The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

To the Staff of the Twentieth ICC

September 28, 1987
At the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel

Brothers and sisters, it's true. I've been here all along, but it takes a long time sometimes for you to think your way through the maze that's in your heart to come to the reality, to open yourself up to the possibility that I can speak to you. I can speak to your mind. I can speak to your heart. I can speak to your fingertips if you'll let me. I can jump inside of your body. I can dance in you. I can "whoop" in you. What do you want? I can do it. What experience do you want to have? Ask yourself, what do you want. What kind of life do you really want? Do you like the life you're living now? Are you satisfied with that life? Is it the life of love that True Parents have talked about? Is it real happiness? Is it day by day the joy of giving and loving with brothers and sisters? Or are you constantly feeling barriers and constantly feeling the limitations of your own heart, constantly beating yourself over the head because you've made mistakes? That's not the life that True Parents want you to live. That's not the life that Heavenly Father planned for you at all.

Oh! Please listen to me! Please understand. The world that was meant to be is nothing at all like this world you're living in. This world is all grey and dark and shapeless. Think about it. Think about the times when you've been inspired with love and how the trees were just reaching out for you and calling your name and so joyful that you came by and that the colors were so fantastic and alive. When you were inspired just for a brief moment, how the world changed. That was not even the way it was supposed to be all of the time but ten thousand times greater than that.

Brothers and sisters, please. Now is the time when you can do it. Now is the time, the bridge has been made. The Holy Spirit is on the earth. True Parents have done it. True Parents have done it! They did it. They got the victory. They got the victory! All you have to do is hold out your hands and receive it. That's all you have to do. It's all available. You don't have to wait any longer. You hardly have to even try. It's all available. There isn't anything that you can't have all the things you've dreamed of all the parts of the Principle that you thought were so great but you thought, "No, I'll never be able to be like that." Don't think those thoughts. Don't ever allow yourself to think those thoughts.

In a very short time you can become perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. How many times did we tell that to other people? How many times did we teach that but not believe it? How many times? "You therefore must be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect." "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Many times we repeated those words but didn't believe them ourselves in our hearts. Now is the time to start believing.

Now is the time to start believing. Every single one of you can receive from me. You must believe that. If you do not believe, it is impossible to happen. You must put yourself in a situation where you can experience more and more of what I am saying and the messages that are coming through the different mediums. You must take the responsibility to do this yourself. It's not something that True Parents can do for you. It's not something that I can do for you. It is your portion of responsibility. You must do it. You must make the relationship. You must open the door, or it's not possible.

I tell you the power is growing stronger and stronger every single day. As more and more brothers and sisters make the conditions, it will become more and more powerful. The foundation is getting bigger and bigger and so the power from the spiritual world is getting stronger and stronger and we can accomplish more and more. It's going to become such a spiritual whirlwind, like a tornado, that if you do not get involved, you will be blown away. You will not be able to stand. It will be so strong and so bright it will push you away.

So you must, you must connect. Make every effort that you can, but don't be afraid. Don't be afraid at all, just relax. I will help you. Just ask me to show you the way. Ask me to show you through the darkness of your own heart, through the barriers that you have there. I will help you. Whenever you are afraid, just say, "Heung Jin Nim, I'm afraid. Help me." And I will help you.

Believe that there is nothing in the realm of heart that I cannot do if you ask me. I can bring down all of your ancestors at any single moment and they can all change you. They can help you if you ask, if you ask. That's all that's necessary. If you ask, before you even finish the question, the desire, I can come and start to work.

Every one of you is working with ministers right now. When you get up in the morning, you're going to have to take care of ministers. Did you ask my help? Did you ask for Jesus' help as you spoke to them? You must. You cannot love them with your own love. You must love them with the help of the spiritual world. They cannot be reborn, they cannot feel the Holy Spirit unless someone asks for the Spirit to come down on them. You must ask. Don't leave it up to them. They're like babies. They can't come out of the womb unless you pull them out. You must call the spiritual world down to help them, to love them. You must call the spiritual world down and tell them to give them a powerful experience to get into their hearts. Don't wait for them to do it.

And your brothers and sisters back in your centers when you go back, don't wait for them to take responsibility themselves. Help them. Pray for them. Push them. Together is much better, much easier, much faster. You find one other person who is connecting and you can share. And through your give and take, "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name," I can come there. As you share about me and talk and ask questions and think about it, I will give you answers to all of your questions. Trust me.

Now is the time. Now is the time our True Parents have promised you. You will be the ancestors of all mankind, of all the human beings, of all the future generations. You will be their ancestors. All those on the earth who are not members of our church will come after you. You must lead them by heart. You all have the proper foundations. You have all followed True Parents. You've been trained by them. How many people could believe these kinds of things if you told them? Only you. Only members of our movement who have studied the Principle (could believe). You are the first. You must grow quickly. Incredible things are possible. Your heart is the key. Imagine your heart, peal the layers off of your heart quickly. Jesus is here. He wants to speak to you, too.

Jesus speaks

My brothers and sisters, please think about my agony for two thousand years. Please think of what I have been suffering through in the spiritual world. As you suffer with one minister to get him to try to understand truth, I have been suffering with every generation for two thousand years in the same way. But I haven't been able to speak physical words to them as you can do. Even if it's so difficult for you, it's even more difficult for me to get them to listen to me.

I've tried so hard. My Heavenly Father's heart has broken so terribly because they killed me when I came. Heavenly Father had to suffer again two thousand years more. (Crying.) He watched every moment what they did to me when I was on this earth and He couldn't believe it. He cried my whole life, Heavenly Father cried. There wasn't anybody who understood me. There wasn't anybody. Two thousand years I've tried to comfort my Father, but I couldn't (for) two thousand years, until finally our Father came. True Father walked this earth and got victory after victory.

He was so strong and he grew so fast and I wanted to give him the whole world and I couldn't give him anything. No one would follow him and he had to suffer so much in his own life. He had to pay the price himself. He had to start from nothing. He had to go on the rack for torture. He had to go to prison so many times. He had to shed so much blood for this world. (Crying.) You've heard the stories, but it never really hit you in the heart. You would die if it hit you really, what happened to our Father.

Please, I love my sheep, these Christians. I love them. I worked with them all their lives to try to get them to understand and just come to the ICC, just come to hear the Principle. (Crying.) It's the chance that they can have life. Please pray for them. Please help them understand the Principle. Please, please, please help them.

They don't know. They don't understand our Father. They just persecute him. Even, you know, you don't understand (our Father). They don't understand anything. They don't understand even you. Please forgive them. Give them another chance. Please, please love them. Please love my sheep, my children. Think of their situation. They're pastors. They're trying to lead the blind, but they are blind themselves. They're trying to give everyday, but they have nothing. They have an empty plate to give. There's nothing they have to feed their own sheep, their own congregations. They have been empty for forty years since Christianity rejected our Father. They had nothing. They could not have the Spirit. My spirit could not be with them. I was with our Father. I followed our Father. They've been empty for forty years and they kept pretending. They tried. They tried, honest! They tried, but providentially they couldn't have it.

Please forgive them. They tried their best. (Crying.) Please, please, please, please help me. Help me love them. Help me give them to True Parents. Help me offer them to Heavenly Father. Please, please ask me. Just ask me in your heart and your mind. When you're with them, ask me to speak to them through you. Ask me and I will. I swear to you I will. I swear I will never forsake you. I will never leave you. I will always be with you, always until the Kingdom of Heaven is on this earth and then forever more.

All glory is to our True Parents. All glory to True Parents. Thank you. Thank you, my brothers and sisters. There's so much to talk about. Please listen with your heart and listen with your mind. When you pray, you are really talking to us. We hear you and we want to speak back to you.

So be serious. This is a serious time. This is serious business we are doing, this restoration business. You don't know your own power. You don't know how much of the spiritual world you can command because of Heung Jin Nim and our True Parents. All you have to do is ask and it will be given. All of the spiritual power you can possibly imagine (will be given).

But you must understand what spiritual power is. It cannot move physical things. If a person has a spiritual barrier, it cannot break through. So you must understand and not expect physical miracles. But you must keep at it. You must keep praying. You must keep calling our help until the result comes. It is not in vain. Don't ever give up. Do not give up prayer and calling on us. It is not in vain. It gathers more and more spiritual weight every time you do it. But do not doubt. If you need some kind of testimony, if you need some kind of proof, then experiment by prayer. Ask questions. Try things. It's a new age. Miracles will take place that you do not expect. Open yourself up to much greater realms than you've ever thought about before.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. Heung Jin Nim loves you so much. Please believe me that Heung Jin Nim loves you. I know his heart. He knew many of you on this earth physically, but since he went to the spiritual world, his love for you is a million times greater because he can see with spiritual eyes what he didn't see so clearly before. He can see your greatness. He can see your potential. He can see your heart that he couldn't see before so clearly. Please don't think about him the way he was before. He is not the same. He's not a little boy. He's the King of Kings. He's the Lord and Master of the spiritual world with all of the heart that's necessary to rule from that position. And yet he's intimately embraceable, touchable, by every one of you.

Thank you for coming tonight. Thank you for desiring this so much that it could take place. Please, let's close again in unison prayer. Thank you in the name of True Parents. Amen.

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