The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Husbands

May 1, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session III

Part I: The Consequence Of Adam's Failure In His Portion Of Responsibility: The Birth Of Children Of Sin And The Evil World

Let us pray:

Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
Today we know that because Adam failed to fulfill his portion of responsibility, Eve's womb bore only fallen children. Only by accomplishing his portion of responsibility, absolutely, unconditionally and willingly centered on Your Word, could Adam hare restored Eve and Lucifer and realized an ideal world.
Today we see all the evil consequences brought into this world by Adam's failure. You created Adam as the central point and principal subject of the creation. That is why after the fall, You did not look for Eve or Lucifer first, but You called out for Adam, saying "Adam, where are you?" This shows clearly that Adam was in the subject position and carried much greater responsibility than either Eve or Lucifer. Our most beloved Heavenly Father, we, who have heavenly authority and who possess Your deep heart and love, have to be aware of Your presence within ourselves and live within You. We will bring all people and all things back into Your Heart and the heart of our True Parents. May we always see the significance of our portion of responsibility.
I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude, in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

Already before the fall, Adam felt hopeless. If Adam had felt hopeful and confident about his position, he would never have fallen with Eve. The same is true of Eve and even of Lucifer. If Lucifer had felt hope and confidence in himself as a being created by God, he would not have fallen. But he felt hopeless. How do you behave when you feel hopeless? Do you start to do your own thing? This hopelessness originated in Lucifer and was passed on to you through Eve and Adam. You can cause much damage if you do not overcome hopelessness. Eventually, you may even destroy God's foundation.

Before I returned, some second selves and chosen ones were feeling hopeless. How about you? I know everyone felt like that one way or another. Sometimes you must have thought, "Can I continue living this lifestyle?" You must understand that this is exactly the way Lucifer felt before the fall. He looked at the entire creation and at Adam and Eve and wondered, "How can I go on like this; as only a spiritual being?" This hopeless feeling still exists within you today. From now on, you only need to say, "Yes, I have hope, I can give myself absolutely, unconditionally and willingly for the dispensation of restoration and go forward." Only people who give themselves in that way can become successful chosen people of the dispensation. They will be remembered forever, and their names can never be erased from God's history.

Let us look at Adam's situation. We cannot say that he fell with Eve because she had some irresistible power over him. Adam knew the commandment which was the Word given by God. To know is to be responsible. If he had acted responsibly, he would have focused on the Will of God given through the Word and become God's object. But he failed to take responsibility to obey the Word and was seduced by Eve. As the subject for the entire creation, Adam was responsible for the fall.

When you disobey God's Word you lose hope. You are no longer able to see your own value and you begin to struggle and suffer inside. Struggle begins when you are not centered on the Word of God. The struggle within Lucifer, Adam and Eve began in this manner. Did Lucifer struggle to gain hope? How about your struggle? You must struggle to keep hope. You must struggle for your restoration, recreation and resurrection. That kind of struggle will bring hope and goodness.

Adam felt lonely just before the fall. Because he dwelt on that feeling, when Eve came with the temptation, he just accepted. But if he had centered on the Word of God, he could have transformed that loneliness into a tool to deepen his understanding and hasten his growth. It could have helped him to mature his heart and mind. Therefore, loneliness was not a legitimate excuse for Adam to fall with Eve, and it is not a valid excuse for you. During the Second Selves Wives' Conference, I took your wives from you for a whole day. Did you fulfill your portion of responsibility as true Adam by looking after your children, or did you become lonely and lose all your energy? Did you cook for your children and change their diapers without complaining?

You must love and raise your children even from the time the baby is in your wife's womb. It is your duty to indemnify Adam's failure by overcoming loneliness and by considering the fate of your children. Was that your understanding and feeling during the wives' meeting or did you just feel left out and complain in your mind, "Why is he calling only wives?" But when your wives came home, what did you think of them then? Were you not impressed by their spirit?

The time your wives were away was a test to see how much you would accept your responsibility towards your children. How much did you realize that your children were truly the children of God and True Parents before they were yours? Did you see yourself in your children? Do not repeat the failure of Adam. You must understand the heart of your wife and the heart of your children. Together, you and your wife must take good care of them. They came on the foundation of the fulfillment of your responsibility, even if that was only on the formation or growth level. They came on the condition of your being centered on God's Will.

It Is Up To You To Give Value To Your Blessing

Do you understand the meaning of the blessing or are you saying, "I cannot see the value of my blessing"? I know that this thought has crossed the minds of every one of you at some point. But you must know that your blessing is also meant to grow through the three stages. You must develop its value. Blessing means responsibility. It means having deep commitment centering on the Word of God, His Will and True Parents. Only the application of the Word of God and His Will can strengthen your blessing and enable you to fulfill your portion of responsibility. That is the true path of the blessing. God allowed the True Parents to grant you this blessing because they are the main objects of God and they have been living His Word and His Will. They have pioneered the path for the rest of mankind. Therefore, you are the ones who must upgrade the value of your blessing by following the path of True Parents.

After the fall, Eve bore children who were under the influence of Lucifer. If Adam had said "No" to Eve, this would never have happened. However Adam blamed Eve for the fall and Eve blamed Lucifer. Do you blame one another? Do not repeat Adam's mistake. You must take the responsibility entirely upon yourself.

So blaming began substantially with Adam, but spiritually with Lucifer. Therefore, you have inherited "spiritual blaming" and "physical blaming." To indemnity this you have to be spiritually and physically responsible. Then your children will inherit that responsibility.

Part 2: Learn The Lessons Of Adam's Children

The evil image Cain embodied stemmed from the fact that Adam allowed the fall, and that he could have prevented the birth of this type of Cain. In other words, by acting responsibly, Adam would never have had a child under Lucifer's influence. Nevertheless, Adam's family fell under satanic dominion and Satan became their lord and ruler. Adam himself was ruled by Satan. If you shift the blame, it means you are already ruled by Satan, because you are not being responsible. If you have a heart and mind of responsibility, you will not blame anyone. A responsible person can never be ruled by an irresponsible person. On the other hand, an irresponsible person can easily be dominated by someone who is responsible. The fulfillment of responsibility gives a person true authority.

That is why Cain felt dominated by Abel who was absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible. Since he felt responsible, Abel was changing everything, even without Cain's cooperation. So why was Abel killed by Cain? Cain felt he was being dominated by Abel's responsible attitude.

God asked both Abel and Cain to make an offering. Abel succeeded in the offering because he had an absolute, unconditional and willing attitude towards God's Word and towards his portion of responsibility to understand God's Heart. Abel lived God's Word even though he was not yet perfect. The point here is that God could accept him for his absoluteness, irrespective of his level of growth.

Do you know why Abel is "Abel?" Why do we use the terminology "Abel" or "Abel-type" throughout the Principle book? We should use God's Word in our daily lives. Abel became a part of God's Word because he lived God's Word. Anyone who lives God's Word absolutely, unconditionally and willingly, is Abel. You should all grow and develop that absoluteness within yourselves. We might call it "heavenly absoluteness."

Then what was Cain's attitude towards the offering? He did not like the idea. He complained against God from his irresponsible heart, saying, "Why is God troubling me with this Word?" Cain failed to unite with God's Word. That is why he embodied the evil image we associate with his name. Lucifer failed and fell for the same reason. Do you think Cain did not know what God wanted him to do? He knew clearly. He knew, but he did not act. That was the key problem. So, do not be like Cain.

Do you unite with the Word when I tell you to do something? I have told people to wake up at five o'clock every morning and study the Principle. Are you up at five? Do you study Divine Principle every day? Or do you say, "What is he talking about?" True Parents have been teaching you so many things. Have you done them? You already know so much of the truth, probably more than the central figures of history. Do you act according to the Word of God, or upon what suits your own preferences and character?

I do not want to hear critical words like, "He is Cain, he is Abel..." I want to hear you using words that reflect responsibility. Do not struggle with other people. I never antagonize others. I could probably fight with so many people because I can see evil in them. Instead, I take responsibility for them and love them. All I know is the Word, and that I should make the Word my own by living it. Then growth comes naturally. You can perfect yourself only when you take responsibility centering on God's Word. So from now on, take responsibility.

Even after Cain murdered Abel, God approached him with concern. God asked Cain, "Where is your brother?" Cain replied, "Am I my brother's keeper?" That was exactly the attitude of Lucifer: "Am I Adam and Eve's keeper?" Cain's answer clearly indicated that he stood in the position of Lucifer. After the failure of Cain's offering, God told him, "If you do well, will you not be accepted." This means God was giving him a second chance. He said, "Sin is couching at your door; its desire is for you but you have to master it." So, God was encouraging Cain to have hope in Him.

After Cain failed again and killed his brother, God said, "The voice of your brother is crying to me from the ground." God wanted Cain co recognize his mistake instead of shifting the blame like Adam did. He wanted Cain to see Abel as a responsible person on His side. God did not say this to blame Cain, but rather to encourage him to be responsible like his brother. Therefore, God has truly been loving man. Just from the example of Cain's story, you can understand how much God has been loving man despite his failures. How much more would He want you to be responsible like Abel.

God Is In You, Whether You Succeed Or Fail

Some national political leaders are good examples of people who think there is nobody to challenge them when they misbehave. They are ignorantly challenging the Will of God, not knowing that His eyes are everywhere. God knows this world inside and out, including the ways of creation. All that people need is God's wisdom.

Lucifer thought that he could hide from the eyes of God, but God approached him. Cain did exactly the same thing, thinking he could run away from God, but God approached him, too. So how about all these politicians and people who seek power today? Where can they hide? The only way they can prosper is by using God's knowledge. There is no way around it. It is just foolish for man to separate himself from God. So live in God and see God in yourself. Cain rejected God. But could he deny God completely? How could he reject God while God was in him?

He could refuse to act upon God's Word, but God was still in him. So how foolish mankind is to reject God's Word and refuse to fulfill his portion of responsibility! God is definitely in mankind. Therefore, if you reject God's word, you create a far greater distance between yourself and what you should be, and you just make your life miserable. You must know that God is in you, no matter what you do. Although God does not interfere with man's portion of responsibility, we see that He has been approaching and revealing Himself to man. Man came from God and is destined to be in God. God did not want to see his dual characteristics separated from Him. He wanted to be found in every being and every being to be found in Him. So, God is in no way separated from His creation because the world belongs to Him. Even in the Cain-type world, God is in control of all creation. Let the people there hear my proclamation that God is in control of all of them. Running away from the fact that He is in them will change nothing. They are stuck where they are because they have run away from Him. Therefore, do not separate yourself from God. You have to take the consequences of what you do. Live within God.

Part 3: Follow Noah's Exodus From Sodom And Gomorrah

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
Today, throughout this conference, we are looking at everything from the perspective of Your Heart and love. May these second selves and chosen ones dwell within you forever. I pray that this conference can bear fruit in them so that wherever they may go they will live within Your Heart. Today, we would like to see You within everything. But rather than looking only at examples of Your presence in nature, we want to see You in man, despite his ignorance. Therefore, I will speak next on what man should be from the example of Noah. We would like to find what our attitude should be, and what we should do in the dispensation of restoration.
We are the chosen ones. You have chosen us both spiritually and physically and we are going forward, crushing all satanic activities. We will bring true freedom to this World.
I pray this in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

Out of the evil environment that we call "Sodom and Gomorrah," God called Noah and gave him the three blessings which Adam's family had failed to fulfill. At any time in history, God's main concern has been to see the three blessings fulfilled here on earth. Today, God has called you just as He called Noah in biblical times. You were called out of Sodom and Gomorrah which means that you, too, must fulfill the three blessings.

The Bible gives the impression that it was God who said, "I am sorry that I made man." If that were the case, God would be a god of defeat. But how could the absolute God ever regret His own act of creation? In fact, that was Noah himself expressing his heart and mind. Noah felt hopeless knowing his own sin, and facing the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. He also knew about the failures of Adam's family and Lucifer to fulfill their portions of responsibility. Did you ever wish you had never been born? If you did, you would be running away from a life of absolute, unconditional and willing sacrifice. Noah felt hopeless the same way as you do, but what made him great was that he was able to gain hope in the face of hopelessness.

Noah never received any support from his wife. This made him feel lonely, but he was not defeated. It is wrong to associate loneliness with defeat. How can you say, "I cannot do so much because I feel lonely?" Who creates loneliness? You do because you misunderstand and twist the truth of how God sees you. Actually, there is no loneliness. Noah was called by God to build an ark, which took him 120 years to complete. Can you work for 120 years to build an ark when you have no support whatsoever from your wife and children? Suppose that your children resist and even oppose your absolute, unconditional and willing dedication to offer yourself as well as your family to God. Could you still go on alone? That is what made Noah great. When we look at Adam's family, after learning what Noah did, we come to the conclusion that Adam should have fulfilled his own portion of responsibility, even without the support of Eve and Lucifer. Adam could not complain saying, "I failed because I did not have Eve and Lucifer supporting me." That would be a lie.

Can you say, "I failed to fulfill my portion of responsibility because my wife, my children and other people did not support me"? That would also be a lie. You have to think that you are capable enough to accomplish your responsibility on your own. Be determined to make this world into the best possible environment for God, even if no one helps you.

Some of you already have children. Sometimes you might find your own wife and children not cooperating with you, like in Noah's family. But you still have to go forward and fulfill your portion of responsibility and restore your family into the ark. If you surrender to your wife and children when they are irresponsible before the Will of God, you will become a failure too. Even if your wife and children do not have the heart to dedicate themselves to God, you should never become disappointed or discouraged. You just have to continue fulfilling your responsibility centered on God and True Parents. In fact, God expects your children to follow you and to inherit your heart and mind.

Noah worked continuously, by himself, for 120 years. He became the first person to demonstrate absolute obedience to God. So we can call him the father of obedience. He became the incarnation of the Word and the Will of God. But it was not an easy task. Sometimes you may discourage one another, or the evil environment of Sodom and Gomorrah may drag you down. But still you must not let those things disturb you. You must keep going, come what may. I have gone through hell and so many situations that you have never confronted. I know the meaning of discouragement. I have known spiritual battles as well as physical battles. Therefore, I am not ignorant. Can you continue to be responsible when someone openly opposes what you are doing? Or would you say, "I hate this person. I will let somebody else take care of this responsibility?"

Noah was not like that. Instead, he even took responsibility for his opponents by going to preach in Sodom and Gomorrah. They did not want to hear him, but he could not be stopped. He kept on going, preaching and witnessing every day for 120 years. Would you continue to educate your wife and children even if they did not listen to you, or would you get discouraged and give up? Could you keep going for three years, or even for just three days?

Suppose you were in Noah's situation. Could you say to other second selves and chosen ones, "Let us build the ark together"? Could you confidently tell them, "Let us be responsible for the next 120 years"? Or would you think "I do not want to talk with these people anymore"? You have to have an unchanging heart towards God. Perhaps you only care about your own family and say, "No, forget about that blessed couple. We cannot bother with their problems. Who cares what happens to them! Do not bother with that chosen one." Or would you say, "No, I want to surpass Noah's heart"? God has never turned His back on anyone. He resides within everyone, whether they follow and fulfill His will or not, and whether they are responsible or irresponsible. Therefore, you should even surpass the heart of Noah.

Please strengthen your heart and original mind. Surely Noah's wife was not an easy person to deal with. But Noah did not talk around, complaining about all his bad experiences with her to other people. His mind was focused on the Will of God. Noah built the ark by himself, being mocked and ridiculed all the while by virtually everyone around. Noah's prosperity depended on whether or not his work was the work of God. In the sight of God, Noah gave the best of himself.

Could you build the ark, despite the constant derision, and still find hope? If you understand God and absolutely center yourself on the Word of God, you will surely prosper.

Be Ready To Conquer Difficulties On A Higher Level

Even though Noah established such an absolute standard, his wife and children did not follow him. What would you do if your children denied you and even went against you? Would you still be able to hold your head up and be confident you were the object of God until the day you die? With absolute and unchanging loyalty to God, would you be able to exhort your children until your last breath, to follow God? Would you be able to do that if your wife was neglecting you? It would surely be difficult, but you must have that confidence. In such difficulties, you would have no other pathway to follow but this one, so you must be ready to face it. Do not retreat!

You have already begun to follow this course, even though it is not always easy; and you have so much more to go through before your work is done. You have to raise your wife and children to be like you and go beyond the individual and family levels to a higher level, where there will be much more for you to experience. So, prepare yourself to fight battles and win victories on all different levels. You must be a champion in the dispensation of restoration. Certainly Noah overcame so many obstacles during his 120 year course.

Nevertheless, Noah's family failed in the end because of Ham who was supposed to inherit Noah's heart. If you cannot inherit the Heart of God and True Parents, you will be like Ham. He inherited Cain's failure just as Cain inherited Lucifer's. So, are you here to follow the example of Lucifer or have you come here to be second selves of God and True Parents? Be careful not to become Lucifer's representatives like Cain and Ham. Your difficulties are nothing compared with Noah's. Therefore, you have no excuse for failure. If you see a problem or encounter difficulty, you must take that as a sign of hope that victory is coming your way. It is an indication that you are heading towards true restoration, recreation and resurrection. Problems and difficulties should enable you to say, "I know this is the right way." Would you think that way or would you turn back? So many people have turned back and refused to go through the door of victory. But God has never turned back.

Noah followed the path of victory by obeying God's Word and centering on God's heart. He could have turned back because his wife and children wanted to return to Sodom and Gomorrah. However, Noah refused and said, "I have to go ahead." Due to his conviction his wife and children felt obliged to follow him. Therefore if you just go ahead, other people will naturally follow you. You should pioneer the way for others, even as Noah pioneered the way for you today. You must be grateful to Noah for bringing you encouragement and hope. I asked Noah what I should do when I returned to earth and he said, "Don't turn back." We can achieve our goals simply by going ahead, because we already have the merit of the forefathers.

You need to have a broad mind like Father. You must not allow yourselves to become disillusioned, just build your ark of goodness. Where is your ark? It is found where you are being responsible centering on God's Will. There, you can build your own ark by recreating yourself as an ideal individual and as an ideal family, society, nation and world. The ark is your fulfillment of the Word of God.

Part 4: What Is My Portion Of Responsibility In Relation To Hams?

God told Noah to build the ark when he was 40 years old. Ham grew up watching his father work. It was his responsibility to give all of his heart to his father. He should have shared Noah's vision of the ark. Then, there would not have been any reason for him to separate from his father. Noah and Ham should have been one in God, to demonstrate God's oneness in them.

Noah had already pioneered the fulfillment of Ham's and all his brothers' portions of responsibility. They had only to follow their father's course. Through Noah's example, there was already a clear indication of the identity and role of his children. The ark was merely a reflection of the Word itself, and certainly without the Word, Noah would never have built the ark. If Ham had inherited God's Word, Noah could have declared victory. But instead, Ham's irresponsible act made Noah cry tears of frustration. It is important to remember that the children should have become the microcosm or the ark by embodying the Word of God. Whenever you go against God's Word, you bring failure.

You must inherit the True Parents' heart. In this way, your responsibility is identical with Ham's. I will never allow myself to repeat the mistake of Ham. I returned to earth to prevent the repetition of Ham's failure. All True Children have the same attitude. That is why all second selves and chosen ones respect the True Children. True Children accepted your repentance and gave you one more chance to make a new start. If Ham had successfully inherited his father's heart, he would have given one more chance to Noah's other children who had failed. Then all of them would have found new hope through Ham.

However, Ham was gradually influenced by his brothers' and sisters' hopelessness and criticism against Noah. If Ham's loyalty had been true, he would not have been caught up in this criticism. Instead, he would have influenced them to center on Noah's heart. Ham was also responsible to convey Noah's heart to the people who doubted his father. Then Noah would have been understood by everyone.

Are you a responsible Ham? I came back because I know that Ham has to be responsible. He should have absolutely, unconditionally and willingly sacrificed and dedicated himself to the Word. If Ham had established the kind of environment that would have protected his father and the ark, history would have centered on God and Noah through Ham. Do you protect the ark? Do you protect the Word of God? Could you be a true Ham if someone came from Korea reporting, "Father said this and that..."? Could you listen to what True Parents are saying through someone? Would you receive that Word respectfully and pass it on to other people? Would you have the heart of protecting the restoration?

Forget about mistakes you made in the past. The past is the past. From now on, make a new start; be a new son of God and True Parents and march forward. Do not be a failure. Be a responsible Ham or else you will have no place to go. Do not judge the True Children. Do not question the validity of the True Family. What happened at Noah's time is now being indemnified at a higher level. The past may have looked hopeless, but if you look into the present, you will find hope and motivation to march ahead.

Ham's failure brought back Sodom and Gomorrah, which represents the people and environment centered on Satan. Sodom and Gomorrah also stands for the struggle between God and Satan. Ham's failure brought back that struggle, which has continued to the present day because of man's failure to accept his own portion of responsibility. But we, the True Children, are determined to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah wherever we go. You are also responsible to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. If you want to be a true Ham, you have to defend the realm of True Parents.

Part 5: Who Am I?

Everybody is created and called by God; God foreknew and He predestined. But in order to be justified and glorified, you must fulfill your portion of responsibility. Noah was also called by God. He asked God, "Who am I?" and God replied, "You are My object." So Noah took responsibility to fulfill that position. Do you wonder who you are? If you ask God, "Who am I?" God will answer you, "You are My object." So please know, you are the masculine object of God.

God can never stop himself from relating to His object. When Noah scolded Ham saying, "Your descendants will be the slaves of your brother's descendants," it was in fact God Himself speaking through Noah. God revealed to Ham that because of his failure there would be continuous suffering in Sodom and Gomorrah. Out of that evil environment, Abraham was called from the house of his father, Terah the idol-maker. In the same way, God has called you from your father's house. You must know what God has spoken in history, otherwise you will not understand the way you should go.

Whether you become responsible or irresponsible, and become a beneficial or damaging object of God, is your decision. But you must know one thing God can never leave you.

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
We truly indeed honor You this afternoon. Each one of us has had to deeply search his mind to discover who he is and come to realize that he is your object. I pray that these second selves arid chosen ones can truly become your responsible objects from now on. You have called them to live a life centered on You, because You are the living reality within them. You have dwelt within man throughout human history, despite man's deviation. Deviations within our Kingdom will surely come to an end because we are determined not to allow Ham's failure to be repeated ever again. I have come to defend You, our True Parents and the Will of Heaven. May our Kingdom see true love flourish and honesty of heart and original mind abound.
I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

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