The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

One-Day Conference For Second Self Wives

April 30, 1988
Channeling of Heung Jin Moon by Cleopas Kundioni (sometimes spelled Clophas or Cleophas), who is also known as Black Heung Jin Nim

Session I: The Role Of Women From The Viewpoint Of God

Let us pray:

Our Most Beloved Heavenly Father.
Today is the 30th and last day of this fourth month of 1988. We truly come before You and our True Parents with a heart full of Your love and the love of our True Parents. We pray, in opening this Conference of the Second Self wives, that it may become a fruitful day forever in their lives and a cherished memory in their hearts and original minds, wherever they may go and whatever they may do. May they find your heart and Your love, and go forward with that blessing and grace.
Therefore, Heavenly Father, may I ask You to accept this day as a day of absolute, unconditional and willing dedication to You. Even though we know there are so many problems and difficulties in this world as a consequence of evil, they just give us all the more hope, Heavenly Father, because they will enable us to grow. Truly, when You created Adam and Eve, You expected them to be responsible. You expected Eve to be the center of love and to demonstrate greater responsibility by herself, which would have been inherited by all her descendants. Heavenly Father, despite all the consequences of the fall, You have always continued the work of restoration from Your heart and Will and with 100 percent of Your own effort. We, the True Children, Second Selves and Chosen Ones, absolutely connect our hearts with You and True Parents so that today's conference may bear abundant fruit.
I pray this in humility and gratitude, in the name of our most beloved True Parents,

Today I want to talk mainly on the role of women from God's viewpoint and how much He expects of you. If there had been no fall, this world would have become an ideal world centered on God's ideal plan and Will. God created all things, including the angelic world, yet it was not enough. Then God created Adam out of His own masculinity, yet it was not enough. God had to project His femininity into this world to complement Adam. Therefore, the woman's role is a very important and strategic one. When God created Adam, He said, "It is not good that the man should be alone." So God created Eve. He poured all His heart and all His love into Eve because she was the final creation of God. In fact, God culminated the expression of His heart and love in the creation of Eve. That is why Eve became the model and center of love.

God expected Eve to absolutely, unconditionally and willingly fulfill her responsibility with the realization that she was the last and therefore most important creation of God. He consummated everything in Eve, thus making her the Omega of creation. For this reason, everyone is born out of a woman's womb. A child grows for nine months in the mother's womb and after that, the child is loved and nursed by the mother. So Eve was the most strategic element for God's work of creation and that is why God created her last of all.

Lucifer's Target: Eve

As the center of God's love, Eve was so attractive to Lucifer. But even before that, he had recognized Eve's strategic position and that is why he targeted her. Lucifer could have attacked the creation or even Adam, but he took away the Omega of God and destroyed it. Lucifer knew that he was created by God but that he had become irresponsible on the Alpha side. So, he took the Omega to his own side and united his Alpha with Eve's Omega, thus making the beginning and the end centering on himself.

From God's viewpoint, if there had been no fall, Eve would have become absolutely, unconditionally and willingly responsible. She would have shown absolute love toward Adam. Eve, being the focus of God's love and heart, was to attract Adam. I want you to understand that God's heart was always focusing on Eve because it was through Eve's womb that ideal children would have come about. It was through Eve's fulfillment of responsibility centering on God that this world would have become centered on God. Then, the children of Eve, coming from her womb, would have had no sin. They would have absolutely centered on God and inherited God's precious love. From where does the child inherit heart and love? From the mother's womb. Your womb is dispensationally very important. Therefore, you must be absolutely, unconditionally and willingly centered on God. Your womb can only be purified through this process. Then ideal children can be born.

Even though your husband makes a lot of effort, if you yourself do not do your part, then you block everything. Remember that before Adam sinned, Eve had already fallen into the realm of absolute evil. She had become useless to God because she had violated heavenly law. She was full of fear and guilt within her heart and in that state of mind, she seduced Adam. From this, we can see that Eve's sin of uniting with Lucifer was greater than Adam's sin of uniting with Eve.

The Value Of Virginity

The core of the fall of Eve was the violation of her virginity by Lucifer. God expected Eve to be responsible to preserve her virginity and to grow centering unconditionally on God. Therefore, keeping her virginity was the key point for Eve and has been for all women throughout human history. For example, Sarah demonstrated her faith by keeping her virginity and by unconditionally giving her life to God. Then, Isaac could come. Rebecca demonstrated her faith in the same way as Sarah, and on that foundation, Jacob could come. If we look carefully at the way Jesus came, we see that Mary also had demonstrated her absolute faith and virginity before God. Can you demonstrate that type of heart? Can you teach your children to demonstrate that type of heart? That is the key point.

When every aspect of a person is absolute and found in God, then God can acknowledge him as an ideal person. Even though God allows you to begin your family life at a certain point of your spiritual growth, in fact, He can only permit that when you center on an absolute standard because God is absolute and unchanging. So, if Eve had demonstrated that standard, God would have allowed her to go on to the second blessing. Then, if Eve had realized that absolute standard of God in her second blessing, there would have been no problem because her blessing would naturally have been found within God. Adam and Eve would have resembled God and their four position foundation would also have been found directly within God. On that foundation, their children, the whole family, society, nation and world would have been found directly within God.

Eve would have naturally felt that God was her Father. She would have even felt that God was her husband. Since Adam would have resembled God's Original Masculinity, Eve would have seen Adam in God. Adam would also have been able to see Eve in God because she would have reflected God's Original Femininity. Then, based on Eve's absolute standard, Adam would have said, "God is my wife." Then, this deep, limitless love would have existed without division. The third blessing of having dominion over all things would naturally have been fulfilled because man would have been within God and God's law. When man's heart and mind are governed by God, he would have naturally exercised dominion over all things without any problem.

Eve As The Omega Of God

But who was the key point? Eve was. Do you know that you are in an extremely strategic position for the Will of God, or do you just consider yourself a useless person? Once the Omega is destroyed, the Alpha does not have an absolute correlative base. Therefore, even though God Himself remained absolute, His Omega was destroyed. And even though God was the subject (Alpha), His object, (Omega) Eve, was destroyed. So, do you think there was hope? Eve's heart was opened and fear and guilt went in. She violated the absolute give and take between Alpha and Omega.

It is most important not to violate your give and take with God. Your vertical relationship with God is vital for you to understand your value and how important you are. It is not just a matter of being a wife or a woman. No. So today, I want you to realize how much God needs you and what God expects of you. Do not think that God only expects a response from the man's side. No, because man came from the womb, your own womb. Even I came from the womb and you as a woman also came from the womb.

Both husband and wife must be firmly committed to take responsibility. If one side takes responsibility and the other side does not, then there is no balance. There is no give and take and consequently, there is no force of existence, no multiplication, no reproduction and therefore, no development in that type of family. So what kind of woman are you? Are you committed to do your part? You must ask yourself, "What type of a wife am I?" Because of the fall, women have been unable to experience a deep realization of who they were. I am not trying to shift the crime of Eve onto you, but I have to make you realize what your own restoration involves. You now stand in this universe to indemnify the womb of Eve which failed by bringing sinful children into this world. Are you aware of this in your everyday life!

Please understand that if you feel difficulties or small problems, without having the right quality and standard of heart, your blessing will be ruined. It will become like a tree which is rooted in sand and when the wind comes, it will be blown down because the roots are not deep enough. So you have to have enough fruit of your own restoration, enough confidence of what your own restoration as a woman involves. Otherwise, your dream of the restoration of this world cannot be realized.

Understanding The Origin Of Your Own Restoration

My first session this morning was on understanding, not just feeling, the origin of your own restoration, and how much you have to restore yourself. What is important for your restoration? Is it enough to just love your husband? Do you think that without a correct understanding you can receive the blessing, become pregnant, give birth and then simply believe that the child is a child of God? It is not enough just to believe in that. You must understand God and have confidence in that. I called you because I understand the importance of a woman, even though I am not a woman. How many of you here realize the importance of restoration from the depth of my explanation? Are you following, are you going ahead, or do you sometimes feel that your face is covered by your past, or do you still feel the doom of Eve's fall within yourself so that you cannot think properly?

True Parents are expecting this country to have its own foundation. Sometimes intentionally, I asked True Parents for help from another country, but they told me. "No. People have to build their own foundation." Then I asked myself; "Why are people unable to understand the importance of creating their own foundation?" Do you need a foundation from somewhere else? Do you need people to come from somewhere else to help this Kingdom? You do not have a deep realization of who you should be. True Parents and even God are not happy about that.

Therefore, please know yourself: Know who you are as an expression of the feminine aspect of God. If you know who you are as a feminine object of God, then I do not think there will be this suffering which you see every day.

Discussion Topics

I have been introducing you to God's Heart but now it is up to you to investigate and discover that Heart for yourself. If you do not become ideal, you cannot say that True Parents or I did not teach you or that God did not love you. No, God loves you, True Parents love you, and True Children love you because God has always continued to love mankind. That is why I am teaching you in this way.

Can you freely talk to each other or do you dislike each other? Now is the best time to look at each other with love. You have to learn how to talk to everybody.

Please use the following points in your discussions:

1. Have you realized who you are and that you originate from God's femininity? Do you realize that you come from the fall and what you need to do?
2. What is your responsibility as a representative of fallen Eve and fallen ancestors in restoring yourself back to God?
3. Have you understood that in order for you to be in God, you have to understand the origin of Eve before the fall, even while you are working to restore Eve's failure? If you do, are you working towards that?
4. How are you working within God to restore what Eve violated?
5. Have you realized that you as a woman are the last being created by God and therefore strategically very important?
6. Have you realized that your virginity is very important and that your womb and menstrual cycle are very important?
7. Have you upgraded your spiritual standard of understanding and living?

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