The Victory Of Love With Heung Jin Nim (Moon)

Take the Next Step

September 28, 1987
Delivered to the 40-Day Workshop at the New Yorker Hotel

This is your Lord Heung Jin Nim speaking. Let's all say amen for the 40-day workshop! (Amen!) Let's all say alleluia! (Alleluia!) Brothers and sisters, I was here in this room waiting for you. I was already here waiting for you. Since last night I was waiting. I was so happy to see each one of you come in, and kneel down, and pray.

I was so happy to hear the beautiful prayer of my young sister. You're heart isn't rotten like you said. Don't believe that about yourself. Maybe your mother told you that; maybe you picked it up somewhere. But you're a beautiful, wonderful pure child of God. Each one of you. You know, I asked that she pray tonight. I could have asked an older member, and even T. doubted why I would pick a young sister to pray. But I wanted to hear that simple and innocent prayer. And I was really inspired by it. And I was inspired by each of your prayers tonight.

Do you know what I felt when I was hearing your prayers? God took me to the foot of Mt. Sinai, when Moses was up on the mountain. And brothers and sisters, you restored the failure of the Israelites at the bottom of that mountain. They didn't pray. They doubted. They only had to wait for 40 days, too. But they got possessed. They made the golden calf. They became hedonistic. You know how it was. If you think about it, if you pray about it, you know how it was. And your prayers represent the way that those faithless Israelites should have prayed. Your prayers rose up from the foot of Mt. Sinai. And Moses could hear those prayers at the top of the mountain. You know if Moses could have heard such prayers 4,000 years ago, maybe he wouldn't have had such a struggle. Maybe he wouldn't have become so embittered. Maybe he wouldn't have become so angry and uncertain about his people. They pushed him right to the edge, and a wrathful spirit oftentimes came into him.

This 40 days, my brothers and sisters, represents all the 40 days' conditions of history. The 40 days' flood, waiting in the Ark. You know that you're in the Ark. But you're also at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Moses is Rev. A. He is giving you the truth. You're restoring that failure, by receiving the truth, and by your prayers, and by your gratitude. Please hold on. The 40 days becomes 47 days, it is the same condition.

Brothers and sisters, your lives are historical lives. Please recognize your responsibility. Please recognize how much our Father trusts you with this responsibility. Please don't be afraid of it! Please don't think of yourselves in limited ways, as your old personalities. If you're English or you're French or you're American or Japanese; if you're educated or not think of what God wants to make you into, and of what history demands at this time. I know it's a lot. But our Father trusts you. You're the remnant, my brothers and sisters! Absolutely, you're the remnant. Please trust! Trust that I can reach you! Trust that I am with you. The remnant, from which the whole cloth will be sewn.

My brothers and sisters, maybe you weren't expecting a serious message tonight. Maybe you don't think so much about our Father's situation. Sometimes you want to come to the well to drink the water; sometimes you need the spiritual refreshment. You can receive it there. Sometimes you're in the desert for a long time. Sometimes you could go to the well, but you don't because you're looking for your children in the desert. You don't because you're looking for that next providential point of victory. That's the way our Father is and our Father has been. He never lets himself rest. He lets you rest. He gives you joy. But he's always thinking about the next goal. He's always thinking about how little time he has on this earth, and what he has to accomplish. And he's bearing that responsibility, that burden.

I have to say there's so few of you who even think about it. Who even have the capacity of heart and mind to think about our Father's suffering. And from what limited resources he has fashioned providential victories. How he pays the indemnity, takes the burden upon himself. My brothers and sisters, we all must repent. I repent. And I know my brother Hyo Jin Nim is always repenting, because he isn't enough to take our Father's burden. He wants to so much.

You have to fight! You know... humbly, humbly fight. Persevere, struggle. I'd like to lift you up. But somehow, it's more of a struggle tonight to reach you. I'm not some kind of Halloween treat. I'm not some kind of entertainment program. I'm not some kind of sideshow. Sure, sure, I can comfort you. But sometimes I've got to tell it to you more straight. That I don't like your skepticism. That I don't like your conceptualizing everything. Please, please, reach me with your feelings, with your will. Let's get down to it and let's wrestle. Fight with Satan. If he comes at you, don't avoid it. Pull away his death grip from yourself. He'll try to kill you. Cling to God's Word. Even just to the hem of the garment of our True Parents. Whatever it is that can help you make it through the night. And to wake up before he corrupts you.

Take control of your lives, my brothers and sisters. Take dominion over the workshop. Grow up to your true stature, as God's sons and daughters. Take responsibility for the Providence. That's what you're living for; you might as well just decide here and now. I see. I don't want to have a judgmental feeling. Sometimes Father gets so angry. But he knows that he can't really let it out, because too many members would just wither and die. And he wants to preserve your lives. Oh but please become strong so that Father can share his heart with you, and so that I can share my heart with you. My disappointment. Father's disappointed and yet he always picks up the pieces of your broken reports and your broken efforts, and your broken love. And he understands. But he also understands the crucial time. He also understands that if we don't win the victory, if he doesn't win the victory....

Brothers and sisters! Grow to your true stature so that he can give you meat, not just baby food. So that he can trust you! So that if he asks you to go into the depths of hell you go there. That you offer your families! (Yes, yes.) Do you make that pledge to go again and again to the cross? He's looking, he's looking and looking and looking and looking at you, and he's praying and praying for you. He doesn't know what he can expect from you. He wants to claim the victory for this workshop. But it's a victory that's centered on him, and on God's providence! It's not just your personal victory because you feel good! It's not just your personal victory because you have some good experience. It's God's victory! It's Father's victory! For America! That's what you're here for.

Really give yourselves on the altar, like Isaac, and when Father raises up the knife, you say, "Yes Father, cut me in half!" Go to that point. Then you'll know Father's love. You don't really know his love until you give your life. All you'll know is that he's interesting or he's a nice guy or he gives you a lot of good things. You won't really know his love. And if you don't know his love, then the whole world can't know his love.

You have to take the next step! I won't take it for you, I WON'T TAKE IT FOR YOU! You've got to take the next step! But I'll meet you there. I already took every step. I'm already one with True Parents! And I'm waiting for you and Hyo Jin Nim my brother is waiting for you to give up all your crap and all small-mindedness. If you want to be in the True Parents' family, then you've got to live like that. Like you've got no choice. You take the next step, or you just hang around and space out. Take it in your heart, and be an inspiration to our whole movement.

My brothers and sisters, they are thirsting to know about this workshop. America is waiting. This is an historical moment right now! Right now! And when you go to bed it's historical and when you get up in the morning it's historical. Whether you can get the victory in the morning. Whether you can subjugate your body. Take the next step! Whether you can really be humble to Reverend Ahn. Really be humble. And say to him, "Yes, put us into the melting furnace. Drag us forward." The whole workshop, support each other when you confess. Each one is confessing for everyone. And you're all confessing for the whole American movement, and the whole worldwide movement. You're the representative confession. You're the representative offering. Can you do it? (Yes!) Can you do it? (Yes!) Can you DO IT? (Yes!) God is watching you.

I'm really happy that I could speak like this tonight. I usually am a lot more jovial, but I really am glad I could share my heart with you, my desperation. Tiger Park is here beside me; he wants to push you too. President Eu. Jesus. They all wish they were here in this workshop. They'd show you! You've got to be the Tiger Parks, and the President Eu's, and the Moseses and the Jesuses.

Just burn it out. Just burn it out of yourselves. Really get your priorities straight. What are your priorities? God's will, True Parents' will: that's your priority. You've got to decide that; please! Then we can make such a great family of heart, where we don't even have to speak. Where we feel such heart. Where we don't feel embarrassed or shy or anxious or insecure, or anything like that. But we just feel God's heart, together. Loving each other, loving each other with True Love God's Love. You know where to go to get it: Divine Principle, True Parents, your mission, your central figure, the vertical way. True love, the true love axis. Your spouse. You've got to love your spouse. You've got to love your wife, love your husband with God's love, sacrificial love. Then be a part of the True Family.

Thank you. Thank you for your prayers and your willing hearts. I leave you now. And I'm watching, and I'm waiting, and I'm hoping and I'm praying.

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