The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Husbands

May 1, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session II: Be Absolutely, Unconditionally And Willingly Responsible

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
Truly, You want us to understand Your Word every second. You want us to live up to the Word every minute. You are a living God who is within us and within everything You have created. We have discovered that Adam failed to absolutely, unconditionally and willingly take responsibility. That is why he blamed Eve. And Eve blamed Lucifer for the same reason. They forgot that responsibility was unconditional.
Therefore, today, we will unconditionally lift up our responsible hearts and minds. We know that there is no one who will be responsible for us. Each one of us has to be unconditionally responsible, centering on Your Will and centering on True Parents. You have expressed Your Will through the Word. Wherever there is your Word, there is a way. Today, we are finding our true masculinity within ourselves. No one else can find it for us. Only we can do that, because You live within us and we live within You.
May this day bear fruit within each one of us. May these words of love dwell in the hearts of these second selves, and may those who are not with us today have an invisible correlative base with these words. I indeed understand that I have to go forward unconditionally. I am not looking for help from anyone; not even from You, Heavenly Father, because You have already given Yourself to me and I have given myself to You. You have given Yourself to all the things in this world. Each one of us has to give himself to You by taking responsibility, absolutely, unconditionally, and willingly. I pray for the True Parents: may we absolutely understand what they have gone through and what You have gone through.
I offer this prayer in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

Adam, Eve and Lucifer were supposed to be unconditionally responsible before God. But, first of all, Lucifer failed to fulfill his portion of responsibility. He was looking for a reward from God and expected God to love him. Lucifer did not want to accept that he had to follow God and unconditionally center on His Word. He could not sacrifice himself unconditionally as a servant. If he had been able to, he would have loved the angelic world and there would have been no division in the spirit world. All angels would have unconditionally loved God and followed God's instruction. You must be absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible. Do not repeat Lucifer's mistake! Being unconditional means not to expect any reward.

You can only grow when you demonstrate unconditional sacrifice and thus fulfill your portion of responsibility. This unconditional attitude was supposed to be seen in Adam. But instead, Adam blamed Eve, saying, "This woman whom you gave me..." and Eve blamed Lucifer saying, "Lucifer made me fall." God had created Adam and Eve to follow Him and to unconditionally fulfill their own portion of responsibility.

Do you love one another unconditionally or do you seek some kind of payment in return? Some people think, "I loved you, why don't you love me?" "I gave you a present, why don't you give me one too," or "You do not talk to me, I won't talk to you either." This is almost a formula of how people think, yet it is one of the main problems in man. Do you give yourself to other people absolutely, unconditionally and willingly? If Adam had remained absolute, unconditional and willing toward God's Will, there would have been a chance for Eve and Lucifer to be restored. In other words, if Eve had learned to fulfill her portion of responsibility from Adam, Lucifer would have been able to learn the same lesson from Adam and Eve, following the same process.

God's heart and love towards this world are unchanging and absolute. The Word of God was always there. God was always with Adam, Eve and Lucifer, therefore they had no excuse for not knowing Him. God was constantly educating them, despite Lucifer's attempts to keep Adam and Eve ignorant about God, and of their responsibility to give themselves to God.

What is the essence of evil? It is found in Lucifer's attitude of not wanting to give himself to God. He did not want to respond to God, even though God had invested so much in him. Plus and minus, and subject and object, are meant to be one. If the subject demonstrates God's absolute, unconditional and willing nature, then the object has to follow the same pattern. God had set the standard for the subject, Adam; therefore there was no reason for Adam to fail in guiding his object, Lucifer. Instead, he fell into the pitiful state of being servant to the rebel servant, Lucifer.

God Is Teaching You Your Role As His Object

How can you show God to people? They can only see God in you when you demonstrate His nature, which is reflected in all things he has created. So you should be able to say, "Look at nature! Look at me!" "Where did I come from?" I didn't pay to be born." Did you have to pay anything to be born into this world? Of course not, because God has absolutely, unconditionally, and willingly given His heart to you. Nevertheless, you have failed to understand the origin of your existence. You are meant to be a living testimony of God in this world. You as Omega have to reflect God who is Alpha. So again, there is no excuse for Adam's, Eve's or Lucifer's fall.

Today I am speaking about God and your relationship to Him. I am also speaking about how you can apply God's heart, His heart, His love and His work of creation in your lives so that you can understand your role as the object of God. In fact, you have known that you came from God, but you did not express your origin. Wherever there is creation taking place, there is a clear purpose and goal. God never creates a being without educating it about its purpose. The way to fulfill its purpose is through absolute, unconditional and willing exercise of responsibility centering on God's Word and His Will. Do not feel defeated, saying that you do not know what to do. There is no need for ignorance, which leads to destruction and death. Surely, even Adam knew his identity as the object of God. Do you see yourself as a masculine object of God?

Are you loving your wife, your family and people in the society absolutely, unconditionally and willingly? Or is your family divided as today's society, nation, world and spirit world are divided? Wherever man loses his absoluteness, there is division. That is also the cause of the evil mind in man. I know very well that there are still some divisions, even in our kingdom, but I take responsibility for that. There are even some divisions among you. I understand what is going on with you, but I am not here to blame you. I am here to be absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible. Therefore I can demonstrate God's heart and love, and the True Parents heart and love to you.

Love does not have any boundaries. Unconditional love never ends. Therefore, I never blame you for your failures and mistakes. I took responsibility for solving your sin. So you cannot say, "He is blaming us he does not like us." The victory of love can only emerge if love is unconditional. Adam himself was supposed to demonstrate that victory of unconditional love. Do you have that victory of love in yourself?

After hearing your confessions, I did not just leave it at that. I am now teaching you because I did not see an absolute, unconditional and willing attitude in you. God warned me before I came back here, "You know True Parents are on earth and they need people with absolute devotion. But you are going back to teach people who are always vacillating." Therefore, you have to destroy anything that is not absolute in yourself. I am against anything that is not absolute. I am aware that mankind does not have an absolute will and an unconditional attitude and I know what to do about it.

God did not begin to create the world without knowing what to do with it. Surely True Parents know how to deal with this world. I understand that too. Or do you think I am working at random? I am working from an absolute, unconditional and willing standard. Therefore, I never blame anyone. I came back to be responsible and to be a sacrifice.

There is so much we can learn from what God wanted Adam to do. The restoration of Eve and Lucifer should have come only through Adam keeping his own portion of responsibility. Together they would have forged ahead on the path of responsibility. If Adam had remained centered on God, even Lucifer could have grown quickly. God did not create Lucifer with the ability to procreate. Among all spiritual beings, that authority and ability was given only to Adam. Lucifer realized this and thought that if the Alpha and Omega, Adam and Eve, were not one yet, he could take the Omega. Then he intended to influence Eve and send her back to Adam, who had the ability to create children. In this way, he planned to dominate Adam and his descendants. It is only through a man that a woman can become pregnant and bear children. God gave Adam the ability to produce a child, but it only should have taken place with God's approval. Can God agree with everything that you do? Is mankind in general living in accordance with God's approval? Do you have True Parents approval? If not, you are violating heavenly authority. That would make you worse than Lucifer. Adam should have waited and told Eve; "No. Eve, it is not time yet. I have the power and authority to make you pregnant, but I have to wait for God's approval."

Why did Eve run to Adam after her fall with Lucifer? She knew that only Adam had authority over her. She felt fear and guilt because she understood well that she had fallen with Lucifer who had no God-given authority. Of course, even though Adam had the authority, he needed God's approval to use it, otherwise he would have violated heavenly law and acted irresponsibly. Adam should have observed God's commandment and should have absolutely, unconditionally and willingly waited for God's approval.

I have seen so many representatives working without True Parents approval. Of course you should be responsible, but you have to have an unconditional attitude when checking with your representative before you do something. That is the measure of your absoluteness. The absence of this quality brought about the spiritual and physical fall with all its consequences. All you have to know is that you should center yourself absolutely, unconditionally and willingly on God's Word. God has been expressing Himself ever since the creation of man. So His word has always been there, but it has never been grasped. Do not repeat Adam's failure. He was in a very important position. Therefore, please understand yourself as a masculine object of God and see yourself within His Subjective Masculinity. Find your oneness with God, because you were created to be one with Him.

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
We understand that You have given Yourself unconditionally and willingly in the work of creation and that we must respond in the same way.
Surely Adam himself should have checked with You because You gave the Word, You gave everything to him. But he did not understand; despite the fall of Eve and of Lucifer Your hope would have surely endured within Adam. He should have become the hope of this world, which would have brought forth perfect families, societies arid nations.
Today we pray that these second selves and chosen ones can truly understand that they were born one with You. Therefore, there is nowhere to escape because we are totally surrounded by Your truth, love and beauty.
Heavenly Father, I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

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