The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Wives

April 30, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session III: Unconditionally Love Your Husband And Your Family - Part Two

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
We see the dispensation of restoration being carried out by our own forefathers and foremothers. They demonstrated a heart of unconditionally loving each other, loving their own families. They lived within You and totally understood Your heart, Heavenly Father. That is why people like Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, and Rebecca gave themselves to You. Heavenly Father, we truly understand that Jacob and Rachel demonstrated an absolute standard of faith and we have seen Moses' mother totally supporting him internally and unconditionally. Therefore, may this type of heart be seen within these Second Self wives and their husbands. Heavenly Father, can their children truly indeed understand Your heart from them? I pray for all the blessed wives who could not attend this conference, including those in other countries. Heavenly Father, may Your grace fall upon them and may they truly understand Your heart and the heart of our True Parents in a deeper way.
I pray and offer this prayer in humility and gratitude, in the name of our True Parents,

Moses' Secret Education

Even though Jacob's children failed, Moses came. He also came with his mother's support. Even though he was taken into the palace by Pharaoh's daughter, the family of Moses was still united. Moses' mother nourished him from her own breast. Could you show love and commitment while keeping a certain distance to give the impression that the child is not yours? Could you create that type of unity in such adverse conditions? Surely Moses' mother played an important role. Could you even be like Miriam, who also played an important role? Moses was raised in Pharaoh's palace by his own mother, so that he could understand her internally.

Could you support the dispensation internally with that type of sacrificial giving of yourself if you were in the same situation? Could you humble yourself? Could you be committed to God and True Parents? Could you see God in yourself? Could you be in God and offer Him your child? Moses understood the existence of God in his mother. Can you also show your children the existence of God? Surely Satan is clever and works in many different ways. But Moses' mother blocked Satan by educating Moses internally. Because of this education, Moses denied Pharaoh and withdrew from the palace and went into the wilderness.

What did Moses do in the wilderness? He gave himself to God, and because of his commitment to God, he was protected by his own people. That is, Ishmael's children took care of Moses. Moses was a descendant of Ishmael's brother, Isaac. In accordance with the Principle, Moses was given Zipporah who was from the blood lineage of Abraham from Ishmael's side. God expected Zipporah to indemnify the failure of Joseph who had married an Egyptian. According to God's law Joseph was supposed to keep a pure lineage. Moses understood that he too had to keep his lineage pure. Zipporah united unconditionally with Moses. Based on that condition of indemnifying the failure of Joseph, God called Moses. God can call a person when there are enough conditions.

God told Moses, "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob," and, "I am who I am." God was teaching Moses and the Israelites that He was the same God who had worked with their forefathers, and that He was now working with Moses and Zipporah. They should inherit the merit of the age by uniting with the foundation of the forefathers.

When Moses went to Zipporah, she absolutely accepted Moses simply because they were of the same blood lineage. Can you show the same standard as Zipporah? Imagine Moses coming to you and talking to you as he did to Zipporah. Could you have accepted him? Or would you have your own opinion? Do you cling to your own opinion or are you absolutely united with your husband to protect the blessing? Do you live up to the value of the blessing? When your husband comes and talks to you, do you fight or do you show absolute unity before your children? Difficulties will always exist, but please demonstrate a totally sacrificial heart towards your husband with hope. Hope is the key.

Zipporah's Contribution To The Providence

Even though Zipporah faced so many difficulties, she was able to endure them all and continued to support Moses. Because of this condition, the chosen people were able to leave Egypt and go to the land of' Canaan, which God had promised them. What type of unconditional sacrifice did Zipporah show? If Zipporah had not united with Moses, then the chosen people would not have been able to go to Canaan.

Do you think that when the people had a complaint, that they would take it to Moses? No. They would complain to Zipporah. Who would be most burdened by these complaints? It is the wife. However, Zipporah had already built a foundation in her heart to protect Moses while they were still in Egypt and she continued supporting him after they left. Who would people expect to demonstrate the most loyalty toward a central figure during his absence? Suppose he is your husband? It is the wife. Where would the people gather and criticize. It would be near the wife. So Zipporah faced a lot of criticism. But despite all that, she supported Moses and gave all her life to him and her family.

The Consequences Of Zipporah' S Disloyalty

However, she eventually weakened because of the people surrounding her. She could not conquer the evil within the Israelites. Finally they put Zipporah on the cross, because when they accused Moses, they were also accusing her. When Moses was away, laying conditions for the Israelites, the people would focus on the person who had the most give and take with Moses. When they built the golden calf, Zipporah retracted into herself, and slipped backwards instead of pushing forward in her responsibility.

Would you retreat when things become tough and difficult for you? That was the mistake in Zipporah's course. Can you still support God and True Parents in the dispensation? How many of you can have that type of commitment in your heart when facing the same situation as Zipporah? Only a few. I asked Zipporah, so I know her heart very well and that is why I am able to share this with you. Zipporah played a providential role. However, Zipporah's failure was brought about by the people. Consequently, Miriam and Aaron were defeated and finally Moses himself was defeated, because Zipporah did not support him as she had done in the beginning. Even though Moses had been communicating with God directly, he lost hope in his family and was defeated because of Zipporah's negative influence.

No Excuse For Failure

So, you must be careful. That is why I want you to know this history very well. Your history is very important in determining how much you are able to protect yourself as a Second Self wife. Zipporah paid a very great indemnity. However, Zipporah eventually became just like the other Israelites. She had become old and concerned about her health. But Zipporah forgot that although Sarah was old, she had remained faithful and kept hope. Of course, if we compare Sarah with Zipporah, she came on the successful foundation already laid by Sarah, so even though Zipporah was surrounded by so many negative people, that was no excuse for failure.

You also come on the successful foundation laid by True Mother, so there is no excuse. Therefore, do not become like Zipporah. I noticed that some of you are beginning to have wrinkles. Does this make you feel defeated already at the age of 39,40 or 50? Both Sarah and Zipporah had more reason than you to feel like that. They had more wrinkles. So you cannot complain. Your difficulty is nothing. When I see that you have such a small difficulty, I do not take it seriously. I know that it will just blow away like a leaf in the wind. I know this because I have lived with people who had absolute dedication and gave their lives to the dispensation even in the face of defeat.

Unfortunately, Gershom, who was the first son of Zipporah and Moses, also failed through the influence of the Israelites. Therefore, he could not go anywhere. So, if the parents become a failure or if they are defeated, the children will also be influenced by that defeat. Also, if the parents have a defeatist attitude within the dispensation, then the children will receive that type of influence. Therefore, as mothers, you have to constantly keep yourself committed.

The family of Moses ended its role in the providence with the death of Moses when he had struck the rock twice. Surely, if Zipporah had been there, then Moses would have talked over the situation with her, and she would have been able to prevent him from striking the rock twice. This means that Zipporah was not even aware of Moses' action.

Therefore, you need to support your husband in whatever he is doing. You need to carefully observe your husband's situation and support him. Are you going to support your husband when you are in Egypt? It is easy to say "Yes," but in reality it is difficult. You have to support your husband until you die. Even when you see your husband making a mistake, you still have to lift him up and show him the standard. That cannot be done by quarrelling, but by living within the standard whereby your husband can see God within you. Your husband must also live within a standard in which you can see God in him. However, even if you do not see God in your husband, do not complain. You, the other side, must always feel responsibility to compensate for his weaknesses.

Elizabeth And Mary The Foundation Of Christianity

Elizabeth also showed her good heart in the way she supported Zechariah. She knew what happened to Mary and Zechariah, but she absolutely and unconditionally supported them. Elizabeth played a very providential role. Mary also had an extremely important mission. She was able to love and support Joseph and that was a condition for her to be protected by him. Could you remain so supportive if you were in the position of Elizabeth or Mary?

Christian history has been centered on that condition for 2,000 years. Without that condition, Christianity would not exist today. Jesus would not have survived long enough to make such a foundation. Can you demonstrate that type of heart to God? When you are asked by God to do something, it truly means death, death in God with unconditional sacrifice. You cannot be with God without such a serious heart. Because of that condition, Mary is now able to work here on earth from the spiritual world. She demonstrated her faith in God and that kicked Satan out. So, in that way, she protected Jesus. She even went to Egypt with Jesus and later came back with him. If Mary had not given all her heart to Joseph, he would have divorced her and then the people would have accused her of adultery. It would have been very difficult for Jesus.

Therefore, I am revealing this understanding to you because you are important. You just have to give yourself completely to God in your particular circumstances. Do you live within True Parents every day? Or are you just going your own way? Can you lay such conditions by yourself? You have to be in God and True Parents. The main point is for you to support your husband and your family.

Following True Mother's Way As A Second Self Wife

True Mother also went through so many difficulties despite the conditions which Heavenly Father had laid before she came. She completely gave herself to God. She became aware of her role as a daughter of God and as the representative of the femininity within God.

True Mother has been in the dispensation for 43 years. How many years have you been in the dispensation? Who is most familiar with the dispensation? True Mother or you? Think about her first, and then you will not be able to complain. If you are a daughter who is inheriting True Mother's heart, then you have to truly demonstrate a greater sense of responsibility.

True Mother understands Heavenly Father absolutely. When I spoke with True Mother and thanked her for her support, she told me, "No. It is not because of my support, but because of the support of Heavenly Father that the restoration is going so well." In my mind I understood, "Oh, True Mother is absolutely in God." So you have to look carefully to find how much of True Mother's value is within yourself. How much do you follow True Mother's way as a Second Self wife? True Mother does not speak so much, but she is very wise. How about you? You talk so much, but you understand so little. So follow True Mother's example. True Mother completely understands the courses of Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel. You should also learn these courses as well as the lessons from Zipporah's course. True Father has been able to succeed because True Mother understands the dispensation for restoration and totally gives herself to True Father, True Children, and to all Second Selves and Chosen Ones.

Can you also give yourself to the dispensation for restoration at an even higher level? Can you give yourself internally to your husband, your children, and to all Second Selves and Chosen Ones? Then only goodness would exist in this world and the world would be filled with the fragrance of goodness. I can work 24 hours a day because I understand True Parents' heart. You also have to understand True Parents' heart. Today, I brought you here in order to teach you about your value. You have never understood that yourself, have you? Do you still want to act like a man? Wherever you are, you must be just like a second True Mother and your husband must be a second True Father. Together you must be Second Selves of True Parents.

Please, purify your womb by being a Second Self of True Mother. If the womb is pure, then good children will come into the world. How many of you can say that you will be a Second Self of True Mother? We will play that role absolutely, unconditionally and willingly. I have to follow both True Father's way and True Mother's way. Your children will also follow their parents' way. All True Children and blessed children have to follow True Parents' way. You also have a very great task. So please understand, you must fight for your own purification as a family. You must create a heart of embracing your husband and children and of constantly creating heavenly order and a heavenly environment.

In conclusion, you have been given a lot of teaching. However, how well you can relate with your husband and how well you raise your children, is entirely up to you. Therefore, you must understand your true role.

Let us pray:

Our most beloved Heavenly Father,
Now we are at the end of this one-day conference. I pray that from now on these Second Self wives, and also their husbands and children, can bear the fruit of what they have learned today. I pray that these words, which have entered into their original mind and their original heart, can dwell in them forever and that they can truly be Your ideal sons and daughters. From now on, Heavenly Father, You and True Parents are expecting them to be more responsible than before; that they will put into practice what they have learned and be victorious in the dispensation for restoration.
We know True Parents are very concerned about the dispensation for restoration. Therefore, this is the time that all of these Second Self wives have to unconditionally inherit and dwell within the True Parents heart. They must substantialize their heart and their love within your realm. We pray that wherever they may go, the blessing which you promised them and which is already within themselves, may dwell with them forever.
May the grace of heaven and Your Will dwell forever within us. We will be totally responsible. Of course, we know Satan is trying to disturb the dispensation in different ways. But, we will defend the dispensation for restoration. We will defend Your realm. We will defend True Parents' realm.
Therefore leave the responsibility to us, Heavenly Father. Please, take a rest. I know you have been working hard with all these historical central figures and today You are working with these Second Selves and Chosen Ones. Truly indeed, You are alive and You can be seen in everything which exists in this world. Therefore, there is no one who can reject Your existence. There is no one who can run away from Your existence because You exist in each one of us. Therefore, I declare that You exist in the entire spirit world as well as here on earth.
We honor you today and we are absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible centered on Your Will. Therefore we pray that from now on we will be seen as true sons and daughters for You and True Parents. We pray that this purification which I have initiated within our kingdom will dwell forever. I pray for the Second Selves and Chosen Ones in the different palaces throughout the world; that whatever they are doing can truly indeed relate lo the dispensation for restoration. Therefore, man has to put himself on the straight line of restoration in whatever he is doing, in order for him to be restored again.
I express this prayer, knowing that You exist within this environment. Wherever these Second Self wives go, they go with You and Your Will. They go with Your truth, love and beauty. May the True Parents surround them. May they build the understanding of True Parents within themselves, so that they can be the second True Parents for generations to come. May Your grace be seen within themselves.
I pray this in humility and gratitude in the name of True Parents,

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