The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

The North-South Situation

October 25, 1987
To the Staff of the Twenty-second ICC at the Won Jun

Brothers and sisters, you can't believe how grateful I am that you came today. This is a really special day. I really have so much to share with you. But my main topic is the north-south situation.

The north-south problem has existed all throughout history. Korea at this time, because it is the Last Days, represents that problem throughout history. And so it is the most acute north-south problem ever in history, here now.

It began with the separation of mind and body with Adam and Eve. North-south is a vertical situation. East and west is horizontal. Just as there have been problems all throughout history with east-west problems as well, in this age east-west problems will be solved also. But the vertical, the north-south problem is the most important one to solve.

Right now Father is focusing all of his heart and energy and spirit on the north-south reunification in Korea. If you can imagine investing your whole spirit as intensely as you can for just one second, that doesn't even come close to the investment of our Father and Mother right now, in this problem every second. All of you together cannot match our True Parents' investment.

It's no accident that my Won Jun is here. Because of my position in True Parents' heart and their love for me, they placed me here, my body. At this dividing line, from this point on the earth my spirit, True Parents' spirit, Heavenly Father's spirit, Jesus' spirit, can spread throughout this world. And as all of you come here to pray, you are building an incredible spiritual force to break down the barrier between north and south.

Every one of you represents so much. You cannot think of yourself as just an individual. You represent all of your ancestors, thousands of people in the spirit world. You represent all of your physical family and all of your relatives. You represent all of your brothers and sisters in your missions, in your centers. Wherever you are back home, whatever you are doing, all of the people that you can contact you represent them when you come here. You Americans represent the whole Christian foundation. You represent the ministers that you have brought here. All of that foundation can be laid here at the dividing line between North and South and used as a great weight to push on that wall.

You cannot see the spiritual forces that are gathered here at this moment. They are not just here, but they reach as far as you can see. All the spiritual world is here, everywhere. Close your eyes and think about it. You can imagine them here, with you. This is not just one army. These are all the armies of human history gathering together. Your own heart connecting here at this time represents the connection of all of those spirits to this providence. Even if you yourself don't connect, the spirit world that you brought will connect.

This life that you have been experiencing is not real life. You can't see clearly from the spiritual perspective. You are such incredible people. You haven't even scratched the surface of the Principle of Creation about who you are. (Crying) Even our True Father is not at his full potential. He grew up in this evil world. He was completely surrounded in an environment of evil all his life. He could be ten times greater than he is if he hadn't grown up in this world. And every one of you has that potential now, too. Heavenly Father made you in His image. Oh, you don't know what that is. You haven't been able to experience God.

I want to help you. Oh, I want to help you understand who you are. Every one of you, you could save this world. You have the power yourself. Now, that power is available to every one of you. You are far greater than you realize. Please try to throw away your concepts of yourself and listen to the Divine Principle. Listen to what our Father and Mother are trying to tell you. Listen to your own heart.

With just the people here at this moment we could save the whole world. We don't need any more people. Every one of you can go forth and save a whole country. You just need to grow up a little bit. That's all. The time has come for your potential to be realized, for the full spiritual power to be unleashed on this earth. The more you can accept, the faster that can take place. Please, just open your heart a little bit. Take a chance. A little bit at a time is all that is necessary. That's all I'm asking. Just open a little bit. And gradually you can be taught. You can walk faster and faster until you are running. And then you can run faster and faster until you break the world's record. And then you will jump and you will fly. And you will fly faster and faster until eventually you will pass the speed of light.

Father has told you these things so many times, but you couldn't realize it because of the evil environment that you were in. And now because we have brought down the spiritual world to the earth, the heavenly realms, these realizations can come to you. This spiritual growth can take place now. You just have to learn the secrets of bringing a heavenly environment around you. And the simple secret is to keep calling my name. And I can come. Call Jesus' name. Wherever Jesus is, I am. Wherever I am, Jesus is. We come together. We are a matched set. We have different personalities, different wisdom. Learn how to use us to help you. Sometimes you need me more than Jesus. Sometimes you need Jesus more than me. We are your brothers. We want to serve you. Anything we can do from the spiritual realm, we will do.

Also, if you need your Parents, call out to them and you will feel their spirit coming to you, comforting you. If you need Mother's love, call out for it. It's available to you. You have great missions. You have great responsibilities. You can't do it by yourself and we're not asking you to. Mother's love, Father's love, brother's love, even sister's love my precious sister, Hae Jin Nim wants to help you and be with you. Whatever you need, your family is always with you. Please call us. Please, so we can come and help you. But if you don't call us, there is a spiritual barrier that we can't get through.

You can understand that spiritual barrier. You have experience, even with other people with physical bodies. Spiritually, you know when you are not reaching them. You know when you are not able to be together, you're not able to really share with each other. There is an invisible barrier there. But in the spiritual world that barrier is even stronger. So you have to call us to come with you.

Once you can begin calling on us, then your mind-body problem can be resolved. And as more brothers and sisters really connect like this, it allows the spiritual power of heaven to come and work on this earth more and more. It allows the spiritual world to become stronger and stronger. And it can mobilize more and more spirits to fight this battle to solve this problem and bring the unification of Korea.

This is the great battle that needs to be fought now. You cannot imagine what will take place if North and South Korea can be united. If all the Korean people become one centered on God, there will be a spiritual barrier around this country that no evil spirit could penetrate. This land will become the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The whole country will be as holy as this Won Jun. And all of you can come here and all of your fallen nature can be solved so easily because there will be no evil spirits, only heavenly spirits around you.

And from Korea, one nation centered on God, all of us praying together can mobilize such a force we can send it to any nation on earth and just demolish the evil spirits there. We can blast the evil spirits completely out of a whole nation. You won't believe the power if we liberate one nation. True Father is giving all his energy to unite North and South Korea. Father would sacrifice our whole movement, everything, to unite North and South Korea. To save the world, he would give anything.

Oh! Please, when you go home, let your brothers and sisters know what Father is trying to do and support him. He can't tell you everything. Some of it is your portion of responsibility. He can't make you support him. Father is so tired. You have no idea what his life has been like. Our Father has been carrying the weight of all the sin of this world. It's so heavy. Please help him. Please, help him. Please love your brothers and sisters so Father doesn't have to carry them, too. Please, please help them. Please love them. Help their hearts to open up again. They've been hurt so badly.

You don't understand how much Satan hates you. Everyone, anyone who even gets close to the Unification Church Satan wants to rip their eyes out. Satan just wants to destroy them, torture them. Our members have gone through so much because of Satan. Every one of you, Satan has been trying to torture you because you are a member of Unification Church. All your life he's been trying to torture you. He never wanted you to join in the first place. He's been trying to get you out ever since. God knows how much you have suffered. I can see it. You just can't see it in each other. Please, listen to each other. Love each other.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It's right there. It's right there, everybody. It's right there in front of you. Just take it and put it in your heart. You can have it. Today you can have it. But when you get it, it will burn in your heart. You won't be able to hold it inside yourself. You'll have to give it out. Our Father has been burning all his life with the Kingdom of Heaven in his heart. You have to decide if you want to take it in your own heart. Once you take it in, it burns; you have to give it out. You have to give love. It's not easy. Your life will have to change. You will have to struggle to love people. You have to give up a lot of things that you thought were really important. But it's right there for you, every one of you. It's waiting.

It's a burning sun, right in front of your chest. Open your heart and it will go in. Every one of you can be a messiah. That means you can give the Kingdom of Heaven to other people. You can take it in your heart and from this day you can start giving it to others. The Kingdom of Heaven is unlimited. You never lose when you give the Kingdom to others. When you give love, you will always have more.

I want you to know how precious you are. Five billion people on this earth and you are the ones who are helping True Parents. Billions and billions of people in the spiritual world and you are the ones who are here helping True Parents. Trillions and trillions of people to come in the future and you are the ones here with True Parents. Please believe me.

I want to work with every one of you. Just call on me. Some of you I can speak through. Some of you can receive dictation. Some of you will just feel the answers in your heart when you ask me questions. Each one of you is unique. There will never be another person like you in all of human history. You have a special place in this movement. Only you can do it. You have a special place in God's heart for all eternity. You have a special place in the heart of True Parents for all eternity.

I want to say, "God bless you," but He has blessed you so much you can't understand. Please, go forward with God's love. The victory is coming. The absolute victory, the eternal victory is just around the corner. Thank you. I bow down to you, my precious brothers and sisters. (He bows three times.)

Thank you. Please love your brothers and sisters.

Amen. Amen.

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