The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Husbands

May 1, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session I: The Original Masculinity Of God Is One With The Original Masculine Object, Man

Let us pray:

Beloved Heavenly Father,
For the first time in human history, we are coming together to discover our own masculinity within You, and how much You want us to become responsible for becoming second selves who reflect Your Original Masculinity.
Heavenly Father, we understand that You projected Your own dual characteristics of Original Masculinity and Original Femininity into all things. Finally, You projected them into man so that man would become Your true object. Therefore, man should have become an individual truth body reflecting Your dual characteristics.
Today, we understand that we can learn everything simply by knowing You. But, despite the fact that man has been able to observe everything around him, he has remained ignorant. He has not even been able to discover who he is through Your creation.
There/ore, we pray that today's conference will lead us to an absolute realization of our identity as the expression of Your Original Masculinity. We pray that we will indeed discover ourselves and apply our discoveries in our lives today and forever. May we live within Your truth, love and beauty, and find our own original value as Your sons and daughters.
Yesterday, we held a conference discussion how the second self wives can discover themselves in Your Original Femininity and they can see their femininity as the substantial object of Your Femininity. We pray that those second selves may recognize the grace and true blessing that is already manifested within them. May they see the love and truth of Your Blessing as You dwell within everything that we see.
I pray that the realization of Your heart within these second selves and chosen ones can blossom and that they can grow within You. Indeed, may they become one with You in perfection. I pray that they will become absolute and unchanging in Your Will and in Your Word, and that they will pioneer the pathway which everyone can follow.
I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

Whether you have realized it or not, God has always been one with you, because He projected His Masculinity into you. He is the source of your masculinity. This means that you, as an object, can find yourself in God. God's Original Masculinity is subject and your masculinity is object. God created this world in such a way that all object-masculinity can resemble the subject-masculinity of God. Therefore you have no excuse if you do not inherit the Masculinity of God. The Principle is very clear.

God created Adam to be one with Him. Man's dual characteristics originated in God. Therefore they are one, despite the fact that they are divided into subject and object positions. These positions are created with the single purpose of uniting through give and take action. The object can only become perfect by having a relationship with the subject. Therefore, God, as the Subject-Masculinity, initiated give and take action with His object-masculinity. The object should then respond to that initiative.

But, did Adam find his way back to God, the Origin? No. He failed to respond to God's initiative. If I say, "I am in God and God is in me," that is in accordance with the Principle. That is how man was meant to be. Man has to be perfect, and to do that, his masculinity has to resemble the Original Masculinity. Therefore, man grows by striving to resemble God's Masculinity, In the same way, woman, who is the feminine object of God, grows by striving to resemble God's Femininity. So man is found within God and God is found within man. There is no doubt about it. God has totally sacrificed Himself in the work of creation, yet man fails to come back to God. Why do you think God created Adam first? He created Adam as a subject over all of His creation so that he could protect Eve and prevent her from falling with Lucifer. Anyone who stands in a subject position has the responsibility to protect God as well as his object. So, Adam was very important for God. He was the "alpha." The beginning has to protect the end and the end has to protect the beginning.

If God had created Eve first, she would have been even more vulnerable to Lucifer. Of course, God knew that Lucifer was the head of the angelic world and stood in the subject position. So, to keep Lucifer's subjective nature under control, God created Adam as the main subject, projecting both Sung Sang and Hyung Sang into him. But, even though Lucifer was created with only Sung Sang he still had more experience with God and more knowledge than Adam.

Invisible Creation Preceded The Visible

Why did God not create man in the beginning instead of Lucifer? The reason is that God Himself is invisible and He wanted to have His first experience with a visible being. Even though the invisible being might fail to fulfill his portion of responsibility, God had already planned to create Adam as a visible being on earth that would embody both the Sung Sang and Hyung Sang of His Masculinity and Femininity. The visible masculinity would become the subject and the visible femininity would become the object and together they would protect God. If God had created man and woman first, what would have happened if they had failed in their growth? Man would not exist today. God wanted to create man in a world where the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms already existed so that, through them, man could understand his position as God's main object and grow.

Do you understand that you are the object of God? Do you live as the main object of God? If Adam and Eve had truly understood God's heart, and lived as His main objects, they would not have fallen. Then, even if Lucifer had tried to take Eve, Adam would have said, "No," because he would have understood the commandment. From the Word, he would have discovered Lucifer's intentions. Do you think Adam was totally ignorant of what was happening in the angelic realm? Actually, Adam did know Lucifer's intentions because other angels revealed the truth to him.

God revealed Himself to Adam, and from that alone, Adam could have distinguished good and evil. God naturally reveals Himself to those whom He has created since He is found within them. This does not violate man's portion of responsibility, which God cannot interfere with. Man's portion of responsibility is to find God and respond to Him. Surely, God was living with Adam and Eve. Adam must have understood God's Will. Otherwise, God would not have called him after the fall saying, "Adam, where are you?" Do you think that was the first time God had approached Adam to talk to him? Why did God call Adam first? Adam was the primary object created through God's Subject-Masculinity. Therefore, God expected Adam to take the subject role here on earth and protect Him. That is why God called Adam. Adam and Eve both had Sung Sang and Hyung Sang, whereas Lucifer only had Sung Sang. That is why God did not call out, "Lucifer, where are you?" even though he was the first one created by God.

Adam Knew He Was Responsible

God's Original Masculinity and Femininity both have Sung Sang and Hyung Sang characteristics. But which is in the subject position? Masculinity. Therefore, masculinity has to protect femininity. Adam knew that he was responsible. We can see this from the fact that he hid himself from God after he had fallen. When God was searching for Adam and Eve, what did they do? They hid their lower parts. They knew they had committed a sin. Who told them to hide their lower parts? It was Adam. Adam knew he had failed to protect Eve. Surely when God gave His Word, "Do not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil," that was the time for Adam to be even more responsible to protect Eve. Despite Lucifer's imperfect education of Adam and Eve, Adam knew that he had overall responsibility to take care of all things.

Cain was not perfect, but God approached him. So how much more would God approach Adam? This means that God was always with Adam. God is found in everything which He has created. Could God have created Adam and then run away leaving Lucifer with all the responsibility? That would have been impossible because God was in Adam and Adam should have been in God.

You Must Protect Your Wife's Womb

Man's first and main failure of responsibility was Adam's failure to protect Eve. So Eve fell with Lucifer. Why should Adam have protected Eve? She was in a strategic position because the future of humanity was to originate from her womb. Therefore, you have to protect your wife's womb because all of your descendants are going to come from that womb. You have to protect the thinking of your wife and be sure she is centered on God. Do you protect your wife's mind or do you just say, "She's useless, she just has to be responsible for herself?" Where are your children going to come from? You came from your mother's womb. Did your father protect your mother's womb? Or did he just want to have sexual relations with her so that you would be born? What about you; do you just want to sleep with your wife, make her pregnant and leave all the responsibility with her? Adam was an important influence on Eve's ability to grow to perfection.

Eve was the last being created by God, and as such, she was the focus of God's love. Adam should have protected her as the center of God's love. How could Adam, after receiving God's commandment, let the center of God's love be taken by Lucifer? That was a time when Adam should have stayed with Eve to protect her. It was not Adam who needed protection, but Eve. She was attracted to Lucifer while belonging to Adam. How could Adam let Eve be taken away knowing that Lucifer was their object? We can conclude that it was Adam himself who allowed Lucifer to frustrate God's will. It was his failure, more than Lucifer's.

Are you allowing Lucifer to frustrate God's Will? Are you protecting your children's virginity? Are you protecting your wife's health? Do you allow your wife to center on God? Your wife is not supposed to center on you. You are supposed to help her focus on God. Both Lucifer and Adam failed to help Eve center on God. Truly, if Adam had educated Eve to center on God, the fall never would have happened. The main problem in your family is that you want your wife and children to center on you. You want people in general to center on you. You do not care enough about bringing other people to God. Instead, you should be raising other people to God. Instead you should be raising them to the point where they become reliable and responsible enough to find themselves in God and reflect God.

I never tell you to center on me. I teach you to center on God and True Parents, as their children. If you like me, it is because I am teaching you to center on God. I do that to protect mankind. It people are protected in that way, they are motivated to fulfill their give and take.

Do you think Eve would not have listened to Adam if he had talked to her? Masculinity and femininity are found within God, so there should have been no problem of give and take. Therefore, you cannot shift the blame onto Eve and say, "You fell!" Instead, you must say, "I failed to fulfill my portion of responsibility to protect you." I have seen men shifting the blame as Adam did when God called out for him. Adam said, "This woman gave me the fruit to eat." Does that demonstrate a responsible attitude?

Why did Adam not confess to God that he had failed to protect Eve? He did not show any sign of repentance. Otherwise God may have been able to forgive him. Adam did not have the heart to repent and restore his mistakes or to recreate and resurrect his true self. He just blamed Eve. Does God's Original Masculinity blame God's Original Femininity? No. They are harmonized and they take care of each other. When there is a mistake or failure in your own family, do you blame your wife? Do you hit her? If you do, you will ruin your blessing. You must take care of her. If a mistake has been made, you, yourself, must show a sense of repentance and responsibility to Heavenly Father and True Parents, and have a heart of restoration, recreation and resurrection. Then, since you are centered on God's Will, there will be hope for you to see the way toward fulfilling your portion of responsibility.

Eve Should Have Protected Lucifer With The Word

Next, we know that God asked Eve why she had taken the fruit, and Eve replied, "Lucifer tempted me and I ate!" But truly, as the embodiment of God's femininity, Eve should have had the attitude of protecting Lucifer so that he could become perfect. Then she would not have fallen with Lucifer or Adam. This shows us that the law of give and take was violated, because there was no substantial give and take centered on the Word God had given man. Therefore, can you blame Satan? No. Surely, the problem was evident even before Adam and Eve fell.

Lucifer felt jealous of Adam because he saw that an ideal world could come from Eve's womb. Therefore, Adam had to protect Eve. Also, the ideal world is within a mother's womb which is the center of God's love. For the ideal world to come forth, the father has to protect the mother's womb. Both the man and the woman have to be responsible. The characteristic of taking responsibility is inherent within God's Original Masculinity and Original Femininity. Therefore, this characteristic is also inherent within everything that He created, including Adam and Eve.

So far, we have understood that God's portion of responsibility and man's portion of responsibility equals the fulfillment of God's Will. But now we can say more precisely that God's portion of responsibility, in the beginning, meant projecting His Subject-Original Masculinity and Subject-Original Femininity into His masculine object, Adam and feminine object, Eve. Since God's will is for subject and object to unite, mans and woman's portion of responsibility is to unite their subject-masculinity and object-femininity with the corresponding subject dual characteristics in God. We see that the responsibility of the object-dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity is to grow, centering on God's Original Masculinity and Original Femininity and to become one. Then God's Will is substantially fulfilled on earth.

If You Know Your Value, You Cannot Fall

You are so ignorant about who you are. This ignorance comes from Adam, because he was ignorant about who he should be. Do you understand who you should be? If not, then you have to grow. Please discover yourself. You can never go anywhere without knowing yourself. Adam's role was very important because he as the Alpha had to become one with Eve, as the Omega. Then, why did Adam let his Omega be taken by Lucifer? Alpha and Omega should he inseparable. Did Adam teach this to Eve? No.

I can teach you this because I talked with Adam and asked him many questions. I spent at least 24 hours with him every month, despite my busy schedule. I challenged him saying, "Man wants to know about you. Tell me everything!" But he only replied meekly, "I just failed to protect Eve, I am sorry." Adam begged me, "Please do your best. I have been a failure, but you must not fail." Adam told me it took him about 30,000 years to realize that all the suffering he saw was caused by his own failure of responsibility. Nevertheless, he could see God working within his children, despite his failure. Eve, who witnessed Cain killing Abel, saw God approaching Cain despite that murder. Do you think Adam acted out of ignorance? No, he knew the commandment. I even asked Lucifer, "Lucifer do you understand that you caused suffering to mankind?" But he blamed Adam saying, "It was Adam's responsibility. He should not have allowed me to be with Eve because God had given him the Word; and that Word was also meant to protect me." Then I replied, "But you had to restore yourself through that same Word which was given to Adam and Eve." He said, "Yes, that is right." So Lucifer's restoration could only have come through Adam protecting Eve.

God always approaches the person who is primarily responsible. If something happened due to your failure, God would approach you. Also, if two people fell, God would first approach the responsible person in the main subject role, as He did with Adam. You only blame Lucifer, but God did not approach him first. Lucifer was the last to be approached. Even God must work according to a hierarchical system. He first approached Adam, then Eve, and finally Lucifer. Why did God approach Lucifer last? It was because Lucifer was Adam and Eve's object. Poor Adam! He blamed his own object and was defeated by him, which established a reversal of dominion. So, simply by observing who God approached after the fall, we can see clearly what the original order of dominion should have been. Surely when the subject fails to keep the standard of the Original Subject, the object is likely to fail, too. Please, understand your significance. When you blame Lucifer, he will claim the subjective role, but if you take responsibility, then he can only remain in his object role.

Struggle Came From Irresponsibility

You blame Lucifer today because Lucifer is within you and you are influenced by him. That means you are a being who is caught in the struggle between good and evil. You are responsible for that situation.

Adam was the Alpha, but he separated himself from the Omega and then allowed her to be taken by Lucifer. That was the starting point of the struggle between good and evil. Lucifer fell with Eve, and then Adam further promoted the struggle of evil attacking goodness by falling with Eve himself. Then, children who were not centered on God were born amidst this struggle. Since then, this conflict, which originated from the womb of Eve, has been going on in your mind. If Adam had not fallen with Eve, she would have gone through the way of restoration, recreation and resurrection together with Lucifer. Then Adam would have remained in the subject role on earth and in the object role toward the Original Subject, God. He would have represented God to Eve and Lucifer. There could never have been a reversal of dominion. Eve and Lucifer would have naturally loved Adam from God's viewpoint because Adam would have been a model of the Heart and love of God for them. He would have been a living example of heavenly law, demonstrating his victorious lordship in God.

In this morning's session, I have spoken about what Adam should have done and what your role is in relation to him. Now here are some points that you should consider when you break up into groups for discussion.

Guidance And Discussion Points

I am not pointing out what one person or another did wrong. I am just pointing out what Adam and Lucifer should have done. I am not saying Lucifer or Eve or Adam were troublemakers. Therefore, in your discussions, I do not want you to point at and blame one another. Do not tell any stories about one another. Take the viewpoint of Adam, as God's masculine object, and discuss what your behavior and responsibility should be. Discuss how you can bring hope to other people and what you must change in yourselves. That is all. Do not make up any stories about yourselves.

Adam was making up a story when he said, "This woman..." That is a story! Then Eve continued shifting the blame by saying, "The serpent!..." Her story, as well as Adam's, does not reflect a responsible attitude. However, a person who is responsible does not need to explain his failure, he simply needs to show repentance. He only needs to say, "I am sorry. I did not fulfill my portion of responsibility. Can you allow me one more chance? I will do my best." Show your commitment. At your confession, we gave you one more chance.

You are a person who is existing now on a "last chance" basis! You have one more chance to show your commitment. This is an entirely new state for you. Now you are receiving guidance from the True Children's level. True Parents have already educated you about everything, but you did not obey. Therefore, True Children are taking initiative now. We know we have to be responsible, as Abel knew he had to be responsible. God had even approached Cain with the hope that he would be responsible.

Do not be irresponsible. The words of the True Parents and the True Children will not disappear from this world. They will remain; and responsibility will remain. So, if you want to know me, just remember that I am the person who talks about responsibility and hope, and about heart and love. If Adam had acted responsibly and had demonstrated hope and the Heart and love of God, we would surely live in the ideal world today. Instead, we are now working to restore and reverse the process of the fall. By fulfilling a true man's portion of responsibility, we are centering everything on God and True Parents. We are bringing God's heart and love, as well as true hope back into this world. God has paid so much attention to the central kingdom: that is why I am here. Do you think we do not know you? We do. You cannot say you are not liked by God or the True Parents. You would be lying. You must always he consistent and recognize that you are liked by God, by True Parents and True Children. You are also liked by chosen ones and second selves. So, fulfill your portion of responsibility.

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
Today, we truly understand our role which You first projected into Adam as Your primary masculine object. This understanding of our own masculinity, of Adam's portion of responsibility and of man's role in history has been hidden so far. No one has been able to discover it. But truly indeed, today, we are revealing what we have discovered. I can truly teach these second selves and chosen ones to be what they should be, having You within them and them within You.
When these second selves and chosen ones see You in themselves, the people of this world will gain hope. There will be total restoration and recreation. We pray that, from now on, total resurrection can take place and that mankind can truly become perfect. The world will be as Jesus envisioned when he told people, "Therefore be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect." If mankind had taken those words seriously over the last 2,000 years, there would have been incredible spiritual and intellectual development. But no one understood. They took all these words for granted and Christianity today has failed its role.
But today, we are making a new start in our understanding of True Parents. We are taking responsibility to develop our understanding of our True Father and True Mother absolutely, unconditionally and willingly.
As we continue studying the contents of this conference, we pray that the victory of the True Parents may be raised to a higher level for mankind and creation. We pledge to make mankind understand You at a higher level than ever before. We will go forward with total hope.
I pray this in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

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