The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Wives

April 30, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session II

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father,
This morning, we come before you once more to give our lives to You and the True Parents absolutely, unconditionally and willingly. Therefore I pray that these Second Self wives will be able to commit themselves to the dispensation of restoration with Your heart and the heart of our True Parents.
I pray that wherever they go, they will unconditionally love their husbands, their families and all mankind. Truly indeed, we pray that we can build a strong kingdom. We pray that throughout the whole world, this can be the beginning of a new foundation for these Second Self wives to totally recognize how important their role is, and for them to understand their own value within their own families.
I offer this prayer in humility and gratitude in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

Without being honest with yourself within the Will of God, you can never go anywhere and you can never be a restored Eve. You have to be honest with yourself in front of God and True Parents. You have to express an original heart and mind toward your purpose in dedicating your life for our Kingdom. This is important for you.

Do not lose your proper position. Do not reverse your dominion over all things. You must become an Eve who cares for all things in order to be able to subjugate Lucifer, since he belongs to all things. Do not be dominated by all things. Now, are you beginning to compare yourself with other families who appear to be in a more favorable situation, or do you complain that you do not have certain things? You should not feel like that.

You must be honest within yourself and develop yourself. Do you feel that you are not valuable or that your blessing is not valuable? Do you feel that your blessing brings only struggle? Do you feel that you cannot go on with your husband or that he is a burden to you, or that you cannot go on with your children? Do you feel confused about who you are? Be honest with yourself. How many are honest with themselves every day? The words "honest" and "absolute" have a similar meaning. Eve was not honest in herself and that is why she fell. So in order for your lineage to be honest to God, you have to be honest. So every day, you yourself should discover more about where you are and where you should be. Do not think that it is enough to attend today's conference or that you joined the Kingdom or that it was enough to be blessed and begin your family life. Do you think like that? Do not forget to be centered on God and True Parents. Do not doubt yourself.

I hear some wives saying, "Is this really my husband?" They feel distant from their husband. Sometimes they are even very distant from their children. Do you feel like leaving the Kingdom? I know every one of you has had that type of feeling at least sometime in your life. If you admit to having these feelings, that is being honest with yourself. Then that feeling should bring you hope. You will know that you have to be more responsible than before. You have to look into yourself and find God and True Parents within and know your position. However, before you can know your position, you must know your value. How many of you blame other people? Eve should have shown the right standard instead of blaming the archangel. Of course, that type of nature comes but as soon as it does you must conquer it and be the best. Be number one! That is the true meaning of indemnifying previous failures.

I know that you still have fallen nature in so many ways, but there is hope for you because of your dedication. For twenty-four hours a day you are dedicating yourself, so there is still hope in the dispensation of your own restoration. So do not look so hopeless. How many of you give the impression that you are merely hopeless women? Although you do not raise your hands, I know that this applies to everyone. You show both hope and hopelessness. Do you know why you do that? Because you are fighting a battle between God and Satan. Therefore, you feel that type of mind sometimes but you must go ahead. Even though you do not have hope just now, you must say to yourself, "I have hope."

Therefore, all these circumstances or difficulties are for you to realize the need for your own restoration. If you did not have all these circumstances, you may think that you are already perfect! Of course, I am talking to your heart and mind according to the level of your own reality, since you are not yet perfect, that you are not yet in the direct dominion of God and that you still need to grow. You can find your own way. You can reach God's heart. Find True Parent's heart in that way.

You are facing a real challenge because the world is not yet perfect and you are living within an imperfect environment with imperfect people. But that is restoration and you must overcome these circumstances in different, progressive periods. So even when you overcome, you need to create that quality within your original mind which enables you to constantly go forward. Create the original heart needed by God and True Parents so that you can constantly go ahead. Every day you have to create that type of heart and mind. Every day you have to see yourself going forward, because you are indemnifying the fall of 6,000 years. So even though you feel death, you still need to go ahead to restore everything. Even though you hear many things about yourself, you still need to go ahead to restore yourself and your family. That is the restoration of mankind from generation to generation.

Embracing Your Family With A Big Heart

I want you to have the standard of Sarah. When Sarah faced many difficulties, such as the failure of Abraham's offering and his failure with Hagar, and even though she felt as if she would be defeated, she constantly went ahead. Sarah understood God within herself and therefore she did not disappoint God. She understood that she had to live within the standard of God and that she had to restore the failure of Eve. Because Sarah demonstrated absolute heart, willingly and unconditionally, the blessing remained in her family and God was able to bless Abraham again despite his failures.

That is why I say that you are a very strategic being and a key point. Do you think of yourself as a key point? You are the key to enable God's blessing to be found in your family. It is because of Sarah that God could recognize Abraham as a forefather, not because of Abraham's effort. Sarah was able to embrace Abraham and was therefore able to motivate him. Without Sarah, what type of person would Abraham have become? If Sarah had left Abraham with only Hagar, he would have been a failure. Without Sarah's standard and Abraham's family level victory, where would mankind's intellectual and spiritual state be today?

So can you have that kind of heart? You must be able to motivate your husband and your family. Even though your husband stands in the subject position to you, the object needs to motivate the subject. That is the law of give and take. I am not telling you to fight with your husband. No, on the contrary, you are the one who should make everything go smoothly and in an orderly way, so you have to have a big heart. With a big heart, you will be able to embrace your husband and your children with love. Purify yourself to have that understanding mind.

Taking The Initiative With A Responsible Heart

Your heart and your mind must surround your family with God's love and True Parents' love. That is a good mother. Do not think too much of the past. How many of you are embracing your family with a good heart and love? Are you doing that regularly or only once in a while? How many of you wake up with a heart and mind of love, saying, "Good morning" to your husband and your children? When you are at home, do you show the standard of being alive and active or do you feel as if you are dead? You have to create that kind of heart. You have to uplift the standard of that kind of love in your family. Do not have the attitude of expecting your husband to give you that kind of love. Do not expect him to constantly lift you up or that he should have to wake you up when it is time to pray. Do not think that your husband is worthless. You must be found up-to-date with responsibility. Be like a snowball of true understanding which is rolling and expanding within God's heart and within True Parents' heart.

You Second Self wives must like each other. You must love one another. Sometimes you compare yourself with another wife and then begin to have a negative mind. That is not good. I have been aware of this, but I do not want to see this any more. Just say, "This Second Self is also my Second Self and I am a Second Self of her." If you notice that she is not sitting properly or is not dressed so well, can you relate to her in the right way by teaching her to dress well and by taking care of everything because you feel that she is yourself? Do you have that kind of mind or do you judge one another? Do not judge one another; you do not have that right. Even God does not judge man. That is why He is continuing to love man. Despite the negative things you may hear people say around you, you must support the dispensation by activating a positive attitude.

I know the real situation of your families, but that does not matter. You have to raise the standard of your family realistically. Do not go back and sit down on what was there before; just lift up everything. Everything depends on you. Do you think if you do not sweep out your house, someone from somewhere else will come and sweep it out for you? If you do not lay the right condition, the right standard, do you think someone will enter your heart and lift you up to become somebody? Then you must change. You are the one to change everything. Remember, when Lucifer did not change and when Adam and Eve did not change, God kicked them out.

So, are you still deviating? Please control yourself naturally with your husband. I do not want to have to take you through confession again. Do you want to go back to the time of confessions again? I want to teach you man's portion of responsibility. I want to teach you to find God's heart and True Parents' heart existing within yourself. Then you can say, "Heavenly Father! True Parents! I am now doing my very best."

You must be honest with yourself in order to change. I know that often man is not so honest with himself or about what he is doing. Even though I am giving you guidance, I cannot change you; you must change yourself. I just want to say; be honest within yourself, you are the key to change.

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