Moses represented the father and Aaron represented the son. Both of them had the responsibility of uniting their hearts. Are you heartistically united with other second selves and chosen ones? Please understand that God exists for all mankind. Do not think that you are the only one loved by God. He loves everybody. Everyone has to fulfill his own portion of responsibility.

When Moses and Aaron went back to Egypt, they destroyed evil. Jacob destroyed evil in Laban's palace and Abraham also destroyed evil at his father's palace. Likewise, Noah destroyed 'Sodom and Gomorrah' and Abel destroyed evil in his family, despite the fact that he was killed. Moses was using the spiritual power of the forefathers. He used the three miracles and ten calamities to strike Pharaoh's kingdom and win the chosen peoples' allegiance. Whenever there is spiritual unity, there is power. You cannot surpass the power created when men on earth unite with historical people. To even try would be a waste of time. By challenging Pharaoh, Moses put himself in front of death. Could you confront an aggressive Pharaoh if God asked you to, or would you be afraid? In order to be a champion, you always have to be ready to face death.

True Parents are champions because True Father faced and overcame death so many times. To be a child of God and True Parents is to put yourself in front of death for the sake of restoration. Can you be like that? True Parents have never hesitated and neither should you.

The Israelites gave Moses such a hard time. Many of the elders doubted his leadership. They would say, "Are you sure you are going the right way? Who is this God who is leading you; can you show him to us?" They said they did not want to follow blindly. But the poor Israelites ended up creating their own hell in the wilderness. Sometimes your leader tells you to do something, but you refuse. Like the Israelites, you are a person who exists within your own opinion. You have so many good ideas and ideals within you. But you do not offer up your ideas and opinions to the central purpose so that they can bear fruit. You also refuse to consider the good ideas which come from one another. The Israelites demanded that Moses show them his God, but in fact, God was in them. By confronting Moses in this way, they were twisting their hearts and minds and putting more distance between themselves and God.

Moses tried to satisfy them by striking the Red Sea with his staff. But everyone simply said, "Oh, this is the same miracle he did in Egypt. But we want to know who is leading him. Where is this person? Can we touch and feel him?" The Pharisees made the same mistake. They called Jesus a Prince of Demons, also doubting that he was sent from the invisible God. That is why Jesus said, "Those who have eyes to see, let them see and those who have ears to hear, let them hear."

You Can Have A Billion Times More Support

Please realize that God exists within you. I do not want to see the chosen people's failure in you. Do not allow your heart and mind to become twisted. Instead of hearing criticism, I only want to see people who have the mind of the dispensation of restoration, and who naturally humble themselves absolutely, unconditionally and willingly before God and True Parents. If you have this type of mind, then you will realize that the support which you receive now is a billion times more than what was available 2,000 years ago. If you do well, that support is guaranteed. "If you do well, will you not be accepted?" If you fulfill your portion of responsibility centered on God's Will, you will be accepted. So, please act like a child of God and True Parents.

Moses was praying by himself because the people had fallen into despair. If they had not been so hopeless, he would have been able to lead them. Even Aaron had become hopeless and critical because he did not believe that Moses could lead such faithless people. Therefore, Aaron perished in the wilderness along with the others.

If you were to disobey God's Word when you were chosen to be in the dispensation of restoration, you would just perish. Before I came, some of you were just about to collapse and perish in the wilderness. You may want to run away, but I will hold you tightly. However, I do not really want to talk about your past problems. I would rather talk about your responsibility today.

Do you cooperate with your leader or do you say, "I will see how long he can manage without me"? Some of you have been behaving so badly. When I began my work some people stepped back and wondered how long I could continue. People wondered the same thing when True Father began, but he is almost 70 and still going strong. People wondered the same about True Mother when she joined True Father. If they thought then that she would give up, now they can see they were fooling themselves. When a person has God behind him, he cannot be defeated. When Father entered Danbury prison, some people said, "Hopefully, Reverend Moon's mission will end tomorrow." Go and tell the people that Reverend Moon's son said, "Tomorrow is for tomorrow."

Can God abandon the dispensation because of irresponsible people? The Israelites thought it was all over when Moses struck the rock twice, but God immediately raised up Joshua and Caleb to lead them into Canaan. However, they centered on God only until Joshua and Caleb died. Then they fell back into faithlessness. But God raised up the kings and when there was faithlessness again, he raised up the prophets and eventually John the Baptist.

Now it is you who are at the center of the dispensation, so prepare yourselves to fulfill the purpose for which you have come, to become absolute, unconditional and willing. You must restore the failure of past generations by remaining steadfast in your faith and hope. Tell the whole world that I said, "You must know that you are surrounded by God; there is no place to hide. If you cannot follow True Parents, at least follow True Children, because God is here!" You now have God, True Parents and True Children before you, and they are one. Now you have to make the decision whether or not you want to be in God. There is no time to create barriers among yourselves. You need to see your neighbor as a second self, and be able to encourage him. When you are together and there are problems, kick those problems out of your way quickly and go on.

God prepared Zechariah. He was the only person of his time who was truly centered on the forefathers and who had remained loyal and obedient toward God. He was always preaching about God and the forefathers. Could you be like Zechariah? You have to live in God in order to do the right thing. Otherwise, you will end up making mistakes. You have to continue living like Zechariah for many years.

John the Baptist came as die forerunner to prepare the way for Jesus. Do you prepare well before your central figure comes for a visit? Do you welcome your central figure? Surely when John the Baptist met Jesus, their hearts should have been united in one kinship within God. There should not have been any barriers between them at all. When you meet each other, you focus on your differences. That is wrong. You should show only one heart in God and in the True Parents, even though, externally, you live separately. When you are together with the True Children, we show you that we are all one in heart centered on God and True Parents.

John 14:20 Is The Principle, Not Self-Glorification

John the Baptist failed because he focused on the differences between himself and Jesus. He centered on his external position and fame, but did that fame last? His real purpose was to exalt the Word of God by uniting with Jesus. Did Jesus come seeking position? No. He came just as a simple carpenter. He also worked as a shepherd and appeared in simple clothing. He did not want anything special and never even asked for food or a place to sleep. If he had been looking for glory, would he have asked John to baptize him? Even though many people made his path difficult, he was able to persevere. Could you go through that path? If someone claims to be the son of God, he is telling the truth. Surely, from God's viewpoint, everyone is a son of God. Therefore, it someone thinks he is not the son of God, he is wrong. It was only out of ignorance that the Pharisees and scribes could say that Jesus was proclaiming himself to be the only son of God. He was not proclaiming himself. He was telling the people what they should be, but they were not listening.

When Jesus said, "I am in the Father and the Father is in me," he was not proclaiming himself personally. He knew that God had projected His Original Masculinity into him and that he, as an object of God, could be found within God. Jesus realized that he had to represent God at a higher level on the foundation of the merit of his forefathers. Can you stand on the merit of the age of True Parents, even when there are Pharisees and scribes opposing you? Can you put yourself in front of the Romans with their spears? Can you go before people who might want to stone you to death? You must he a man who is willing to do that. True Parents have gone through that way. Your difficulty is small in comparison.

Surely there was no other way for Jesus to go but to fulfill God's Will. He had to be seen centered on God's Word in order to recreate the chosen people and help them realize they were all children of God. That was the reason for Jesus' coming and it was the appropriate time for him to come. He drove the merchants and money lenders out of the temple. There were even prostitutes among them. He was kicking those who did not obey the Word out of his Father's house. God is also our Father and we cannot allow anything evil to exist within the realm of God and True Parents. We, the True Children, do not allow disobedience, deviation or any violation of heavenly law. This authority does not come from us. It comes from the principle within God, and we must follow it because we come from God. Love one another as God, True Parents and True Children love you. I like you equally and give you all equal love. Whether you receive it or not is your portion of responsibility.

Follow Stephen And Paul's Example

Stephen was stoned to death by his friend and classmate, Paul, who even organized the stoning. Stephen gave himself absolutely, unconditionally and willingly to Jesus Christ. Even though he did not come from the same womb as Jesus, he gave himself in this way because he understood that they were one in God, therefore He is their common parent.

Can you surpass Stephen? Can you face the challenge of Satanic people at the cost of your life? Can you die defending the realm of True Parents? You say, "Yes," but if you were on the front line of death, you might run away and hide. I am willing to die for Heavenly Father and True Parents more than a billion times over if that enables True Parents' victory to remain here on earth forever. Because of this attitude, everything which True Children are doing on earth will remain inviolable. What we are doing will be passed on from generation to generation. You also need to have this attitude. Did you know that Stephen was stoned to death after only four months of dedication to Jesus? Nevertheless, his courage has remained as an example throughout history.

If you were like Saul, could you change to God's side? He was a murderer, like Cain. This confirms that God approached Cain and there was a possibility for him to change over to the side of God. Saul was approached by God, Jesus, Stephen and the forefathers. For three days, he had tremendous spiritual support such as he had never experienced before. He changed internally and understood God more than during all his years of conventional religious practice. Paul became the center of Christianity. So if you say, "I cannot change today even though the True Children are talking 24 hours," then you are fooling yourself. Look at the example of Paul. You must demonstrate more responsibility than Paul.

You Can Only Accomplish When You Work As A Team

Why do I always say that people should cooperate? It is because you can accomplish something only when you work together as a team. We can see examples of this cooperation in the relationships between Jesus and Paul, Elijah and John the Baptist, Jacob and Moses, Isaac and Jacob, Noah and Abraham, Abel and Noah, leading right back into God.

Do you work as a team? From now on, all of you must be one. You all originate from God's Original Masculinity, so you are one. Therefore, it is so ignorant of you not to cooperate and accomplish together. Surely you must demonstrate oneness in God and True Parents. Even if one of you appears to bring the accomplishment, it is in fact the result of your collective cooperation. Peter and the other disciples did not want to work together with Paul. They did not trust him because they thought he may still be a murderer, and they wondered how a murderer could be chosen by God. They had already failed in their responsibility by not unconditionally following Jesus, and their mistrust of Paul further demonstrated their faithlessness. Sometimes they even shifted blame to Jesus. That is why Jesus called his disciples, "men of little faith." One day Paul asked the disciples if he could see the scriptures, but they had not written any. His request only disturbed them more, and, in a sense, they put Paul on the cross.

The disciples of Jesus felt sure of their salvation. But they vacillated, even after the Pentecost. Paul never wavered, even though he had not experienced the Pentecost. In fact, at the time, he was not even in the realm of the spiritual Pentecost. What is the true Pentecost of Jesus? It means absolutely, unconditionally and willingly taking responsibility, centering everything on the Word of God. Paul surely did his best. Therefore, Paul's scriptures have strengthened Christianity even until today. We quote Romans 1:20 as a key point in the Principle. Paul understood God because he lived a true Pentecost. You should also experience true Pentecost.

Paul had resentment because some people said he failed. He did not fail; it was Peter who failed his mission. I told him, "Paul, you did not fail." He grabbed me and exclaimed, "Is it really true?" and I assured him it was. Then he slapped me on the back, saying, "People on earth are saying that I failed." I said, "Oh don't worry about that, it is just their ignorance." This shows that people in the spirit world also like to receive honest recognition for their accomplishments. Therefore, it is better not to blame one another. Just take responsibility. I told Paul that he just needs to be responsible, and he became very excited. He wondered how a young person like me could understand what he had gone through.

I told John the Baptist that he should have hope. I said, "You failed, but now you should just go ahead; help the dispensation of restoration. Don't sleep and don't cry about your head being cut off." I told Moses, "All right. I know you struck the rock twice, but just forget about it! Now you have to be responsible and follow." I spoke to Jacob and Isaac in the same way. Noah was crying about his children's failure, but I told him and all the others that they were forgiven. I explained I did not want any more spiritual confusion or resentment. I said to them that now was the time to teach about God's Heart and man's portion of responsibility.

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
We have seen who we are in the light of the successful merit of the age. Despite the failures of history, we are going to inherit only what is absolute. From now on, we will become sons and daughters who will challenge themselves to become perfect, absolute and unchanging.
Today, and forever, there will be hope in this world. Truth, love, beauty and hope have always been there, but they have never been recognized at a level where mankind would have been able to apply them in their lives. Therefore, we pray for our True Parents. They have demonstrated that Your true love can dwell within man forever.
I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our beloved True Parents,

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