The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the 23rd ICC and Others at the Won Jun

November 8, 1987

This is your brother Heung Jin Nim here. I know it's strange for many of you to hear my voice coming from a sister, an American sister, but she can do it. She's done it before. She's not afraid any more.

Each one of you have the opportunity in your lives to speak straight from inspiration from the spiritual world. You may not know it. You may not feel it. But I see it, it's very clear. It's very clear to me. There's no one here without an experienced relationship with the spiritual world. You know that and you feel it in your hearts. I'm going to be proselytizing for people to "convert," in a way, to a relationship with the spiritual world.

You don't realize what you have here today. The world is present here. The whole world is present here the white world, the black world, the yellow world. The red world is very close too. You should be very proud of yourselves to be here today. Each one of you had to fight a very special course to arrive here.

Many of you feel like you have been here before. It feels comfortable. You are at ease because God is here with you. Many of you had very deep prayers, very deep prayers. Many of you felt God's heart, God's suffering heart, the pain that He has experienced since His young children were snatched from His side. Many of you for the first time have felt that pain here. I felt it, too. I felt it, too, when that truck hit me. I felt the pain. I felt the pain of God when He wrapped his arms around me. The unfairness of it all! Our God, our Creator, has suffered so greatly. You just can't imagine.

Just one drop of sweat from His brow can drown you. You have to develop your tolerance for withstanding pain. Father has done it. He's succeeded. He can even withstand the pain of his son being ripped from his side without shedding a tear. My heart goes out to each one of you because your suffering has been so great. And it's just the beginning of a long road. Its a long course. Many will die along the way. You have to feel your value. You have to feel how valuable you are to sit up here with me. Don't ever say you are unworthy. No one here is unworthy. Do you think anyone unworthy would climb the steps to be here at this Won Jun? Would any unworthy person even bother? The feelings in your heart, the feeling you feel in your heart right now, that's me. My arms are empty and I want to pull you all to me.

I can do this now. I'm very powerful now. You're all very powerful now because you are connected. You're connected to our True Parents, to the most powerful force in the universe. You can fly with the world. The world will want to catch up, but do you think it can? It can't unless it can connect to True Parents' wings as you have. You're incredible people. Jesus has been with you since you were two years old, many of you, just guiding you each step of the way. I have been with you as much as you let me. You can feel how much you let me. It should be more, shouldn't it?

You've all come here with such pure hearts, so open. What about the rest of the people in the world who couldn't come here? What about them? How do they experience this feeling? How do they experience me? They experience me through you, through your desire to share me with them. I come into you, that's great, that's fine. You feel wonderful, but you have to give it out.

I can't stay here forever in this Won Jun waiting for people to come up and connect. You go out to the city of Seoul, you go out to the world from here. And you can connect those people with me. Anybody, anybody who comes within your eyesight, anybody who comes within your view, you can connect with me. Ask me to enter their hearts, anybody. This country needs it desperately. This country desperately needs our True Parents, the Divine Principle, peace in their hearts. This country has suffered so much. Without this country united we don't want to see what the world would be like. More suffering will come, of course, but if you are connected to me, to my True Parents, to your Heavenly Father, then you have nothing to worry about because you will be pushed to work hard anyway. You will be pushed to repent for even the small things.

You know those small things in your day which all of a sudden put up a roadblock to me, to True Parents, to Heavenly Father. Those little things every day, there's many little things every day in your life that put up a road-block. You have to repent every day for these things. Even the smallest thing can set you off track. It could be months before you return to God's side. Do you understand the need for that? Can't you feel the need for that in your hearts?

I'm so glad you came here. The force of your prayers is great, but it could be so much greater with repentance with deep, deep, deep repentance. The Divine Principle is true, you know. The course of history is true. Nobody can get anywhere if they lose their connection with God. Look at the Israelites; they wandered for so long. They were the chosen people just as you are. But they wandered for so long because they forgot about God in their lives. They looked for God to come from somebody. They looked for God to come from some external place, somebody else's mouth, somebody else's hand, somebody else's heart. That's why they wandered for so long. Do you want to wander that long? Then your hearts, your hearts have to be connected. That's all.

It's not so difficult is it? But it's very difficult. You'd be surprised at all the people who should be here and aren't, people with good hearts. They aren't here, but you are here. You're historical people. You hear this a lot. You are chosen people. You're not "members." You're not members of something. You're chosen by God to follow the Messiah. That's profound. It's interesting, the attitudes here. "Yes, I'm chosen, but...." "But" is not allowed in your commitment to God. No "buts."

Each one of you knows your mission, right now anyway. You have to go out and do it with all your heart, with all your heart. Every moment of your day should be packed with service to God, with love of God. If you are fortunate enough to be living with brothers and sisters, or meet brothers and sisters, then you have to realize your blessing. If somehow you are on your own and you don't see your brothers and sisters so much, you have to grab on to me. You have to grab on to me and never let go.

J., did it, but she's afraid. She's afraid. Weaknesses are inherent right now, but it's as if you were falling off a mountainside and you could grab on to one root, you wouldn't let go, would you? You would stay connected. Think of it like that. Every day you can connect.

How many people here feel close to me? How come you don't feel close to me? I'm your brother. I'm standing by your side. I can make you strong when you are weak. I could tell you what to do when you are bored and you have ten minutes and you don't know what to do. Ten minutes is valuable to God. It's valuable to me, too. I could take you and you could meet people that you wouldn't believe.

We have to do it. We have no choice. We have to win this world back for God. It's getting hot. The situation is getting hot now. If you are here and you don't feel really close to me, then your mission is to feel close. And if you are here and you do feel close to me, then your mission is to get other people to feel close to me, too.

I'm not a phenomenon. I'm not something that happens at the Won Jun. I'm in your heart. I'm in your heart kicking and screaming to get out. I want to work so hard for my True Parents. I can't work hard, though, because I've got no arms and legs. But you do. I can work through you. There are many skeptical people in the world. But in their skepticism, at least they are thinking, At least they are toying with the idea that this is true that spiritual world is coming so close that you could taste it. I bet you could even smell it when you came here. You could probably smell the sweetness of the spiritual world when you came up here today. I want to be with all of you all the time.

If you find it difficult to connect to me, what do you think you should do? You should study the Principle. That's God's Word. That's God's revelation. You study the Principle and that will be a good enough foundation for anything to happen in your life.

If you don't study the Principle, you could die of starvation. All the people who left the church, do you think they read the Principle every day? No, they didn't. And many of you didn't either. But you could stay because of your faith. So that faith is the same faith that you need to connect to me.

For some people it is hard, of course. But nobody is retarded. Nobody is so dense that they can't connect to some inspiration, some vision, some letter, some words, somebody who is inspired. There's nobody here like that. There's probably nobody on the earth like that. Everyone has some kind of connection.

For three days now I have been trying to connect to some of you. I'm so glad you came here. For the next three days I'll be wanting to connect deeply. I'm just saying three days so that you try, so you don't put it off, so you don't wait until next Sunday and say, "Oh, let's go again," because this week is valuable. It's valuable to Father. It's valuable to the nation of Korea. It's valuable to the salvation of the world.

I want to go now, but I don't want to leave any of you ever. I want to go inside your hearts and stretch them out. I can come with you. Just take me with you. Take me on the bus. Take me to work with you. Take me to school with you. Take me to the conference with you. Take Jesus, too. He's so lonely. We're both so lonely so often. It sounds funny, everybody is talking about this experience with Heung Jin Nim, but still, but still I'm so lonely. So please, please be my arms and my legs. Please love these people in this world for me. Please bring them Christ's love. Because without it you don't want to know what can happen to this world.

All the nations represented here today are providential nations. You as individuals want to be here together. It's the same way with the world. The world yearning to be together. But it's going to take a lot of hard work, really hard work. And people will die in the process. But they'll be here working with me and we'll have such a strong, strong offensive. So don't worry.

Pray for this nation of Korea. Pray for it always wherever you go. If you go back home and don't pray for Korea, what good is this? In my heart I love each one of you so much. In my heart I want to be with each one of you. So for today, just for today, carry me with you. And then when you wake up in the morning, ask me to come with you again. And I will. I will. I wouldn't refuse that. I love you guys. I love you guys so much. I love your families. I love the people in the stores that you talk to. I love being with you guys. So please help me to love this world by being my body. OK? By being my arms, my legs, my eyes. I'll be with you forever if you let me.

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