The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

True Life

September 29, 1987
Delivered to the 40-Day Workshop at the World Mission Center

Brothers and sisters, thank you so much for calling me here tonight. I really want to share with you about true life. The life you have been living up until this point is not true life. The world that you've been experiencing all your life is not true life. The whole history of mankind is not true life. All of that has to change. Everything has to be washed away. Each one of you, when you joined the church and maybe once every year or so, experienced for a moment True life when you could experience the love of God, when you could experience the love of True Parents or even sometimes the precious love from a brother or sister, or from your Abel figure. In that brief moment you experienced true life. That is the way it was meant to be every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year. That is your goal. That is your purpose, to live like that.

But your purpose must be an even greater purpose. It is to create true life in everyone that you meet. Our Father has completely dedicated every ounce of his energy to giving true life to everyone that he meets. Not just the members of the Unification Church, but Father wants to give true life to every person. He doesn't make any distinction in membership. He loves this whole world. He loves every person in it, just as God does. You must feel the same. You must take that kind of heart. People are not inside and outside. People are children of God. They all have a destiny of true life. By the fact that they were born, they deserve true life.

You must pull true life into your own heart. You must pull me down. You must pull Jesus down. You must pull the heavens down around you and into your heart. This is your portion of responsibility. Paul said, "Pray constantly." You must, for the time being, ask constantly for my spirit to come, for Jesus' spirit to come and be with you. You must ask constantly until you recognize the difference of when I am with you and when I am not with you. You'll become so used to my being around that if suddenly I'm not there, you'll become instantly aware of it, so that you can ask me to come back. Become so conscious of that life, true life. So you must ask constantly. And then as I come to dwell with you more and more, your life can be changed. True life will inhabit you and will spill over to those around you.

You must break down the walls around your heart. You never put those walls up intentionally. They were put there by your environment. You had to defend yourself against the evil that was coming against you from all around. Every one of you was chosen by God before your birth. Before your birth you were chosen by God. Satan also knew, and Satan targeted you for destruction, spiritual destruction. He did not want you to be raised up to follow True Parents.

You know you witnessed and witnessed and witnessed to bring people. And you met prepared people, but they did not join. Yes, they were prepared. God prepared hundreds of times more members than have joined our church, but Satan took them away. Satan attacked them their whole lives so they could not join and follow our True Parents. You are the survivors. You made it. Think of all those brothers and sisters who were prepared like you and are still ready, but Satan has forced defenses to go up in their hearts that prevented them from taking the risk, taking the chance to follow our True Parents. There are many more people out there prepared than you can imagine. But Satan was able to push them and make them take a different road, a different path. He tried to do that with you as well. The layers of concepts and things that you have, and fears he put those there. He attacked you. He never wanted you to get to this point.

Now you can emerge as a messiah. Now you can give true life to other people. This is the age of children's responsibility. Hyo Jin Nim and myself and my other brothers and sisters are going to emerge more and more as the leaders. You must become like us. You are the second generation as well. We must all become messiahs. What is a messiah? A messiah is just a true person, in the image of the Divine Principle, God's original plan. You can take off the things that Satan has put all over you, the junk, the garbage, the crap. Take it off! You will emerge as a true son, a true daughter, and you will be a messiah for this world. You can do it now. I can help you, but you can do it! Ask for my help, and it will be given. If you don't know what to ask for, ask me what to ask for, and I will tell you.

Your life will be different from now on. You will become like Father and Mother. You will be able to understand his heart much more deeply now, his dedication, his sacrifice, his exhausting himself for your sakes because you will be pushed by spirit world. You will be pushed by me to do the same thing. You are going to become a messiah. I am going to make you a messiah! I have pledged that before God and True Parents. If you give me any chance at all, I will make you a messiah. True life is our purpose. True life for you and for everyone else. We will never give up. We will never stop, and we are getting stronger every day. You cannot believe the spiritual forces that are gathering together. You cannot see it with your physical eyes. But as each minister comes to the I.C.C., his spiritual world can then be mobilized. As each media person comes to the World Media Conference, his spirit world is connected in. Every person who comes to one of our conferences, their spirit world becomes connected in. We are gathering up all of the spirits in the spiritual world. And they will be mobilized, and they will be at your command.

But first, you must learn to be commanders. You must learn the Principle! You must live the Principle in your own life so that they will follow you. All the power will be given to you. As J. said, you are the ancestors of all mankind. A million years from now you will all be the leaders. You will all be the most respected, the highest in the spiritual world. These things must be absolute in your mind. Father has spoken these many, many times. You've let it bounce off your forehead, but now it should go into your brain and get all the way down to your heart until it explodes. This is truth! It's God's truth, Father's truth. Father's whole life is wrapped up in this truth.

Father knew so many things, but he couldn't tell you because you could not bear them now. But soon the day will come. Father has said that the day is dawning. It's even past the dawn now. The bright light of day is beginning to shine on this earth and that light will shine through each one of you. You are the champions of the new age. You are the ones to lead.

It doesn't matter how old the person is; still you will be his leader. Think of those in the physical world, maybe 80 years old. They think they can't follow you. But there are millions of spirits in the spirit world that are millions of years old, and they're ready to follow you. Don't think of the physical age of people. Don't think of those Ph.D.'s, whatever qualifications, millions of dollars they have, it doesn't matter. You will be in command.

Brothers and sisters, you are my brothers and sisters. I love you. I will love you for all eternity. I will never leave you. Jesus is the same, he will never leave you. True Parents will never leave you. Heavenly Father will never leave you. You have not experienced true life. That day is coming. Some of you are really beginning already. That's your goal. By the end of this workshop, I want all of you to pledge to me that you will experience true life and that you will be able to spread it to others.

Don't depend on T. Don't depend on other mediums. You must do it yourself. Otherwise you will have to keep coming back again and again. I want to send you out, never to come back until the world is restored. Everywhere you go, you must create the Kingdom of Heaven just as our Father does. I will be with you. The whole spirit world will be with you. The Kingdom of Heaven is in you, and you must let it out.

I am so grateful to you. I could never do it alone (crying). Father could never do it alone. I'm so grateful to you. Please understand when I push you. Please understand. I love you so much. And I'm so grateful. But I'm so desperate too. I'm so desperate. Please understand my heart. Please understand our Father and Mother. All of us, we want to give you life, "True Life". We want to give "True Life" to this whole world, and we must do it through you. There's no time to waste. Satan is really working hard. He knows he's about to lose everything. You are going to see all manner of evil things. It's a sign of the times. Do not despair. Keep working. Keep praying.

It may seem like there's no result in the short run, but every prayer mobilizes the spiritual world. You cannot see the results of how powerful your prayers are. God listens to your prayers a hundred times more than the prayers of anyone else. You can command the spiritual world through your prayers. You must understand and practice doing that.

I don't want to leave you, but I must. There are so many things I want to say, but I feel I have to go. You must get to bed. I love you (crying). I want to be with you everywhere when you're eating, when you're sleeping, even in the bathroom. I want to be with you. Please ask me to come with you every moment. Ask constantly.

Good night.

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